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  1. guy getting a massage gets aroused, tosses his towel to the side and asks for a happy ending if thats a crime....build more prisons
  2. i highly doubt this is happening......if true, very easily provable with a paper trail of bank transactions unless of course pff only accepts bags of cash....lol
  3. lets take the most likely WORST case scenario bills make playoffs and get upset in first round AND he makes a couple of questionable coaching decisions... even then, he's not getting fired. the real most likely scenario is bills make it to at least the AFC championship game......no matter the outcome, he's not getting fired. at this point, he'd have to screw up badly, to end more than one season......i dont see it happening.....he's our coach for many years to come
  4. has not lived up to his contract last 7 seasons.....averaged under 5 sacks/yr during that period last good years were 2013 & 14
  5. Fox disputes reporting regarding Tom Brady’s contract yea ok.....likely $370 mil....not $375....lol gag me.....he will be unlistenable
  6. tremaine edmunds i'm expecting him to be bills MOST IMPROVED player #1 - these new DL will keep him clean #2- these new DL will allow frazier to change edmunds TWO gap responsibility scheme down to 1 gap......eliminating him picking the wrong hole or the RB cutting back into the one he's not #3- it's a contract year for him (he's still young and the bills are playing him out of position.....hes not a thumping MLB)
  7. now that he's in NJ, shouldn't sauce change his name to gravy ?
  8. U.S. Consulate may have accidentally leaked the date for Buccaneers game in Germany https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2022-nfl-schedule-u-s-consulate-may-have-accidentally-leaked-the-date-for-buccaneers-game-in-germany/
  9. he aint gettin 70% but he will lead the team....i'm guessing 65%
  10. revenge money grab.......will be settled out of court
  11. not with our 1st rounder yes in the unlikely event he was there in the 2nd
  12. that would be nice.....and very costly one way or another he is leaving the giants.....they have to get under the cap. they may even have to cut him.....but some kind of trade is more likely. The Giants will need around $12.5 million in cap space for their draft class which, as of now, includes nine draft picks. That number could increase, too, if Schoen adds more draft picks via trade-backs or other deals. Coincidentally, trading Bradberry would save the Giants $12.1 million, while they’d incur a $9.7 million dead cap hit. If Bradberry is cut, they’d only save $10.1 million. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/at-some-point-giants-might-have-to-cut-james-bradberry-instead-of-trading-him-e2-80-94-and-that-e2-80-99s-unfortunate/ar-AAWfNW8?ocid=uxbndlbing
  13. at least half of these guys will be on the board at #25.....bills are in a great spot Tyler Linderbaum C Jameson Williams WR Devonte Wyatt DT Daxton Hill DB Trevor Penning OT Treylon Burks WR Kenyon Green OG Jahan Dotson WR Andrew Booth CB Zion Johnson OG
  14. if the draft were held today....CB is our biggest need the draft is three weeks away......thats a long time in beane years....lol
  15. he had 2.0 sacks last year.....he hasnt lived up to his contract in the last 7 years....his last good years were 2013 & 2014 time to move on
  16. his current cap was about 2 yr @ $18/yr and his new deal is 4yr @$26/yr (18,18,26,26,26,26=140) bills can get creative and change that to (10, 10, 30,30,30,30=140 )
  17. breaking news diggs posts cryptic smiley face ?? bills free up $10 mil in cap space ?? oh yea, bills tie up a top 5 WR for next 6 years.....plans to retire a bill
  18. JAMESON WILLIAMS WR (4.25 speed) #1 reason.....i dont want him on KC....that would be very bad bills have bigger needs at CB & OL.....but i dont care
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