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  1. I sure hope so- he just needs the game to slow a little Motor has a very quick burst, amazing vision, and just senses everything around him.
  2. Gabriel Davis. I think we knew he was going to be pretty good, but he has excellent hands on is a pure baller. Moss- surprised in another way- I feel he has to wait for the game to slow some for him and then he will be a stud. Right now I see some indecisiveness and then it effects his balance some as well. Just my opinion.
  3. I saw it differently but willing to go back and watch again. I saw him get pushed around alot during the run.
  4. I am not sure the reasongs but, our TE group has improved and Crooms just is not very good.
  5. Our D line was not good this past Sunday. Oliver was manhandled most of the day and sacks came via coverage sacks or a blitz.
  6. Bravo Zulu- 100 percent correct. This is what we need to keep seeing.
  7. PFF is pure garbage. A bunch of lil basement boy hack writers. Who cares, we all know JA played lights out and we are now focused on the Rams.
  8. Another terrible call by the refs- clearly JA was in the act at the point of attack of moving forward and smashing his guy down, yet they ruled forward progress stopped. Thats not the rule, so the wrong call is to blow the whistle. He is moving forward. Tell me how you like that same call when its 4th and 1 with a playoff game on the line and he is muscling his way for a 1st but the whistle prematurely. This is football.
  9. D Line grade F so far. LB I would give F minus if I could.
  10. Yeah, number 31 that was it in the backside and parts of the DL. His D as a whole sucks.
  11. Yeah, dude they played Cinci. Come back to me when they string some wins together and beat Pittsburgh or Baltimore- mic drop
  12. That is a very fair assessment. His mannerisms alone scream “I dont wanna be here”. His days in the NFL are rapidly coming to a close.
  13. Wow- just wow. In football if you do not have team first concept with solid leadership from the top on down your done. You can have all the talent in the world and still suck- See the Cleveland Browns as a prime example.
  14. And this is why you do not over pay for a RB with miles. Jets got duped. Even before the hammy he looked like he has lost a step or 2.
  15. Not for nothing, notice I was not just talking about Sundays game. Wentz just isn't elite. He was on the path, now he isn't.
  16. Not for nothing, but Wentz really hasn’t played good ball since Reich left.
  17. He just hasn’t polished up and some of his throws were down right ugly. I still think he can be a quality QB, without Gase and a better surrounding cast.
  18. After Joseph’s injury last season he noticeably lost a step.
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