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  1. He sure did; just remember we were a dumpster fire before he got here. The grass isn’t always greener…
  2. Beane didn’t hire McD and no way is he the problem. Yes, we need some new, younger talent especially at safety, but overall the GM has done a damn good job.
  3. Micah looks old and slow. Von is shot…2 missed FG’s, a wrong route by Gabe, bias refs, and McD coaching scared (again). There’s more but this team is infuriating.
  4. Thinly sliced rib eye, peppers, onions and topped with cheese whiz is the way ala Pats style 😊
  5. Perhaps some had an axe to grind from the onset, but I think it is fair to perceive many were in support of our HC (me included). I would offer the dysfunctional play this season with really poor in game decisions along with his desire to take timeouts into the half have swayed some more folks against McD. Probably 2 of the biggest mistakes during his tenure were; 12 men on the field and 13 seconds. The latter it seemed he got a pass. Now he is all out of them. The leash is short, and word on the street is Pegula is pissed.
  6. We have no “true” DC or OC. This in itself is a fun little game.
  7. Exactly! Week in and week out this team us unprepared and poorly coached.
  8. McD is the king of double speak. His time here is winding down.
  9. Blitzing when the situation dictates is wise, on third down well out of fg range it was unwise and that ended up putting the nail in the coffin along with 12 men.
  10. Teams is garbage! Every week its the same thing.
  11. Josh is a turnover machine. What a terrible performance again.
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