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  1. Send an upgrade this way as well if you're handing them out. Might as well be the cover of Highlights for all the difference I see
  2. I’ve always felt that interceptions are still technically completed passes, just to the other team.
  3. I was always jealous of teams like the Steelers who always seemed to find the diamonds in the rough despite always picking late in the order. Especially WRs.
  4. As good a wheeler and dealer as Beane is, the rest of the league saw the playoffs and how one dimensional our offense was. Getting any kind of value in return for him is doubtful. The only scenario I would foresee is a package deal with picks.
  5. Let's all complain about the complainers complaining about people having the nerve to complain. Here's a solution: how about all of the "I'd pay for it" party donate to the "cheapskate" party's access? They want it to be paid for and they want it free.
  6. I like Star. He's a good fit. And i'm perfectly fine with pinning our hopes on him as long as everyone understands that Star is not elite, he's not top 10, he's just OUR 1-tech. And that's good enough for me. If he does his job, it frees Oliver and company to do what they do. I'm all for that.
  7. The future is the generic downtown dome with faceless corporate sponsorship with the "biggest jumbotron" for the next 3 months until the next stadium is completed. It has what the NFL wants for seating, luxury suites, concessions etc. The NFL will get it. Either now or in a decade. Enjoy the awesome current stadium experience with all of its warts while it lasts. 85% of whats great about home games aren't the troughs you pee in, but the people you avoid looking at while at the trough.
  8. Ranking should depend on how many Fitz threads you’ve started.
  9. The 27 Fitz threads a season haven’t built up an immunity for repeat posts?
  10. Since we all fell for the JJ Watt and other Twitter bait, let’s also hold our breath for this as well. Should work out fine. Beane does have a habit of bringing in FA RBs pre draft, then drafting RBs.
  11. Turn on ESPN today and after waking up from a coma you fell into after the AFC championship game and you’d believe NE won free agency thereby making them presumptive SB champs and the Dolphins locked up a dynasty for the SBs to follow. I get the draft feels far away, and SNL won’t make fun of current politicians, but the hot take machines are at full blast at the moment it feels out of sheer boredom.
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