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  1. If Jimmy G threw 40 times and SF ran 8 times yet still won no one would bash the RB’s as long as they got some chunks/first downs and didn’t turn the ball over. SF completely handled GB and the game plan was executed to perfection.
  2. As most of us said- Krafts love fest for Brady blinded their decision making. Now the cheaters have to find a QB. Hey they were good passes lol He is pretty damn accurate Total cluster! I have a feeling Brady becomes a Charger and Rivers becomes a Fin and they both crash.
  3. Grabbin at straws- all players will display some sort of mannerism that may not be seen as positive but he certainly wasn’t screamin at Coach Reid- non story
  4. The NFL has flowed back to a run/pass balanced offense and stopping the run. Good take matey 😊
  5. Draft wire has him going to the Fins in the two six spot of the first round.
  6. I agree and have seem the flow going back to running the ball. Things will hinge on where Bean and company have Taylor on their boards. Having a back like him would be huge for our offense. Keep in mind too Henry is an FA and the Titans do not have a lot of cap.
  7. I dont think he does. His fumbling wasn’t as bad as many of us thought and I felt he got a raw deal, however we do not know what happens behind the seasons. We need 2 backs. Gore won’t be back and all thats left is Singletary. Practice squad rugby guy is a wild card.
  8. Hauschka got back on track- I think he stays. Yeldon is gone. Lee Smith gone. Tyler is a wild card- I am conflicted with his status. Dimarco always seems to make it 🤷‍♂️
  9. I was prepared for this- I am not comparing them, just pointing out that no one knew Favre would go on to have the career he had. Mariota has a nice tool set but hit a rough patch. I don’t know if he is able to salvage his career or not but it is a possibility. When posters on this board use derogatory statements like “laughable” it adds no value. I try hard to not disrespect people on here. Guys like Rich Gannon and Kurt Warner blossomed late.
  10. Court Martial offense indeed, Lieutenant - Sometimes a change of scenery and a fresh start can do wonders- not that it would for Mariota but you never know. Brett Favre was traded away from Atlanta and we saw how that went down. For me, I would love Henry but I really believe the Titans tag him if they can’t get a hometown discount, team Friendly deal because they do not have a ton of cap space. That said, Amari Cooper if the Texans let him walk.
  11. The AFC isnt terrible- the NFL has a lot of parity- the Bills are an above average team that will get better still.
  12. IED’s suck! Too many of our veterans are suffering because of them.
  13. Why trade and who for? Theres going to be a few quality FA’s - Amari Cooper may be one. Another will be AJ Green most likely- not sure he would be a smart grab as we all know age and injuries are of concern.
  14. We have been talking about this extensively. Down the stretch I have always felt the team that wins in the trenches and can pound the rock stands a better chance of winning. Henry was a menace for the Ravens yesterday and the Bills need him or something similar. I have a feeling Henry gets franchise tagged.
  15. Hasn’t bad play calling been a common theme? Daboll’s track record as a OC hovers between 26-28th ranked last I saw. To me, that in itself is concerning. Hopefully we can get better with more weapons but we must score more points.
  16. I was thinking the same thing- we allowed some really long drives this season! Hopefully we can find balance between the 2. Thats what good teams do.
  17. How is Henry not Tier 1. The Titans better hope for a hometown discount because they do not have much cap space. 2-3 year deal with the first 2 front loaded with most guaranteed. Draft Najee Harris or Jonathon Taylor if they are there for us 3rd -5th round.
  18. Very good pointS with zone D etc... It seemed at times nit Just Poyer but the D as a whole was sloppy with tackling. It could also be because the amount they were on the field due to our offensive woes.
  19. I will definitely check that out! Thank you. Respectfully disagree on Poyer- there was times he left me shaking my head. Maybe it is because his 17 and 18 season were at such a high level that the little slips were amplified. Anyways, we all have our fun opinions and takes my friend. Go Bills
  20. I have been on record saying Poyer was pretty bad this year. Blown assignments and sloppy tackling were at the top of my assessment.
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