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  1. The state of doubt/polarization in the fanbase comes from no official explanation from the front office for 13 seconds, combined with no accountability for the lack of preparation for Cincinnati.
  2. It’s the home town discounts Edmunds doesn’t take away is what makes him so good. 😆 You can’t simultaneously believe Edmunds is a top 10 LB AND not expect him to ask for top 10 money. 4 years at $11 Mil is turning down Coke for Mountain Thunder. Your pie is located in the sky.
  3. Saffold got a Pro Bowl invite after this game
  4. The drought was not standard. It was a statistical anomaly of mismanagement. You couldn't do that again on purpose. Perspective is good, but ask the Eagles how good it was to win the NFC East six times, visit the NFC championship game five times, and go to Super Bowl with Andy Reid.
  5. I hate that McBeane makes Colin Cowterd look like a genius for ignoring the OL for 5 years.
  6. It would all be worth it if they could make a dent against backup OL. When they can't, it's spending $10 more on the rust protection at the carwash.
  7. He's the slickest used car salesman I've ever seen.
  8. This board loves theoretical value. Edmunds is a TBD hall of famer based on "plays taken away" alone. Not to mention 1st team all pro in "length." I'd love to see if Oliver gets the same treatment. Something tells me he won't get the same benefit of the doubt.
  9. If we were so obviously gassed and mentally exhausted, who is the cheapskate who didn’t pony up the dough for a motivational speaker? Tony Robbins was busy? The real estate twins already booked?
  10. During the press conferences I would have given my left pinky for a Jerry Sullivan to ask if the team felt proud of the effort in front of a home crowd with Damar and his family in attendance. I’d have taken that in lieu of the accountability we’ll never see.
  11. The short answer that everyone has either came to grips with, or is still struggling to work through is: this team just didn't feel like it. They had to fight for it and it was too much to ask. Saffold's brain was too tired. Milano didn't have "the juice" to be down on the scoreboard. McKenzie was in the movie Groundhog's Day watching Diggs fight the same terrible game plan over and over. Frazier was playing prevent defense in the red zone while the DL got no push on their patchwork OL. All while resting Hyde becuase who wants to risk it on an important game? They obviously all didn't give a flying frick that Damar was there. And the worst part is that they all felt secure enough to admit it to their paying fanbase that their energy in the stadium was wasted. The icing on the cake is McDermott and Beane not holding anyone accountable and assuring everyone of their job security. Seems like the main mission was to end the season healthy and they didn't even succeed on that front either.
  12. We all knew after Rachel Bush's Twitter rants last year that he wasn't taking a team friendly deal. Then he went and hired a loan shark agent who isn't known for taking team friendly deals. . Now she's "completely packing" up the house. Which is the exact opposite of what one would expect from someone who doesn't want to move. Also creating a collage of pictures of Buffalo which is what one does when you plan to be there all the time. Needless to say, waive goodbye.
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