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  1. Edmunds is an OLB, all day every day. That is one of the issues and he played hurt for a big chunk of the season without Milano next to him.
  2. Did you see him eating pizza with a fork?
  3. Thats a huge roll of the dice with potential catostrophic consequences. Nope thanks- hard pass.
  4. Exactly!!!! It’s frustrating to see the wasteful spending.
  5. Amazing what 26 billion dollars starts. Renovations at thIs point may be futile for a number of reasons. In 5 years we will end up renovating again. If my memory serves correctly, we have sunk around 400 mil into 2 renovations and another 530 mil now? That just does not make sense but hey, we wont have a say anyways.
  6. Thanks for serving our community. I was in the Marines for 21 years, retired and became an RN. Did the VA and BGH- various areas now im at Fidelis Care- they are making major improvements and just started a new gig today with them in Medical Management Audit and Compliance after a year ther in care management. Just my quick boring backstory lol
  7. I get that also, unfortunately that will never happen. I work in insurance now btw lol
  8. Health Insurance companies spend bucketfulls of money to market their products- this is one way.
  9. This may qualify top 5 worst posts of the year so far.
  10. Edge and RB- areas of need. BPA comes into play here with the solid roster we have. If all aligns, I expect edge or RB at 30.
  11. He is for sure, and my guess he will put on ten more pounds of muscle. 4.45 40 isn’t shabby for a big back. Personally, I want the back that punishes people. Off season is certainly fun my friend 😊
  12. Harris and Henry are power backs that have some top end speed. Not sure what you think Harris is?
  13. We have 1 slow back that breaks some tackles, the other, not so much. If you would have a CJ Spiller type over a Derrick Henry type deep in the season when defenders are sick of tackling you, then thats your opinion- cheers.
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