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  1. A punter certainly can outkick his coverage. That's why the hang time stat was discovered/invented (in large, as a response to Reggie Roby with the fins, who could seemingly kick a ball into the clouds) to begin with. It's a delicate balance. Directional punting, which fell out of favor for about 25 years but seems to be regaining a foothold, can combat that.
  2. What a shock to the conscience. I don't want him on this team. If something happens to Allen, I want Barkley in.
  3. If you've flown since 2001, you know that it's about 75% that the airline employee started it. They all think they're junior gendarmes now.
  4. I can't do it but I was in Schopp's Sabres group for a few years and know the mechanics of it, if you need help. If so, message me on SS. --11.
  5. I'm a big fan of using the backup QB to hold for kicks. It opens up all sorts of possibilities.
  6. It's not THAT long ago that The Who played, right? Oh. Wow. It is.
  7. I still want Ertz. I'm watching his wife right now.
  8. Thirty-odd years ago, we were told that the networks *needed* 72 hours advance notice to setup telecasts, so if a game wasn't sold out 72 hours prior to kickoff, well, no TV.
  9. Since I know from Sabrespace that @SDS disapproves of megathreads about two topics, even if the topics are very related, I have to wonder why this was combined. There was information that I wanted that now will be difficult to find in an 18-page (as of now) thread. Mods, please think through a little bit. Thanks.
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