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  1. billsfan_34

    Favorite Bills game last season

    Falcons- we were “supposed” to lose and won. WR’s 1 and 2 for them went down but I think we would of won anyways. This is where I sensed and saw things were much different.
  2. billsfan_34

    I like the look of this roster/Defense

    I couldnt agree more- the front office has shaped out nicely, add to the fact that Russ Brandon is long gone is a huge bonus!
  3. billsfan_34

    Josh Allen. Let's get real people!

    Can we have fake people?
  4. billsfan_34

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    Did you not see the abortion of a season Cutler had last year?
  5. So that is what matters now? Half the coaches are pretty lame in their pressers- but who cares, I sure dont. I wanna win!!!! Last year we not only went to the playoffs but we rid ourselves of dead and we had a very disciplined game day team/staff.
  6. Wow, all this before injuries, additional possible trades, more FA pickups, players not being evaluated during camp/pre season. How utterly ridiculous this guy is! Last year we were gonna suck and went 9-7.
  7. billsfan_34

    What jerseys do you own?

    83 all day- throw back is the way!
  8. billsfan_34

    I miss Rex.

    This is the newest worst thread
  9. billsfan_34

    AJ McCarron's Arm Strength

  10. This staff didn’t tolerate Russ Brandons crap either and kept him away from the football side. They have a vision and will sink/swim by it- my guess is they will swim and we’re all going to be happy campers in a few years.
  11. Every team has an asst GM
  12. Simple- “hey Doug, don’t let Rex leave the building” (Russ Brandon). by far one of the worst moves in Bills history. I dispised the hire from the beginning and hated it more as time went on. In turn, it proved to me what I always thought of Russ- that he had no business on the football side.
  13. What union? Is there one for Presidents of a franchise? Ive never heard of such a thing. Even if he did have “union protection” they may have not assisted in this matter. I can tell you first hand, unions dont like to get tangled in workplace sexual misconduct. My place of employment of 15,000 with a powerful union left a guy on an island all by himself for similar stuff- he was shown the door after 15 years of faithhful service to the company and his patients.
  14. Thats what was released by the Bills- I never saw a pic of him there either.