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  1. Levi has to do a better job of getting his head around- if he can clean that up the PI’s go down and potential for big plays increases.
  2. I typically avoid this site along with anything NFL for a few days. The Pitt loss stings - it was there but we all know what went wrong.
  3. Singletary was getting the tough yards- analytics speaking I would say the right call was running the ball. You are right, lots of blame to go around. Morse is absolutely terrible in the run game and our tackles were getting owned in pass pro. Daboll must figure out how to run this offense out of different formations. Defenses know exactly what is coming at them. Miami is going to be a tough game and we best get our problems corrected.
  4. Year 4 franchise QBs should not be “jittery”. Swagger and confidence with good mechanics was missing. Daboll did not help him out with a putrid game plan and play calling, especially in critical situations i.e. 4th and 1.5 - what the F was that backwards pass to Breida? Tight games you slam that rock up the gut.
  5. Daboll’s formations are all too predictable- last week was an epic fail on his part.
  6. Undisciplined play and poor execution will bite ya…well it did.
  7. I remember sitting in the stadium thinkin- our punter isn’t deep enough and then watching him step up too far into his punts. Well, the Steelers saw it too and….
  8. Stevenson when back will have his chance to take the top off!
  9. Which corporations? I would be hard pressed to name more than 30.
  10. Not at all- I am a season ticket holder and been a HUGE fan for over 4 decades. I am merely stating not to discount anything. If people want to put all their faith in politicians, good on ya.
  11. And Joe would never leave Americans behind- I know I know- belonga in PPP but dont ever trust too much my friend 😊
  12. A dying state with high operating costs…I would never rule anything out considering the greed of the NFL. Anything is possible.
  13. Best wings: I shall roll top 5; 1) Barbill 2) Duffs 3) Gabriels Gate 4) The 911 5) Kellys Corner Honorable mention- The Blue Bull Tavern. They would of edged out Kellys Corner but doors have been shut since CV-19. The overrated- Anchor Bar- yes, the original and we pay respects to that, but they do not even fall in top ten.
  14. Thanks for the content 😊 This was my take, and just thought this would be an interesting read. I know X’s and 0’s of the game but this stuff is outside me wheelhouse. It seems I may have been on the right scent.
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