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  1. Tua hasn’t played one snap in the NFL. Wow can we reach any further for a story
  2. If they dont make then the opposing team shall get that ball at the 10 yard line of the other team, essentially all but guaranteeing some kind of points. High risk, high reward, high adverse consequences.
  3. Like the movie “Multiplicity” lol
  4. Baltimore will take the division- Bens not going to change the trajectory
  5. Number 2 with a disclaimer. If Moulds had continuity at QB and played a few more seasons we might be talking about him being 1 - he was that good.
  6. Short term goal- win division- hope for first round bye- win 2 then win the big one!
  7. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and im normally a pretty optimistic guy. The odds of the Bills getting a new stadium are slimmer and slimmer as each day passes. NYS is bankrupt and through many many conversations with people a max exodus is going to occur. On average, 50k leave the state, 30k come in. Out of the 30k that come in around 22-25k are not US citizens or NY residents- the majority are on medicaid, welfare, food stamps, heap, and all other forms of subsidies. The cost of living, even in Western NY is shooting through the roof and it is unsustainable. The tax base will be diminished. I know much of this because I work for the largest medicaid/medicare insurance company- 2 million members with a large chunk here in NY. If you would like to know more about the fraud and wasteful spending, inbox me.
  8. Im at 4 after ive thought about it some more. Lets hope for 0 and he gets his stuff together. I have a feeling this is out of the norm for Oliver however the NFL will definitely take action.
  9. He definitely has a tough uphill battle- Beane and McD have to be pissed as well.
  10. Getting out of the car can get ya dead- ballsy for sure 😱
  11. He won’t be near the team. 4 games for the dwi, a year for dwi with the gun.
  12. I remember reading 4.6ish. Glad to know theres a little more in the legs. If Moss has true football speed, even better. Yes sir- kinda wish Duke Williams hybrid TE could be experimented with
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