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  1. Could not agree more. This is my nomination for post of the season award - cheers!! We also know that; Josh is tough as nails and an Ulnar is much different than ACL/MCL tears. Ya know, that pesky little science thing. Much different risks involved.
  2. No- he was in the field of play (not endzone) when the foul occurred.
  3. Tre wont be ready to have a heavy snap count. 30 percent is my guess. It is what it is.
  4. No one is getting fired at 8-3 with all these injuries
  5. I do not think this really applies. He also sat behind Montana for a few years, When Young got his chance, he played at a high level. If Young played for say; Pitt, Miami, Ohio State et al, would we be having this conversation? In my opinion, either one can play in this league or not. Anyways, it doesn't really matter much it is just silly takes, Happy Thanksgiving 🙂
  6. Knock it off! Was Frazier missing tackles all over the field. Was half our defense injured and not playing. Worst LAMP of the year finalist right here. Pressure (blitz packages) can get ya burned- especially with the way our DB’s played.
  7. We can agree to disagree. If Gabe gets back to playing how he was at the end of last season, and Shakir develops more then we will be ok. Certainly we cannot afford anymore injuries.
  8. WR was one of our areas of depth. Kumerov was playing good ball and then injured/IR. Knox will never be like Kelce- the guy is just a rare talent. Agree we need Davis to play better and Shakir to develop as well. I never liked cutting Hodgins- thats where my problem for WR lays.
  9. They are in the NFC North - the Vikings will be in, and tough to contend with.
  10. We are 7-3 - no botched snap against the Vikings and we are 8-2. With a turbulent past week, loads of injuries, and ONE PRACTICE we pulled off a huge win! Sit down, eat a sammy, and relax brotha. We have a winnable game this Thursday and all 3 AFC east foes at home still. We just have to get healthy and run the ball.
  11. Too soon in such an early career to give a bust award. Pats D can twist a young QB around.
  12. Main mission was not letting Chubb beat us - mission accomplished. On (back) to Detroit.
  13. No turnovers, rushed for a bunch of yards (Cook/Singletary), excellent ST’s while only having 1 practice, loads of injuries, and distractions from the weather event. Huge win today and JA will be just fine.
  14. Poyer has battled injuries. He is a difference maker when on the field. Some people have zero football IQ.
  15. If Hines plays some STs then Taiwan may be inactive.
  16. Aug 8 “very close” hmmmmmm NYS at its finest
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