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  1. Just not seeing the game fast enough. You can't win if you don't score, playing tentative like that will prevent turnovers and result in punts.
  2. I'm left with a terrible taste in my mouth after that week 18 game, and just the 5 games at the end of the year for him were really lousy. 72/140 - 51% comp - 795 yards or 159 per game. Added another 160 on the ground on 16 carries including a 52 yard TD. 3/0 TD to INT 19 sacks for 159 yards lost So essentially 650 yards on 175 pass snaps with another 160 on the ground - 800 yards across 5 games and 4 total TDs. I know Allens final 5 or 6 games were promising to watch, and the numbers weren't super impressive either but we can compare. 86/162 - 53% comp - 1082 yards or 216.4 per game. Added 377 on the ground including 4 TDs. 8/7 TD to INT 7 sacks for 46 yards lost. So 1000 yards across about 170 pass snaps. The 377 on the ground was a mix of pass plays and designed runs. 12 TDs to 7 Ints. One of those reads as a playmaker, the other reads like.. i dunno Marcus Mariota?
  3. Gardner is supposed to be very good. Their DBs are still bad even with him added. I think between drafting becton in 2020, and Fant - they didn't see a huge need at tackle? I
  4. I feel like his release isn't as compact either. All the weird platform throws are great, but the compact repeatable release is what helps with timing the most. But at the end of the day its what happens between the ears that matters the most anyway.
  5. To be a fullback in the NFL it feels like you almost have to be a core teamer. He blocked a bunch of kicks in college, so id love to see him get a few here.
  6. You can't count on him to be available let alone look at that sample size. He was excellent in the playoffs until the injury, but he had an 80% catch rate in the playoffs when his career is basically 60. It's also a proven fact that he tore his ACL in February... and its the 2nd time he's torn it since 2020. Combine that with a high ankle sprain, broken ankle, toe sprain on that foot. He's also got a history of soft tissue injuries in hamstrings, quad, groin etc. The fact that you don't know when you can project his availability is a concern as well. He tore his ACL in February - even a 9 month timetable to practicing is what, november/december? He'd start season on any teams PUP, the only advantage is you get his medicals.
  7. Still only caught 56% of targets, with a shorter average depth of target. Having said that, he was VERY good in the playoffs up until the injury. You could do a lot worse for a half season of someone. He was originally brought in by LA to replace Woods - if we brought him in mid-season it would likely be a longer term injury to diggs or davis or something.
  8. You can make some though - matakevich, haack, Ford - that makes about 5. I'm not sure what this guy wants contract wise though. To me I'd look at it like Diggs insurance for the playoffs first, and an extra weapon 2nd. Stats wise he hasn't been good since he left NY. Sub 60% catch rate, diminishing yards per reception, diminishing YAC. Not to mention his left leg is a major concern - broken ankle and now 2 ACL injuries. Based on all that - if you sign him, it better be for very little money.
  9. Billionaires rarely need cash - if you own the Bills, someone is willing to lend you cash with a good rate. This is an asset that basically just goes up. They usually sell for more than these listed amounts too.
  10. Right - its not like we touted #1 defense and did nothing. They get Tre back, elam - and a completely remade front 4.
  11. I mean - He led the league in yards per catch with 18.2, and averaged 10 YAC per reception. I know he gets some RB targets as well - but his Yards before catch was actually 8.3. Cooper Kupps YBC was 7.6, and his YAC was 5.8. He broke more tackles than any WR. Another 6.2 Yards per carry which is near tops of the league if he had enough carries. He broke another 9 tackles in the run game - which translates to a 6.6 attempts per broken tackle. Tops in the league was Javonte williams with 6.5. To lead the league in yards per reception, and not be notably fast (he ran a 4.48) is pretty cool. Agree - dangerous in the open field in a play action oriented offense. Jet motion he can cause issues. Line him up in the backfield. Whatever you want to do to create mismatches and get numbers in your favor.
  12. Saffold was an upgrade over williams. Morse will fit in well in this scheme. Dawkins with a full offseason. My concerns are on the right side - i like Brown and the upside, injury concern aside. Bates played well in limited snaps. But the depth... yeesh Ford, Quessenberry, Mancz, Van Roten, Hart. Boettger on PUP.
  13. The goal is to build on a players rookie deal though. They're going to have to pay Deebo and that new money likely hits in 2023 and 2024 - not having to pay your QB makes that affordable. Having Shanahan coach, plus kittle deebo, and one of the best lines in football should help ease the transition. They aren't benching... i dunno rodgers. It's comparable to the bears moving on from Trubisky. Jimmy G has done more than Mitch did - but the big thing going for Jimmy G is his "winning". Trubisky "won" games too. At some point you take the W/L out of it and look at the underlying numbers, and for Jimmy G - they aren't very good. 0 starters with an average depth of target beyond 10 yards. More YAC than YBC. Still had 12 picks even though he was dumping the ball almost the entire time. I still say if Dimarco was worth anything as a player he makes that catch. I've seen random kids in pickup ball or HS catch something similar - the throw was there!
  14. SF isn't going to make a division rival better, for a late round pick. They'd save cash/cap but there isn't anything out there to spend it on - and he's a solid insurance policy. I was shocked Seattle wasn't in on baker, but i guess they don't see him as much of an upgrade over their current guys.
  15. They don't need him this year. They would have to balance it with the 35M cap hit for brady in 2023. Seattle would make sense.. but it is an inter-divisional trade.
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