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  1. Kumerov is going to be gone, if the current WR corps stays healthy.
  2. And we play one of the best nickels if not the best on the league along with a high octane offense that can keep the other offense off the field. I like our chances.
  3. Kumerov is on the bubble imo..ST’s has him hanging on by a thread when that last WR spot is being decided, barring no significant injuries between now and final cuts.
  4. Ive had some fun uber rides- just sayin’
  5. Does he have to? Maybe he enjoys staying busy and talking to people. I don’t have to work, but I do as do many “retired” Americans.
  6. I agree - and because of this, most Americans have no faith in our elected officials and government agencies. I hope Hunter goes down and no matter what narrative is told, justice is served. He is a little piss pot crackhead sex addict traitor that got kicked out of the Navy before it even started cuz he couldn’t keep coke out of his body.
  7. We can all go “round and round” but can we at least agree the FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security et al are corrupt to the corps? A good start to getting any faith in our government agencies would be a top to bottom review by those on both sides of the aisle…tall order I know. At minimum, I would settle for Hunter being brought to trial, but that is probably a stretch to. Guess I shall get back to working and paying my taxes without representation lol
  8. Facts sometimes just do not matter - I see many on here are talking out of their rectum as usual. I was going to explain it to the folks with fingers in their ears, but you beat me to it 😊.
  9. Former club season holder- rows 8 to 16 (top row) are under the upper deck. The heaters work great and you wont get wet. The very bottom row of the clubs may have the best sight lines in the stadium; Subjective and opinionated of course. Alcohol served all game inside the concession area and bathrooms just for clubs is nice as well. The experience is different; Some dont like it, some do. the added bonus is quick entrance into the stadium however last year they were short staffed and would routinely close a gate to staff other gates. Add in the CV testing and the wait was longer than usual. Normal times, you can tailgate just about up to kick off and still make it in time.
  10. All good 😊. How sad thou - I tell patients all the time to leave that junk alone. Some listen, some do not, and play a stupid game where you can win a stupid prize.
  11. Why didn’t the first responder have an ambu bag? Mouth to mouth has long been deemed not best practice.
  12. Very valid points. I dont see Kumerov’s resigning equaling his roster spot to he secure as Austin can play teams but he definitely plays a different role on teams. We shall see for sure my friend 😊 Time will tell I suppose
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