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  1. billsfan_34

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Murphy as of now is the 2. Ivory looks old/slow. Cadet may be the 3.
  2. billsfan_34

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Helmet on ball- anyone fumbles there
  3. billsfan_34

    I am really rooting for Corey Coleman tonight

    Same- theres a nice clip from the Browns hard knocks where they were treating him like a second class citizen. Hailey screamed at him for not running hard and letting a pass hit him in the pads, not catching it. After seeing it in slow motion the ball was way out of reach and never touched him- it hit a defenders hands! He also was running as fast as he could and you could hear Coleman grunting to get as much speed as he could coming out of his break. Coleman then proceeds to ask Hue why he is running with the 2’s and Hue gave him lip service. On his way out of Hues office he asks for a trade and bam. I think Cleveland is gonna suck again with a bafoon coaching staff. Hopefully Coleman plays with a huge chip and can reach his potential! Go Bills
  4. billsfan_34

    If Gillislee is cut by the pats?

    Nope- our stable is A ok
  5. I care- Josh Allen has the skill set to be a franchise qb- the other 2 qb’s may be serviceable (number 2s) but hardly going to be the guy in a passing league.
  6. Episode 1 is embedded in Facebook in its entirity (around 19 minutes). Unless you are a secret mad skilled hacker im thinking you would have to screen record it. It was really good I watched it earlier.
  7. Cant we just leave this fool in the rear view for good?
  8. billsfan_34

    It May Be Time To Think Big With The Bills

    I really do miss them shakin their ass in front of me- what a bummer
  9. billsfan_34

    Double Standard Kelvin Benjamin/Jalen Ramsey?

    Some things are better off left unsaid right? Unfortunately, some players don’t understand that dignity and professionalism can go a long way in this world.
  10. This is a blessing in disguise- gives the players a little bit of rest. Also, less risk for injury.
  11. billsfan_34

    Dez Bryant yes or no?

    Don’t underestimate Kerley
  12. billsfan_34

    Bills website

    I always thought that. A few years ago I looked at other teams and noticed what appears to be the same platform as the Bills. The NHL sites are pretty blah as well. Maybe it is to make it user friendly for all with less frills.
  13. billsfan_34

    My Current 53

    Good point with reps in practice. I dont know if the Bills will give up on Peterman yet. You have to give him a chance to be a solid number 2 behind Allen- time will tell right? We will all know in a few weeks- cheers!
  14. billsfan_34

    My Current 53

    Trust me I get that- but it comes with other risks.