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  1. i guess the first step towards league MVP is to make the Pro bowl team......he ain't doing that either
  2. i guess technically if you are in the NFL then you are a "candidate" for MVP the bills josh allen will not be in the Top 50 of vote getters
  3. hope it works out... i would avoid all players with a history of concussions.
  4. CAPACCIO: Analyzing Cody Ford's play at guard The rookie played the first 18 snaps at RG. How'd he do? https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/opinion/capaccio-analyzing-cody-fords-play-guard
  5. I went to game, isolated on Ford and Nsheke the entire time they were in game. Nsheke is a stud...outstanding. Ford has a long way to go....i'm sure this won't be popular...but I highly doubt he starts. played mostly RG, then a little RT.
  6. was at rockpile, i was very young, maybe 8 , my two uncles took me. what i remember most was we parked in a neighborhood driveway, played the jets, the field was muddy and a pillar blocked my view. then i started collecting coca-cola ? bottle caps with player likeness i'm still hooked....+33 year STH
  7. JOSH ALLEN'S GIRLFRIEND BRITTANY WILLIAMS https://www.instagram.com/brittwilll/?utm_source=ig_embed
  8. anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems worried , concerned what team isn't
  9. in other top 100's i've seen tre white and jerry hughes ranked in the 90's for me, tre white is the only bills player deserving of top 100
  10. absolutely YES ! 7x pro bowler (2012-2018) at the second most important position on team. under team control for 2 more seasons plus franchise tag years
  11. +2,000 views / suspects ? whew.....wasn't me
  12. belichick......leadership, preparations, discipline, managing the salary cap, game plans...taking away the opponents strengths, holding players accountable. team, team, team.....look at his record without brady for those knocking his record at previous teams....he wasn't the GM but having said that.....ever notice the greatest coaches always seem to have a pro bowl level QB.
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