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  1. i'm going the other way.... this game will define the season. we must dethrone NE from division champ by beating them heads up. if we lose this game, we are spinning our wheels as a wild card team losing first playoff game if we win, we are a legit playoff team ...probably a #4 seed with a very tough opening playoff matchup that could go either way.
  2. if they redrafted 2018....josh would go #1 overall to Cleveland. i'm giving darnold a pass....the jets are just awful....he will be the next tannehill. hope the bills pick him up off the scrap heap.
  3. a great question....that deserves its own thread i'll frame my answer for a long term view that this would be my qb for the next 5 years.... at this point josh is headed to the pro bowl.....back up the brinks truck....he's getting 6yr / $250 mil....likely the 2nd highest paid at time of signing. the list of who i would trade him for straight up is short.... josh's current biggest weakness....is ball security....he fumbles way too much mahomes, wilson, rodgers.....thats it.......the fact that josh is in the top 5 is pretty amazing
  4. josh allen cost the bills 2 extra 2nd round picks (#12, #53 & #56) to move up 5 spots to #7 edmunds cost the bills 1 extra 3rd round pick (#22 - KC pick & #65) to move up 6 spots to #16 had you drafted mahomes at #10.....there is no josh or tre......but you still have #12, #53 & #56 draft picks....you can undo the edmunds trade too if you like mahomes and all those draft picks are still better..... by a lot fortunately josh is closing the gap......but mahomes is arguably the best player in the league at the most important position.
  5. i blame ownership for putting a marketing guy (russ brandon) in charge of football operations (they should have brought polian back) . marketing guys priorities were selling tickets, suites and sponsorships....enter a carnival barking blowhard named rex who should have never been hired for this job to take over a top 5 defense based on 4-3 personnnel when all he knew was 3-4. it takes several years to switch over. they did it poorly. all that led to another regime change and they punted on mahomes.....what a disaster. fast forward to today.....STABILITY in coaching has finally arrived. the future bodes well for bills fans
  6. bye week massacre patricia week 5 marrone week 7 quinn week 10 gase week 11
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