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  1. ....don’t forget all the other heartbreaks we have been through yet, here we are!!!
  2. This is comical- WE ARE THE NUMBER 1 FAN BASE
  3. Ha I just can’t help myself! Nothing like being a Ryan Bros Sammy Priceless!
  4. I still get nightmares of Rob and Rex scootin’ on the tandem bike through the city.
  5. He would be much better on the inside imo but is he stout enough? He did have a better year last season after a very bad pre-season. I want him to get better but he may have peaked already. I guess we will have to wait and see. He may he rotational, I just dont see it with the Bills next year.
  6. There are many posters on this board that understand football, not all of course. Lawson is average by NFL standards but he was definitely drafted too high- not really his fault. He sets the edge well but is a liability in passing situations. He lacks burst and just doesn’t penetrate. We could use an upgrade for sure.
  7. Like a blank piece of paper. I cant see them bringing him back unless he has a big year. Lawson was drafted too high and has never made an impact that is needed at the DE position. Last year he had a slightly better year than his first few in the league but he is an average at best DE.
  8. He didn’t have to donate anything - and I am sure he has made other donations elsewhere. I think it was a pretty nice thing he did - I am a Kaleida employee and I am sure that money will be put to good use for the kids.
  9. Glad I am not the only one seeing this. Balls were short and lacked zip Thats a monkey he may never get off his back!
  10. Exactly! He is serviceable at best and FB is a dying entity in todays NFL. They would be smart to carry and extra RB vs FB.
  11. OJ really needs to vanish for good. He has all the characteristics of a sociopath.
  12. I hope this broke Bostons good luck BS. The look on the Bruins and fans faces was priceless.
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