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  1. Not this Sunday- Allen can rip the ball thru the wind and Cam, if plays, Shoulder is shot. They have no run D- pound the rock, take shots, dont turn it over.
  2. Noticed the same thing- epically bad- if we see it, the coaches see it. I generally don’t like to attack a player- Edmunds has been pretty bad. I had to watch the game again and dial in on him and what I saw wasnt good. Overpursuit, poor angles, loss of contain, and poor gap control to name a few. in Edmunds defense, the DL doesn’t help his play much.
  3. 5-2, would have like to score some TDs but adjustments were made in the 2nd half and we got the W.
  4. Edmunds is an OLB- he has been playing out of position since day 1 but agree, he isnt playing well in the middle. Jerry Hughes has nothing left and Ed Oliver is playing like a B rate actor.
  5. I get your sarcasm/snottiness- there really is not a place for that here. Never a fan of a small DL - Oliver really has been bad. PFF, of course not always spot on, has Oliver graded out at 55. Thats at the bottom and deemed “replaceable”. As of now. oliver is a whiff on Beane/McD.
  6. He is old and slow, even when he is “there” he isn’t.
  7. Hughes non-existent all year so far. Oliver is brutal, and the rest of the D line is below average. Linebacker corps is equally as bad. Over pursue, poor angles bad tackling, dont fill gaps. On the other hand, everyone is getting to the second life due to the rag tag DL. Letting Jordan Phillips leave was a huge mistake and not re signing Shaq was another.
  8. Would Bell want to play there? I can sorta see it thou.
  9. We better start run blocking on the right side of the line- until then nothing matters.
  10. I said the same thing on a group feed in FB.
  11. If the OP was consistent, we should be firing the ST coordinator also 😜
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