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  1. no point in focusing on that..lets just keep it rolling. These boys are hungry. a sabres playoff appearance this year would be nothing short of incredible and takes the sting out of the bills. playoff hockey is the bees knees.
  2. that's what I kind of figured. just sucks having those assets tied up in diminishing players.
  3. not even sure what the contract ramifications are on any of these but id look into moving from von and potentially Tre. Tre just seems different after the injury. and I have no idea what to expect from an aging von after another season ending surgery. play the young guys at cb and try to utilize dollars elsewhere. it goes back to who is running the show. Andy Reid is offense. McD is defense. nobody will change their mindset. Unfortunately we have the wrong mindset leading our team.
  4. he is a horrible bust of a corner. how we could not expose him is beyond me. smoking a cigar like you won the super bowl.
  5. I’m not. I just know there is a zero chance of it happening. The bills will not be giving up drafts picks for a coach when they love the one they have.
  6. I don’t think you are following. Good day
  7. If there was a power struggle…yeah that’s how it would shake out
  8. Mcd was hired first. From what I understand it is McDs show
  9. Not even sure they have shown a propensity to be able to draft the trenches. Ford was a huge miss. D line is soft.
  10. Why? U really think this thread caused the loss?
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