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  1. Is Edelman's beard what it looks like when TB12 makes you pop for PEDs? Of course it's prescribed by a doctor? Reminds me to add Just for Men to the grocery list.
  2. Feliciano was my guy. He is into video games, crypto, and has a healthy distrust of government. Plus, he literally carried our RBs forward. He seemed to represent Bills Mafia. Then he lost his spot and suddenly we had an OL that was so Bills Mafia it embodied the chicken wing itself. His contract extension in 2021 gave him more guaranteed money in exchange for making him a FA this year instead of 2024. His sour grapes comes from the FO not convinced he was worth the money and telling him to prove it. He did not.
  3. Other players have been suspended for far fewer allegations. If the NFL really wanted to send a message that they supported women, they'd suspend Watson for a year and let Cleveland suffer with Mayfield.
  4. The counter argument to all arm strength arguments is every "sign Fitz" threads over the past 4 years
  5. But this is Netflix. Brady will be recast.
  6. We're all human. I thought: hd dvd would beat blu ray Dan would beat Dave bellbottoms wouldn't come back music would get better over time it was butter and I was incredulous about it when told otherwise
  7. That is awesome. Every moment Miami wastes on Tua is one they aren't using to right their ship.
  8. His kryptonite was QB contain. But he was a beast. The Vikings game sticks out in my mind along with the game at Denver. Along with Kyle Williams, it will be sad that we have to win a SB without them.
  9. The football equivalent of A-Rod: annoying cheater with a hot wife.
  10. This. Plus we couldn’t teach a HoF rugby player how to chip block for 3 years so my expectations on him learning to hold are low.
  11. Oh sure, he was so trash. But we still wanted Gilmore, right? We all squared our ill feelings with him when he was available. Was there even a Gronk thread? I don't recall...
  12. Once we get a ring, we can all dial down the sensitivity to his annoying personality.
  13. Why not? Farve, Rothlisberger, Rodgers, Flacco all have been vocal about not having the responsibility to mentor, and all proceeded to get extensions. He is the Chad Pennington of a new generation.
  14. Will this the affect the $70,000 average cost of adoption?
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