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  1. A dozen penalties in a half is concerning. And meaningful, even if preseason.
  2. It's really starting to look like about twelve months, give or take.
  3. Yeah, because Reich is going to fix a defense. Have another Genny.
  4. Maybe based on the Bills D allowing 24 today. With Thompson QBing the fish. The Bills need to be better.
  5. But isn't that its own safety issue? Like the reason we don't see Andre Reed-sized pads anymore is because the pads themselves could be used as a weapon?
  6. Well, the odds of being struck by lightning increase significantly when there, you know, IS LIGHTNING.
  7. There's no need for a rule change. It's a one in a hundred million shot. Unfortunately, that still is a non-zero chance. It's happened in hockey a couple of times--one guy (Chris Pronger) even went on to have a HoF career. Hopefully, Hamlin will live a long and full life, maybe even with football as a part of it. But there's no need to change the rules for what is essentially a freak occurrence. I did read somewhere that some softball pitchers choose to wear extra protection over the heart to prevent this type of thing; I guess that is one possible rule change.
  8. Some serious undervaluing of AJ going on in here, IMO. No, he's not Bruce Smith, but his play above replacement level is greater than Bass's play above replacement level. (And I like Bass, don't get me wrong.)
  9. It's not insensitive. His health is not his first priority and it certainly isn't the team's. The league needs to fine Miami over this.
  10. 100%. There was no occasion to laugh during the entire sketch. I felt bad for the actors, frankly.
  11. PLEASE don't get nineteen kinds of wasted and embarrass us, ok?
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