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  1. the dope and dog show is awful. hard to call in when i havent listened in months. john murphy is a homer with an opinion...i dont mind that at all. its that second homer tasker who has ruined a good show. they need to dump tasker and add a third member contrarian.....like when marty biron is on the instigators,,,,thats great fun and interesting
  2. the tunnel entrance to the field is kinda steep and slippery....hopefully he hangs on to a teammate
  3. clearly deserves an A PROS: his leadership is outstanding, his players play hard and unlike the last guy he's not a blowhard. CONS: his success at challenges suck. i'd like to see less penalties. his incessant clapping at bad outcomes bugs me....but yet it may be a defense mechanism that says to his team...put that behind us, get ready for the next play. both mcclappity and beane deserve and will get new 5 year deals. how refreshing for our franchise that stabilty will finally be ours
  4. good one...laffin green is a one year rental.....wouldnt give up much...at most a 3rd. highly likely he chases a ring in free agency next season and signs elsewhere
  5. trent williams will be traded.....likely for a first round pick....he's worth it we could use him at LT and move dawkins to RT
  6. better define the length that avatar stays up....this should be good....lol
  7. since the start of 2017, the former first-round pick has allowed a passer rating of just 56.2 on throws in which he was the closest defender in coverage. The only corner with a better rating over 400-plus coverage snaps is his former Jags teammate A.J. Bouye. Ramsey is first in average yards allowed per target and sixth in Coverage Success Rate over that time frame. He's capable of playing both on the outside and in the slot. The Rams are getting a superstar. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27854971/grading-jalen-ramsey-trade-jaguars-rams-won
  8. i'd say there is about a 10% chance that Jax hits on either one of those draft picks turning into a pro bowl player at any position. i prefer the sure thing of a 24 year old all pro. especially at a position like CB
  9. NO to college OT rules. i prefer they play one additional full quarter. 15 minutes. no ties, no sudden death, no worrying about each team getting at least one possession
  10. that over simplification completely ignores the immense contributions of our elite defense to those wins
  11. josh not in top 25 in passer rating or total qbr he has a long way to go yet
  12. tre white would be the biggest loss and hardest to replace. but i'll give ya micah hyde is a stud and would be missed
  13. 3rd best in AFC is fair.....you are what your record says you are the bills clearly have an elite defense. the offense has not fully tapped its potential yet, but signs are encouraging
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