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  1. where was the outrage when the NFL was raising awareness of cancer ?? well, now they are on to an equally important issue.....unless of course you are unaffected by police brutality and racism, then you are less likely to see it.
  2. #10. Bills' Tremaine Edmunds https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/top-10-linebackers-in-the-nfl-leighton-vander-esch-and-roquan-smith-poised-for-huge-third-year/
  3. #18 is fair i think 15th is fairer i dont see him getting to top 5......but boy oh boy...that would be nice
  4. Dak is very over rated....definitely not worth $35-40 mil
  5. josh the highest paid QB in NFL ?? very unlikely....especially as i dont see him ever being in top 10 hypothetical.....would you pay any QB $45-50 MIl/yr ....risk of injury is so great to put so many eggs in one basket i think you will see teams start to invest more first round draft choices on QB's and work with a rookie deal salary cap $
  6. dawkins - LT Feliciano LG morse C ford RG williams RT
  7. ouch.....but you can't take his biggest weakness and act like that's the only way to grade QB play.
  8. Dynasty ?....thats a mouthful only KC is currently on that list right now for me, with that kind of potential. credit to beane and mcdermott for getting us on such a list
  9. define superstar ??...top 3 ? top 5 in league ? emerge ? diggs is already a consensus top 15 WR in league i say he's easily in top 10 i don't see him getting the amount of targets needed to become a Top 5 guy in a spread it around buffalo offense so my answer is NO on the superstar....but i do think he will be an alternate pro bowl level player....that's pretty darn good
  10. NFL quarterback tiers 2020: Franchise guys, rising stars and stopgaps; here's where your team's starter ranks https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-quarterback-tiers-2020-franchise-guys-rising-stars-and-stopgaps-heres-where-your-teams-starter-ranks/ (they have 14 guys ahead of josh)
  11. valuable experience is gained each time you go through an interview in the hiring process. you can prepare a better answer for future interviews. therefore, increasing the minimum required minority candidates is a positive step. once a year, the NFL should conduct a video conference on the entire interview process to all who are interested. it seems to me that familiarity with a candidate from a previous work experience plays a big factor in final hiring decisions, especially coordinators. you've already seen how they work and you know you can get along with them. if you have several qualified candidates, but one you already know, there is less risk of it not working out.
  12. 3rd .....in fumbles....laffin https://www.footballdb.com/stats/stats.html?mode=M
  13. currently, i rank josh 20th i'm expecting a big improvement in the mental part of game and a slight improvement in the physical throwing predicting 15th for 2020
  14. even before Covid....i was thinking that the year 2030 would be the earliest a new stadium would be built. now the state is essentially bankrupt.....i'd say 2040 is a more likely earliest date now.
  15. you are, what your stats say you are. 24th in total QBR 23rd in total yards 30th in passer rating
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