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  1. Facts sometimes just do not matter - I see many on here are talking out of their rectum as usual. I was going to explain it to the folks with fingers in their ears, but you beat me to it 😊.
  2. Former club season holder- rows 8 to 16 (top row) are under the upper deck. The heaters work great and you wont get wet. The very bottom row of the clubs may have the best sight lines in the stadium; Subjective and opinionated of course. Alcohol served all game inside the concession area and bathrooms just for clubs is nice as well. The experience is different; Some dont like it, some do. the added bonus is quick entrance into the stadium however last year they were short staffed and would routinely close a gate to staff other gates. Add in the CV testing and the wait was longer than usual. Normal times, you can tailgate just about up to kick off and still make it in time.
  3. All good 😊. How sad thou - I tell patients all the time to leave that junk alone. Some listen, some do not, and play a stupid game where you can win a stupid prize.
  4. Why didn’t the first responder have an ambu bag? Mouth to mouth has long been deemed not best practice.
  5. Very valid points. I dont see Kumerov’s resigning equaling his roster spot to he secure as Austin can play teams but he definitely plays a different role on teams. We shall see for sure my friend 😊 Time will tell I suppose
  6. Our D has been in the top 5 I believe the past 4-5 seasons. We added some pieces, so im hinging my bets they will continue to play in that range. That game was not on Poyer- Hill and company were very difficult to put it kindly. The touchdown that happened in OT was a result of not having 3 down lineman and a dime package in. Wrong D all day. 2 of the 3 you mention are corners, Poyer is a safety. We do not want our corners on TE’s and big RBs. Anyways, it is going to be a fun season, and we are just a few guys that cannot change anything lol…Go Bills!
  7. Not when he is playing at a high level and integral to hoist the Lombardi- all chips are in, right now.
  8. Here here…Pensacola to Destin/Fort Waltok to Panama City very affordable and super nice.
  9. Rolls eyes but it is true- take from someone thats been in the ***** numerous times. Im sure you may have to run behind someone thats ready. Well then it is obvious you have never been in intel briefings- total naive and uneducated statement- stick to football. Countries do not want to invade us because it would be a blood bath of epic poportions. China does not care about “census” they understand our basic fundamentals of our constitution.
  10. Better more robust background checks keeping them out of the hands of folks with paychosis/psychotic disorders/illness. “It” also stops people from invading us. I am pro gun but im also pro intensive background checks.
  11. More than yesterday and more tomorrow- everything is going up, and we are in a recession.
  12. 100 to fill my tank and everything else I bought was 50 percent more from 2020. I know, it is all Trumps fault.
  13. Thanks! The narrative is old and tired! I was all over the city of Buffalo today and here is a quick observation: The majority of people from all races were being extra kind and friendly to one another. We are all too smart to let this horrible act of hate and terrorism tear down the amazing community we have.
  14. Don’t worry about what I believe- get some much needed help.
  15. Thank you for posting the facts- much appreciated and a breath of fresh air 🍻
  16. I would have to agree- do not do anything stupid, and you live to fight another day. Ive always listened to what police have told me along with being respectful and kind, and it always worked out well for me. I really wish we can all come together and just be Americans. I served for 21 years so others wouldn’t have to suffer here on the home front, but here we are fighting and killing each other, for what?
  17. Like I said, would love to see what the data suggests. I would much rather see a big fat zero for all race and ethnicities.
  18. Horrific day in the 716. I hope this goes federal and he is sent to hell with a very short time on death row. There is no place in society for the evil that this pos engaged in. i don’t know if him being black/brown would have resulted in him being shot/killed by the police. I think it would be interesting to see what the data shows i.e. white/black/brown et cetera that, what percentage, when surrendering after a horrific crime, are killed by law enforcement. Perception vs reality.
  19. Yeah um no- damn good ball player in his prime.
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