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  1. billsfan_34

    Who should be cut 1st?

    How about Ivory’s hair?
  2. billsfan_34

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    You may be on to something lol... I think we can all agree Peterman sucks thou!
  3. billsfan_34

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    I want him to be loudly good lol!!!!
  4. billsfan_34

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    - It look like they may go 0-2 on OC’s. - They definitely screwed up the QB position - Special teams is a mess - The jury is still out on Allen- hard to judge him - Zay Jones hasnt lived up to us moving up in the second- juju-schuster was there The list is long, just a few off the top of my head
  5. billsfan_34

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    Over the past 18 years they have been an inept, dysfunctional franchise. I get we have cap relief and picks next year but I dont trust this staff to get it right.
  6. billsfan_34

    Juan castillo

    Another one of these???
  7. billsfan_34

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    - People knew from the beginning this team was a 5 win team at best - When there is a game out there that is winnable and the Bills just gift wrap it, well it tends to sting - The reality is, us fans are sick of the ineptitude year in and year out. People will remain disgruntled until we start playing good football in all 3 phases, not just defense.
  8. Nothing we can do but wait and see. The good news is we have 91 mil of cap and 10 picks next year. I wouldnt hesitate to draft another QB.
  9. And have an offensive coordinator who is a giant cluster F$&k Allen hasnt played well- that said its very hard to evaluate him when we are running a pop warner offense. I have never seen a more pathetic offensive system.
  10. They seriously miscalculated the QB position. This crap regime was so sold on Peterman that they got rid of McCarron. Then they start him and he lays a giant egg. After that, the Josh Allen experiment began and he just isnt ready- way too raw! Allen gets hurt against a very beatable Texans team and Peterman comes back in and dumps C. diff diarrhea all over the team. The worst part about all of this- McDermott hired the wrong OC/offensive staff again! We have no one that can really fix the issues that Allen has which is many. The kid has upside/talent but if he cant learn to play the next level he woll be gone in 3 years and the Bills will continue to meander around in mediocrity for another 18 years.
  11. billsfan_34

    Plan for the next 3 games?

    The number 1 overall is looking pretty good right now- and if I am the Bills I would take another QB!
  12. billsfan_34

    Bills Defense is Overrated. They Choked.

    I stopped at the title. How ridiculous the D played lights out. The Offense sucked you know what. Stop with your utter nonsense and learn the game of football.
  13. billsfan_34

    The Refs!

    You sir, are now promoted to AdmiralNelsonnCoke - here here
  14. billsfan_34

    Allen not showing progress

    I was thinking same thing- completely novice, pop warner offense. Its so sad to see such a great defensive effort gone to waste.