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  1. I think Mike Vrabel coached one of his last games in Tennessee. They don’t have a rabid fan base but something has got to give. They had so many chances to win against us and Denver. There were high expectations to improve this year and the regression of Mariota throws water on any perceived progress offensively. Plus the unfortunate history with similar coaches i.e. Munchak and Mularkey, I see his bags already packed.
  2. That’s what people thought about Crunch Berries. The more the crunch berrier. Now there’s Oops! All crunchberries and my dentist is buying a second vacation home off of what he’s charging me to reconstruct my mouth!
  3. Especially when the teenager making your Subway sandwich is also called an artist.
  4. I don’t subscribe to the myth that playing a young QB is somehow stunting their growth. As if there is a prerequisite time when the opposing defense will be easier to play against, coverages easier to read, and hits easier to take. You can watch as a backup for years, and study until the starter gets injured. But you still have to go into a live game at some point. Rosen has already jumped over that hurdle. He’s already started. Besides, testing Rosen’s mettle only finds out if he’s a diamond in the rough. If not, you have lots of picks and draft position.
  5. This is awesome. Glad to see him immortalized. I just got the Pancho Power book and my son has picked that book two nights in a row for his bedtime story. I’ve yet to make it through without getting a case of the feels. Then again I’m not made of steel, I also struggle with the Giving Tree and I Love You Forever. Not a fan of anything referencing the circle of life before bed.
  6. That’s him in a nutshell. I’m convinced that he simply has his minions search Twitter for mentions and bases his show in proportion to the results.
  7. Shahid Khan also said he doesn’t want to trade Jalen RAMSEY. And every coach gets the vote of confidence just before getting fired. Not very much to read into when smoke screens are the norm. Green has been hurt often. I’d like him to be a James Lofton who came in later in his career and made his career here. But I have a sinking suspicion he’ll be an older version of Sammy Watkins. A highlight reel game followed by 8 weeks of game time decision injury status.
  8. Good piece. Well done. I think many were behind him just based on flashes of skill. Now I’m rooting for him on a personal level.
  9. I was in Vegas in July. Never had worse luck. My only win at the slots was $20 on Fremont Street. I put that $20 on the Bills to win the Super Bowl at +7500. The only bigger payout listed was Miami to win the AFC East at +10000.
  10. VA Beach. GPS doesn’t say 11 hours but factoring traffic, bathroom/snack breaks, refueling, and general traveling with a kid, I feel making it in that time frame would be an accomplishment.
  11. I’m making the 11 hour trek from SE VA for the Skins game as well. Was planning on bringing a coworker who was a diehard Washington fan but his fandom has died hard. That’s fine. Now this 5 year old gets to make his first Buffalo trip. Go Bills!
  12. Levi Wallace needs to be a priority. Don’t overpay, but do not let him walk.
  13. Is Benjamin even still in the league? When we traded for him I thought “good to have a veteran mentor,” and someone told me he was 26 at the time. I was confused as to how he seemed to run so slow and yet be so young.
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