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  1. When you overpay for a qb wether its FA or sellin the farm for a higher pick it can get a franchise in serious trouble- high risk high reward. See Aaron Rodger when he went down this year. A top qb masks many things but when he goes down, buyer beware. Just my opinion
  2. Another rookie in offseason trouble - Kareem Hunt

    Agree to disagree- been to both many times. IMO KC much nicer
  3. Another rookie in offseason trouble - Kareem Hunt

    I would be long gone- Cleveland is a total dump. Stay in KC at least or head to somewhere warm for the off season.
  4. I actually didnt know but seems were on the same page. He just is not worth 30 mil a year. 12 March will be very interesting for sure, lets hope the Bills have a good plan. Ya know, everyone wants TT to be a bonified number 1 but he just isnt. He is a great teammate and a solid 2 in this league and we need to upgrade at QB either by draft or FA- FA is going to be costly tho.
  5. So was Big Bens in the MAC- just sayin’
  6. Hey 26, I know this has been discussed but I am going to go on the record now. - I dont want to over pay for a FA QB- Cousins worries me when the game is on the line - Keeping TT and drafting our guy makes much more sense to me. Let a rook sit a year and learn. Heck, and if he beats out TT so be it, then we have a solid 2 while Peterman develops into a 2. - We have a ton of holes, I would rather sit tight at 21 and take the best QB available wether it is Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph. Use the rest of our picks for the many holes we have and we all know what they are. Go Bills
  7. Gronkowski WILL RETIRE per - - -

    Gronk is dumber than a box of rocks. I would be surprised if he remembers his own birthday let alone anything past 4 word sentence lines like “throw me da ball”.
  8. The Darkhorse No One has Mentioned

    Just when I thought I heard it all....
  9. I solved the Bills QB problem and it was easy

    I stopped after the first 3 sentences. I then gave it a second shot and scrolled to middle of paragraph 2. After wasting 11 seconds of my life the determination was in- total poop post.
  10. McDermott type Quarterbacks

    No one would- I would think Daboll is going to have a large input into the direction we take.
  11. McDermott type Quarterbacks

    Cam Newton not so much, he was the D Coordinator in Carolina- just sayin. In all seriousness, I dont think any of us know what his QB is. Time will tell for sure.
  12. Tomlin is a below avery coach who was blessed with Big Ben and a Dick L. Defense that no longer exists.
  13. Worst post of the year? Definitely in the top 5.
  14. Totally agree and so frustrating!