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  1. Usually when you blitz you want to play some level of man coverage behind it - perhaps we were looking to blitz more.
  2. He's a deeper target, his catch % is always lower because when you throw the ball 15-20 yards down the field its easier to miss the throw.
  3. 2 interceptions thrown his way... I know it shows on his stats but... neither of them was on him.
  4. I can't pick the giants as much of a favorite in any of their remaining games. Maybe raiders? They had their tyrod taylor playoff year last year, and instead of figuring out QB and dumping bad contracts and trying to rebuild. They doubled down on danny dimes and barkley as their offensive identity.
  5. My issue is that Daboll's offense tends to come off really soft. They never run the ball well, get away from it, and the oline then is on their heels all game. Dorsey fell into a lot of the same traps last year, but they came out this season wanting to play a more physical brand of football. It probably won't break any records for yards, but puts them in a lot more makeable 3rd downs, gives you options in the red zone, and can help limit turnovers. Buffalo was 31st in turnovers offensively last season, which hurts some of the impact of the defenses ability to get takeaways. They want to make him Josh Allen and its just not there, he doesn't have it between the ears. When he gets out of the pocket it just seems like run is first and pass is second. He made a few plays out there but half the time he throws out of structure im just expecting it to fall incomplete or out of bounds - so you just end up wanting him to run. He's athletic and a decent runner but if that's the best attribute in his game he should be running like a 4.4 or something.
  6. Watching last night and my observations: Still can't draw up screens and reverses, the dline just teeing off on them doesn't use motion well to create space gets away from the run game WR's either are small and quick, or big and slow Constantly stuck in 3rd and long
  7. Wouldn't you take over calling the defense at that point? The reason they got all those yards is because of where levi wallace lined up. 15 yards off the LOS, and on the boundary... covering no one. That isn't in the playcall usually... Its sort of common sense if they have no one on your side to pinch in and line up over kelce unless they motion you out. It gives away the playcall and it leaves a massive space on the field.
  8. Yeah but tua's precision is what makes a lot of that offense go. When he's on that RPO attack can be really tough to stop.
  9. I thought both of his catches were that same thing, and both were first downs. Step one though... catching the ball was an improvement over Mckenzie.
  10. He still manages to wrangle an extra yard or two that a beasley likely doesn't get. That makes 3rd down something like 3-4 yards instead of 5-7. Those quick outs are impossible to defend with his enormous catch radius, and it can force the linebacker into compromising his run fits.
  11. I already know this story, he comes back, looks good, and tears his knee up.
  12. I think the bigger issues you'll face are the fact that you can't kick the can for Chubb because that requires more commitment to an overpaid player. Howard you stick with for 2024 as there aren't cap savings. Armstead is already restructured, and more would commit to him even further for a 33 year old oft injured LT. You can definitely get some cap space, and they'll lock Tua up. The 2020 draft was 3 1st round picks for miami and 2 look like whiffs so they save on some 5th year options and extensions there. The problem is Hunt is a free agent from the class, as is Davis. So two good players who will get paid there by them or others. 4 of 5 starting linemen are free agents. Then in this offseason they have 2 other 5th year option decisions in waddle and phillips, plus a likely tag for wilkins. The wilkins tag will eat into a lot of the cap savings on restructures, so they'll need to extend him to have room to improve the roster for 2024. 2025 will be interesting as they likely have to then pay waddle and phillips, plus year 1 of the new deal with Tua assuming they extend him to lower the 2024 cap burden of the 5th year option.
  13. I'm not signing him to an extension mid-season when he hasn't played well. A lot of good players here who might benefit from being a part of a better unit. Poyer came from nothing, Hyde wasn't even a fulltime starter in GB and they saw something in him. Someone like Chinn who's struggling in carolina could be a good fit in buffalo. Dugger from NE might be a fit. Could try a 1yr fill in and try chuck clark off an injury. I'm in the same boat of looking to move on from both potentially, but also being open to their return. Poyer less so - he doesn't seem to be playing as fast as he used to. But it's week 4 and there's a lot of football left to play, and when he's on he's among our best defensive players. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/safety//
  14. The goal is to make the matchup have to tackle a big 250 pound dude, hes got enough strength and wiggle to break a 1x1 tackle and turn 2.7 yards into a few extra yards. They haven't utilized him much over the middle of the field yet, and have mostly kept him to boundary checkdowns which he has pulled in.
  15. Linebacker was stuck - honestly the TE underneath was probably open too because the backer was sort of frozen and covered no one.
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