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  1. Anyone else remember when the Pats blew out the Titans 59-0 in the snow? Brady threw for 380 yards and 6 TDs. My memory is fuzzy but I don’t remember it being particularly windy however. But if we’re talking just snow, it’s been done before.
  2. Lamar Jackson is a good story. I don’t fault the media at all for rooting for him if only for likes/clicks/papers. His unlikely squeak into the 1st round to get drafted, his development as a thrower who was seen as merely an athletic QB, and he’s Tyrod Taylor-level respectful to the media so of course they’re all about his narrative. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also riding the wave of the current popular social movement. Makes Josh seem milk toast.
  3. His aerodynamic hairstyle gives him an speed advantage to advance to the second interview.
  4. The only reason Brady doesn't have as many checkdowns as Brees is the lack of a Kamara-like RB on the roster.
  5. For that amount of loot, I'm certain Ben will have a sudden change of heart about mentoring.
  6. Hate to say it, but the Dolphins have handled the Tua situation perfectly: They didn't start Tua in the majority of games so they can claim plausible deniability with his projected ceiling They obviously came to the conclusion about how good he was when they listed him as "injured" instead of starting Fitz due to performance Fitz was in on the scam because he never bitched and moaned on social media before much less cried in interviews The final result is Miami can now trade Tua for a more valuable commodity with minimal compensation because they can be "talked into" movi
  7. I had a similar reaction to the Bills receiver who stood there after the then ruled interception while the DB had the time to apparently fumble the ball, then come back and grab it and take off running again.
  8. Robert’s is good but he had an off game. The return where he went airborne just to make it past the 20 was the nail in the coffin for me. You’re allowed to have a bad game. Let’s hope this was his and it’s behind him.
  9. Any other time in my life I would have said it’s Lombardi or nothing. Now that life has humbled me, my perspective has changed. A playoff win is progress. We’ve already exceeded previous performance. Now we’re playing with house money. I pray the team is as loose as they should be. No one expected deep runs in the playoffs besides us fans. If we don’t reach the mountaintop this year, hopefully we will be there in person next year to cheer them on.
  10. Hopefully he learned something from getting owned by Doyle all game.
  11. In fact, the there a movement to have Pederson symbolically censured from coaching the Eagles after he's out of the office. 😆
  12. Where is this experience this team has in the snow? You’re confusing this current roster with another.
  13. The real crime is that KC will roll the Browns so easy and not even work a sweat.
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