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  1. Their offensive line is not very good. They weren't a very good rushing team a year ago, and they're worse now with williams out and gordon fumbling off the roster. Playmakers are overrated or injured. Williams and Patrick are done for the year. Moved fant in the wilson trade. Hamler seems to always be hurt. Jeudy isn't good, Hinton isn't good, and Sutton is imo overrated. Makes some big catches, drops others, can't create consistent separation. They need to make some changes in the coaching staff for sure, but there is a LOT wrong with this team offensively. There isn't a single guy who's playing well.
  2. Taron Johnson is a good tackler, and can more effectively man-match with a TE than someone like Klein. Klein they brought in because the backups just weren't instinctively quick enough. Since we play a ton of cover 2/cover 4/Palms, its also largely a communication defense as people move who they are covering based on the offense look. The middle of the field is definitely the area you can most take advantage of, but you have edmunds and milano in there, and depending on leverage you might have a safety roll into a rat defender role.
  3. 2020 they draft 2 TE's - literally every other TE in that draft has put up numbers. They then spend more on TEs in free agency in 2021 and cut both players. Not exactly building a ton of depth there. 2018 - Michel in the first. 2019 - Harry in the first over Samuel/Brown/Metcalf I swear sometimes he does it to be smarter than everyone. Like i knew about cole strange and you didn't!
  4. I'd still prefer to avoid them in the playoffs if possible. Would be nice to play them in Buffalo for once though if we have to.
  5. I have so many hot sauces in my fridge, and most have their place. Tapatio goes on Eggs, Cholula on Mexican, Franks for wing sauce, Sri racha for asian food (And hot dogs... it also works really well in spaghetti oddly enough), Green Sri racha for adding heat to things, and the occasional random like tiger sauce when i wanna get a little wild.
  6. It avoids having to use a tag though, or risk having nothing at the position. He's at least on par with Gesicki, Engram, and Schultz. It's a position with a steep learning curve in the NFL so rookies tend to not contribute as much. Then you have the drop off in skills once you get outside that top group. There might be a skill gap around blocking, they may not be a plus athlete, or have availability issues. May have just felt comfortable to overpay a little bit. Smith and Henry got 12.5 a year before knox was paid, Uzomah got 8M AAV.
  7. His AAV is 13M which puts him at 7th, right ahead of Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry. Ertz got 10.5 but he's always hurt (i believe he just went to IR). Next in line for extensions are Gesicki, Schultz, and Engram. I don't see any of them jumping Knox. Year after that Hockenson, Fant, Kmet come up. Their extensions probably hit next offseason and push \Knox down. At the end of the day - were about 20th in TE spending in 2022 (maybe higher with the howard dead money) and 2023 towards the cap, and we jump up to 8th in 2024 for cap dollars. However when you look at that list, half of the teams have either a rookie contract, or nothing really at all committed to TE.
  8. He was wide open twice that i saw last night. Once on the Diggs TD, and once on the Diggs sideline catch where Diggs was held.
  9. Most of our opponents defensive ends are trying to prevent scrambling (depending on if they're containing, spying etc.). When you aren't pushing as far up field, its harder to drop a screen in behind them.
  10. I dunno if you've ever chased someone who is clearly faster than you... but... he can't catch him. Is he healthy enough to play and practice? Yes. Is he in pain and/or less effective? Probably also yes.
  11. I realize that... now. But i typed out a response so i just left it 🙂
  12. I actually really like Fitz/Sherman/Whitworth. Tony G comes off a bit like the talking heads at other networks with the hot takes. The other guys seem to really enjoy just talking about football. Gonzalez made a comment that even if miami loses to SF they can win out - and all 3 of the other guys looked at him like... 4/6 on the road, in December and January... that's tough for a prime brady/manning team let alone a rookie HC. Yeah, it seems a bit sloppy. They're trying to do SNF with the on field pre/post game show and its not great. Honestly the SNF one might be worse - its just guys shouting over each other over and over again.
  13. Fitz actually had a lot of interesting insights Mac Jones (or any QB really) knows that the playcaller doesn't trust him. The result of too many runs, screens, dink and dunk passes. Mac Jones doesn't have the stripes to call out a coach on the sideline. Lee Smith story - Josh Allen is a lot like you, except talented.
  14. I doubt it happens because he knows it would be a practice squad job, maybe he can get the permanent call if he makes an impact but its not a ton of money for a guy who made like 30 million in his career. However... at one point with Kumerow and Crowder this team had 6 WR on the active roster. Moving Benford to IR sort of opens up a spot there (i assume he only comes off if someone gets hurt). Lewis probably can come off.
  15. I suppose we could and probably will a bit... thats not exactly our forte though.
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