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  1. Allen regressed under Dorsey. Allen needs a premier OC, one that he respects and is held accountable. Dorsey is Allen's buddy and does what he pleases. Daboll on the other hand is someone who Allen respected, someone who coached up Allen.
  2. Allen is also not having fun. You can tell he lost his confidence. The past 3 games he's played with 3 or more turnovers. Allen is regressing and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. In no particular order, here's what I believe needs to be done on the offensive side of the ball for now. 1. Fire Dorsey and replace him with a top tier offensive mind. A great QB like Allen needs to be surrounded by the best and the brightest OC's which Dorsey by light years isn't. Dorsey is almost always in Shotgun mode, hasn't adjusted, and has been figured out. Allen needs a OC he respects and is held accountable. Dorsey is Allen's buddy, Allen does what he pleases, Daboll on the other hand is someone who Allen respected, and someone who coached up Allen. Dorsey made our QB worse. 2. Bench Spencer Brown and replace him with Ryan Bates or trade for someone. I guarantee Allen doesn't trust Brown which is causing Allen to lose focus which translates into mistakes. Daryl Williams was a good RT, one who Allen trusted. If we can trade for a RT I would bench Morse and replace him with Ryan Bates instead. Bates is a good pass protector and a much better run blocker than Morse is. 3. Trade for Jonathan Taylor. Allen needs a back that he trusts, one that can take some of the pressure off of him, one that teams fear. James Cook strikes no fear in defenses. Cook should never be a starting RB, he's built like a slot reciever who plays RB, is not strong, and can't break a tackle for the life of him. Beane severely botched the RB position and wasted valuable resources in the process. By trading for Taylor defenses will need to pick their poison, and will open it up for everyone else, and again make life easier for Allen. I'd offer the Colts Elam, Cook, and a 3rd round pick, and if need be a 2nd for Taylor which is a very fair offer.
  3. Allen obviously doesn't trust his offensive line, running game, Dorsey, and Beane. Yes Beane, for years for not building an above average offensive line or running game, and for handing the keys to the castle to a rookie OC. A rookie OC!!! A premiere talent like Allen should be surrounded by some of the best and the brightest OC's. A bright offensive mind will salivate to coach Allen, there would be a laundry list of top candidates.
  4. Allen is psychologically broken from years of carrying this offense on his back
  5. I live in San Marcos. Local PB gets jam packed with Bills fans. I’ve bumped into many Bills fans over the years, most recently in July on a trip to Palestine.
  6. I'd rather kick the can on Free Agent ILB Myles Jack than A.J Klein. I believe Jack's skill set and athleticism fits well in McD's defense. Jack has the strength, speed and athleticism to cover tight ends, running backs, and slot receivers, and is a quality run defender. He's very big and fast- 245 to 255 lbs with 4.57 forty wheels, a physical tackler, and is only 27 years old which is 4 years younger than Klein. Jack wasn’t even a full time linebacker for the Steelers last year, it was truly a three way split with Devin Bush and Robert Spillane. Despite splitting playing time, Jack started 13 games and finished with 104 combined tackles. I'd offer Jack a 1 year, vet minimum prove it deal with no guarantees, and bring him into camp to see what he got.
  7. Bijan Robinson Zay Flowers Darnell Wright Dawand Jones Jack Campbell Nolan Smith Will McDonald Myles Murphy Adetomiwa Adebawore Cody Mauch Steve Avila John Michael Schmitz Joe Tippmann Matthew Bergeron Jonathon Mingo Bryce Ford Wheaton Kayshon Boutte Zach Kuntz Sam LaPorta Andrew Vorhees
  8. Per league source. Poyer's 2 year contract is 2 years, $12.5 million (up to $14.5 million) $7 million guaranteed $760k becomes guaranteed on the 5th day of 2024 league year
  9. Bills DT Tim Settle agreed to a renegotiated deal for 2023 that reduces his cap charge by about $600K.
  10. Darnell Washington’s true value goes beyond personal stats, but more so to put a defense in a bind. It’s about dictating how the defense plays us. Consider this… Ken Dorsey wanted to implement 12 Personnel to this offense last season. 12 Personnel involves one running back and two tight ends, who in theory, can be a mix between a fullback or slot receiver at the line of scrimmage. The offense can look one way, and then another when it needs to be. The problem is Dorsey didn’t have the horses to do it along the OL and depth at TE. Last season we used Quinten Morris, Reggie Gilliam, and Bobby Hart in 12 personnel, none of which is a threat to block and catch, which leads me to the impact Darnell Washington can have on this team as a dual threat TE and de facto 6th OL, which are hard to find. By upgrading the offensive line, and having Knox and Washington on the field together in 12 Personnel will create mismatches in both the running game and passing game. It forces Defensive Coordinators to go big or small by choosing between having a 3rd LB on the field or a Slot CB. The 12 Personnel can attack defenses both through the air and on the ground. It can be a personnel grouping that features a lot of power running, or it can be one that attacks on different levels in the passing game. It also can be used with both the shotgun and under center formations for the quarterback. 12 personnel can put a lot of stress on the defense with the threat of running the ball versus attacking vertically. With two tight ends, the offense now has eight total gaps they could run to. In turn, that motivates defenses to bring more defenders in to defend those gaps and leaves space vertically and outside. The strength of 12 personnel is in its ability to help make the defense predictable. You’ll often see Cover 3 with an extra safety down at the line of scrimmage to help against the run. You’ll also be able to create a predictable picture in the run game against even fronts. If you know how the defense is going to align makes the job of the offense that much easier. The problem we’ve had is opposing defenses doesn’t respect our running game since it doesn’t pose a threat, its primary focus is containing Josh Allen and our passing game. Implementing 12 Personnel with Washington and Knox on the field together with the threat of running or passing gets defenses out of that shell and opens the offense for everyone. Now, I understand 12 Personnel is not something we’ll use most of the time, and won’t cure all of our problems, but will make us harder to defend, and will make life easier on Allen as well.
  11. Assuming we lose Tremaine Edmunds, the defensive player I would draft is Jack Campbell LB Iowa
  12. RG: move Bates back to LG and Draft a Guard RT: Marcus Cannon RB: D’onta Foreman SWR: Paris Campbell, and Draft a outside WR LB: Germain Pratt or Azeez Al-Shaair S: Julian Love or Andrew Wingard P: Re-sign Sam Martin
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