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  1. True- I believe Dallas thinks Dak is their guy. We shall see but a top notch QB is to be had.
  2. Dallas has Dak. Browns have Mayfield. Cards have Murray, Chargers have Herbert- all seen as franchise QBs. Highly unlikely for those teams to seek a trade.
  3. Beasley was hobbled and slower than usual all game- agree with Davis- I think he is bruised and sore.
  4. I would be ecstatic for a Hughes x 2, our chances are slim. Hughes was drafted by Indy in the first round as an OLB hybrid type if memory serves me correct?
  5. Premium DE’s are rarely under the radar. Hopefully Beane can make something happen because it’s certainly an area of need.
  6. Very good point. Watching Tua play, it seems he lost the ability to turn and step into his throws. Anything long the ball sails. Maybe its mechanics, maybe its the hip- at this point I am not sure but he does nothing for me so he should stay put in Miami lol.
  7. No thanks, after Reich left Pederson wrecked Wentz. My hope Dorsey is the next Dabs.
  8. Hollywood has a lower leg injury- not sure what the deal is with that?
  9. Not big enough on the DL Thomas-Smith- Reed...Edmunds had a good game, I just wish he would get the pads lower when needed. Milano was not at his best but his s entire body of work, when healthy, is really good- he gets a pass.
  10. Should he have been benched when he punched the ball loose on the fumble that was inconclusive?
  11. My guess, Beasley is not ready and Stills doesn’t know the playbook. Time will tell.
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