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  1. Hock, Dev White, or Oliver at 9. If all are off the board then trading down is not a bad move.
  2. Thinking about Cleveland- anyone else?
  3. Take Brady out 😱 KC doesn’t line up Offside they win- typical NE but they just dont make many mistakes
  4. I love the 3 home games in a row Oct-Nov!
  5. Love a Sunday night game VS a Monday night game.
  6. BPA at 9 - whoever that happens to be
  7. Yeldon is a really good football player in his prime- don’t think this is “tire kickin”.
  8. Absolutely!!! Excellent vision, patience, can get to the outside, can catch out of backfield, good balance, and runs tough.
  9. Very true- if he is BPA on their board at 9 then And he is there then its a done deal. Time will tell
  10. I would be stoked! It would be even better if we slid out of 9 to the 13-15 and Hock was still there and we netted another third as well.
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