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  1. Myth? It’s less than 4 days old and no conclusive investigation and it’s an already a myth? You’re burying the lead. The bigger story is that millions of people have eyes they shouldn’t believe. Eye doctor appointments for all! But most especially the spotters.
  2. How does this make sense to anyone? He had an injury that visibly disrupted his central nervous system. But even if you go with the lame assumption it’s a neck injury, why in the world would you risk further injury to his spinal cord and brain? That’s the hill I can’t climb and why someone needs to go. I’m with you on that. Tua seems to have a brittle Sam Bradford frame.
  3. The worst part of watching the replay is how many times he could have hit the eject button on the play but didn't. He could have thrown a lower percentage ball, then he could have thrown it away. He scrambled for a way out, by that time he did the math and I think he didn't feel he had the arm strength to get it past the LOS where it wouldn't get intercepted. At that point he could have done the Brady signature curl up in a ball and surrender. I'm surprised that the Bengal wasn't fined or flagged for the extra effort but that's probably because we've seen the slo mo replay too many times. It would be a way the NFL could try to shift blame from the Dolphins "independent" neurologist/back injury specialist to the defender. Did anyone else notice how they tried to keep a somber tone at the half, but by the end of the game they could sense the outrage and allowed the commentators to speculate? I was hoping Sherman at the least would have had the grapes to say what he felt at halftime.
  4. If they'd just outline the stripes with a little orange, it would be perfect
  5. Apparently the Dolphins are unable to be called for defensive holding or pass interference
  6. Anyone think Bridgewater looks exceptionally well prepared?
  7. What the hell did we all just witness? It feels like a crime.
  8. Ron Swanson is many things, but silly is not one of them. There's a few studies that indicate that the lighter the jersey, the less penalized the team. If the Miami game wasn't proof of that (or a pay off) nothing is.
  9. Esiason obviously doesn’t follow the dime a dozen chant we have going on.
  10. I haven't rooted this hard for the Bengals since KC in the playoffs. Short week, plenty of injuries and Tua's brain rubber stamped by
  11. Waiting for the "Dorsey set a bad example for children" crowd to craft that "Brady has been setting a bad example for two decades" thread. Deflating, spying, cheating, throwing hissy fits...
  12. Did he make Brady throw and break multiple tablets again? Because its only okay if he and Belichick do it.
  13. I'm not a blame the refs guy, but this game was really egregious. The home cookin was in force.
  14. What was he supposed to do? Weep quietly? Is that the better example? I don’t blame him one bit. You lose a roster full of players to injury, overcome incredulous refereeing, and manage to still call the perfect play to take the lead at the end of the game and your alien specimen of a QB makes the worst throw of the season. Then, by some miracle, you get a second chance and your team can’t even clock the ball. Belichick and Brady can break tablets and throw phones multiple times on the sidelines without reproach but god forbid our man in a booth under crazy circumstances gets heated once. The children love watching the booth instead of the field, right?
  15. Something about his youthful face makes me feel sorry for him. Like a crying child. I may not root for him or his team, but I do not wish for injuries.
  16. It’s not meaningless that we doubled our injury report. Baltimore looks daunting at this rate.
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