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  1. If Jimmy G threw 40 times and SF ran 8 times yet still won no one would bash the RB’s as long as they got some chunks/first downs and didn’t turn the ball over. SF completely handled GB and the game plan was executed to perfection.
  2. As most of us said- Krafts love fest for Brady blinded their decision making. Now the cheaters have to find a QB. Hey they were good passes lol He is pretty damn accurate Total cluster! I have a feeling Brady becomes a Charger and Rivers becomes a Fin and they both crash.
  3. Grabbin at straws- all players will display some sort of mannerism that may not be seen as positive but he certainly wasn’t screamin at Coach Reid- non story
  4. The NFL has flowed back to a run/pass balanced offense and stopping the run. Good take matey 😊
  5. Draft wire has him going to the Fins in the two six spot of the first round.
  6. I agree and have seem the flow going back to running the ball. Things will hinge on where Bean and company have Taylor on their boards. Having a back like him would be huge for our offense. Keep in mind too Henry is an FA and the Titans do not have a lot of cap.
  7. I dont think he does. His fumbling wasn’t as bad as many of us thought and I felt he got a raw deal, however we do not know what happens behind the seasons. We need 2 backs. Gore won’t be back and all thats left is Singletary. Practice squad rugby guy is a wild card.
  8. Hauschka got back on track- I think he stays. Yeldon is gone. Lee Smith gone. Tyler is a wild card- I am conflicted with his status. Dimarco always seems to make it 🤷‍♂️
  9. I was prepared for this- I am not comparing them, just pointing out that no one knew Favre would go on to have the career he had. Mariota has a nice tool set but hit a rough patch. I don’t know if he is able to salvage his career or not but it is a possibility. When posters on this board use derogatory statements like “laughable” it adds no value. I try hard to not disrespect people on here. Guys like Rich Gannon and Kurt Warner blossomed late.
  10. Court Martial offense indeed, Lieutenant - Sometimes a change of scenery and a fresh start can do wonders- not that it would for Mariota but you never know. Brett Favre was traded away from Atlanta and we saw how that went down. For me, I would love Henry but I really believe the Titans tag him if they can’t get a hometown discount, team Friendly deal because they do not have a ton of cap space. That said, Amari Cooper if the Texans let him walk.
  11. The AFC isnt terrible- the NFL has a lot of parity- the Bills are an above average team that will get better still.
  12. IED’s suck! Too many of our veterans are suffering because of them.
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