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  1. class action coming also saw him slap an on field security guy who was standing on sidelines
  2. he has a 2020 Roster Bonus of $750,000 due 3/22/2020. likely gone before that comes due
  3. beane prioritizes VALUE you never know who or what position that presents itself. in a perfect world, i'd say EDGE is top priority
  4. his dead cap is $1.6 they save almost $5 mil by cutting him he's gone
  5. so many needs... OT - move ford inside DE - murphy and lawson are out LB - lorax replacement WR - need a true #1 RB - need a true #2 TE - kroft and lee smith are out CB- need a stud opposite tre de
  6. so many needs RT (move ford inside) DE LB WR RB CB TE
  7. Our law enforcement sources say it was apparent to them Julian had been drinking ... which might explain a lot about the incident. He was at dinner earlier in the evening in Bev Hills Cantina FRIDA, along with Paul Pierce and Danny Amendola. https://www.tmz.com/2020/01/12/julian-edelman-arrested-in-bev-hills-jumping-on-car/#continued
  8. nothing wrong with brady, he's got at least 3 more years. NE miss gronk big time. not one pro bowler on offense. his O-line is weak and other than edelman, his WR weapons are mediocre. Josh Allen has a better supporting cast than brady. if brady was on the bills, we'd still be playing. but thats all fantasy stuff. Josh is our QB and of course Beane and mcclappity will support him to the fullest.
  9. definitely going EDGE in first round ....DE/LB
  10. total nonsense,,,,just coach speak you will see another massive overhaul likely gone to name a few Gore Yeldon dimarco Kroft lee smith long trent murphy lawson lo alexander
  11. Yes to does TB want to stay. NO to does BB want him to stay. already tipped his hand with garappolo offer. BB has always been better a year early than a year late. it's brady's time table. he will become a free agent and wait it out to see improvements on offense. they really missed gronk blocking and receiving Kraft has final say....he's kept them all together so far and will keep trying. i say it's more likely that BB leaves before TB does. BB resents not having final say.
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