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  1. Got a very enthusiastic “Go Bills!” from a guy at a Yorktown, VA Walmart. Walking out to my car. I can only assume this was his car in the parking lot
  2. There’s no such thing as “enough.” The proof is John Cena. Net worth above 60 million and still sacrificed his dignity for the chance at future earnings.
  3. I dig the Hollister/Knox combo. I don't have sky high hopes of a Gronk/Hernandez type or even a overpriced new version of what NE is trying to reinstall with their pre owned new to you free agency sales event. Perhaps they can have just enough speed and hold their blocks just long enough to make the opposing defense actually bother to gameplay for our TE corps for a change.
  4. I'm rooting for Wade. He has more experience against 15 defenders than our entire RB room has against 11. He's explosive and elusive. We don't have two backs with those attributes. On the other hand he's had two years to learn to block or a ST skill. If he can't make a case for himself over 2nd year underachievers or a journeyman speedster, then cheerio to him.
  5. I would have upgraded to a better podcast in the draft
  6. Was Rodgers ever really gruntled with the Packers?
  7. Mrs. Beane is so used to his draft smokescreens that she doesn’t even sleep in the same room as Brandon until the draft is over.
  8. Send an upgrade this way as well if you're handing them out. Might as well be the cover of Highlights for all the difference I see
  9. I’m doing my part to make this a 53 page thread
  10. I’ve always felt that interceptions are still technically completed passes, just to the other team.
  11. I was always jealous of teams like the Steelers who always seemed to find the diamonds in the rough despite always picking late in the order. Especially WRs.
  12. As good a wheeler and dealer as Beane is, the rest of the league saw the playoffs and how one dimensional our offense was. Getting any kind of value in return for him is doubtful. The only scenario I would foresee is a package deal with picks.
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