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  1. Most of tyreeks YAC comes on deeper stuff actually. While he occasionally will break a tackle on the short stuff it really isn't his game.
  2. Yep - my brothers and i dragged our feet and this is the result. Next year we're going to plan this on schedule release day.
  3. The price will almost certainly crash approaching game time. If the ticket cost someone 100 bucks and they're trying to get 400 - its better to get 50 at 1230 than be out 100. But you're playing with fire - once everyone starts tailgating the 5G connection barely works (i've had to switch my spotify to downloaded music many times). Then you have to actually get the barcode (which i do the night before and save to my google wallet).
  4. Brokers definitely are - they bought up everything they could for the next couple of months and set a new market rate. You can't really get rid of brokers though, reselling tickets is a necessary evil. You could try to force people to sell them at face value or something I suppose, but then you might be looking at a fairly empty stadium come December. And I'm not sure how positive it'd read that ticketmaster lets you lose money on tickets, or get your money back... but never make money. Despite them making money on both the sale and purchase. Brokers sell tickets for what people are willing to pay for them - is what it is. The problem is the bills were so terrible for so long that they were very broker friendly. They sold season tickets to brokers, but also sold blocks to brokers at discounts to sell out games. You only get 8 games so its definitely something you had to do back then. I think Buffalo probably could (and should) raise ticket prices for season ticket holders as well as individual games. I think the first PSE pin to drop was when they fired the tickets guy at the sabres. They lost a ton of "season ticket holders" but there were a lot of brokers who were given seats at huge discounts and would then sell them on secondary market. I think it was one of the reasons the Sabres lost so much money over the last several years. Now the arena was definitely hurting for attendance in 2021-2022, but the market was brought back to normal - no more 10 dollar seats in the 100s. Instead - Buffalo just kept the tickets on their books and tried to sell them at face as individual game tickets. You probably lose some money in the short term, but the strategy is to create some demand again.
  5. My thoughts for 2023 (which who cares a lot will change by then) White Elam Johnson at CB with dane/neal as depth - and Benford moves to safety.
  6. None of its guaranteed though - they're all basically option years. If you wanted you could lower the cap hit in year 1 and add void years or restructure bonuses.
  7. Seems like a good idea... in theory. Multiple friends have had issues with interlock systems. It registered albuterol as alcohol, it doesn't turn on when its cold, it breaks and registers it as you trying to modify it, multiple issues calling manufacturer, replacements are expensive and probably not under warranty, not a lot of mechanics service them. It's easy for a judge to not care about any of this... its in your car because you have a DUI. But for them to try and institute this into new cars? They need to go a LONG way to fixing the technology. In that one they were trying to get the defense to jump on a hard count so i think they were going to do this no matter what. Any normal situation? Try and snap it.
  8. I don't think the DT ever actually entered the neutral zone.
  9. They need a new coach and a QB - If I'm the GM I'm not trading weapons. Especially at drastically reduced value.
  10. They signed a guy off our practice squad so immediately their best player becomes available for trade? CMC is actually quite - not expensive. His base salary for the year is $1,035,000. Only 1 million of his 2023 salary is guaranteed for injury. So its basically 1yr 1M + 1M in injury guarantees and 3 option years at about 12M a piece. It would boost his cap hit for carolina from 8M to 27M though so I'm not sure they would trade him. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/christian-mccaffery-21749/
  11. Titans are usually a good run defense team. They missed some tackles against the giants but they still carry a pretty stout group of linemen and linebackers. Their secondary has a lot of young players especially at corner and it looks like dorsey decided - they have no one who can hang with Diggs. He was right.
  12. I would also like to bury them and squash the narrative. Part of me is whatever though - its the NFL... nothing is a given. You can walk up and down the schedule and say win and loss - but stuff happens out of your control. Weather destroys a gameplan, same with an injury. The twitter-verse won't shut up if Miami wins, and all the haters will come out again to say "See, buffalo is overrated" - but legit it doesn't matter 🙂 What I'm trying to say is - take it a game at a time and try not to get too high or low. We lost to the Jags last year, KC was 3-4 at one point, LAR lost 3 straight in the middle of last year. Miami beating buffalo doesn't mean they'll clean up - they could drop a game to detroit, or chicago, or whomever. When you're a young team with a young QB stuff happens. Buffalo is a playoff team, they will be there at the end. Also if we lose this game i'd wager a guess to say buffalo smokes them in round 2 - so tiebreakers don't mean a thing.
  13. They lost roberts so... i'd assume he takes over some return duties if he's active on gamedays.
  14. How much time does Cook need to learn? Buffalo tends to draft for traits. You highlighted everything he struggles with and literally said nothing positive about him. Fast - 4.42 speed, but also it seems like its a fairly sudden speed out of his blocks. Patience - doesn't just blaze right into his blocks Solid hands - mismatch against LBs Cuts - Has the ability to make cuts with speed to gain additional yards I think he's more of an insurance policy for CMC than either hubbard or Foreman regarding skillsets. But those 2 actually have other roles in the offense. They can also use him as a returner a bit. As for Duke - He likely is casing a winner at this point not a 3 week NFL paycheck.
  15. Moss ran one 3rd and 1. Singletary had 16 yards on his first carry, and 5 yards on the next 7 touches. Moss was stuffed twice at the LOS and had a nice 17 yard run. Moss is the "targeted" receiver on the failed 4th and 1. Here's my thoughts on short yardage issues - we played Tennessee who had a top level rush defense in 2021 (2nd in the NFL). 3rd and 2 - Pass to knox (1st down) 3rd and 1 - Run to moss (no gain) 4th and 1 - tried to get cute/late to the line/missed block - really just a terrible play execution all around 3rd and 1 - Allen threw it in the dirt to Kumerow, good throw is probably a first 4th and 1 - False start -Tried to get them to jump Offside but they didn't enter neutral zone 3rd and 1 - False start 4th and 1 - TD to Diggs 3rd and 1 - Incomplete to Knox 4th and 1 - Delay of game trying to get them to jump So we had some good plays there - Knox coming across worked, Kumerow is there that should have been a first, Diggs TD obviously. A couple of them we had penalties but i don't think we were ever snapping on 4th and 1. But Moss is getting a ton of criticism for a single attempt on 3rd and 1. The incomplete to moss was the play where it was deflected as allen was basically getting sacked. I guess he was the receiver there, but i don't think thats how it was drawn up at all.
  16. We pass so much more often that I'd rather have a guy i trust in pass pro than anything else at C.
  17. im shocked no one else on the defensive line heard him. You can just touch the other team and they have to blow the whistle for encroachment.
  18. Zone D. Front 4 pressure. Stout against run in base nickel. Comes down to pressure and getting home a few times or at least keeping allen looking at the rush instead of downfield.
  19. Of the last 11 plays excluding kneel downs - 10 were runs by Cook. They shuffled some of the oline a bit there at the end too. I'm more interested in seeing what he's capable of in spot duty mid-game.
  20. Yep - also Kumerow is not a bad player like everyone seems to think. Good blocker, pulled down a nice deep shot.
  21. I can see Miami making the playoffs and even being one of those teams you don't want to play - i can't see them winning like 12+ games though. Its a long season, they don't run the ball very well (and don't have a QB who can), and the defense is just not very intimidating.
  22. Yeah - There are checks you can make to this formation though. Be it a man-match switch, or a cover 4 palms type of look where the deep safeties and corners pick up whoever ends up in their zone, etc. You can have LBs cover waddle/hill - as long as its for a brief period of time, as you pass them into other zones or follow them on short routes. At the end of the day - pressure plays a big part, as does tackling. Baltimore stunk at both and it cost them.
  23. Neither played the entire game - no excuses for 450+ and 6 TDs though. Baltimore's inability to run the ball in this game is what cost them. Baltimore was like 1 or 2 first downs away from the dolphins having no time to score at the end. 16 RB carries for 36 yards, and 5 rushes for -1 yards in the 4th quarter. Under 4 and they had 1st down in miami territory and they gained 1 yard on 3 plays and needed to cut time out of there. Settling for 3 and the lead is fine - but you needed to take more time off that clock.
  24. 2018 - 2-4 (charles clay makes a catch and its 3-3) 2019 - 3-3 (Jets was a meaningless finale) 2020 - 6-0 2021 - 5-1 7-1 against miami with Josh, the defense doesn't appear to have been upgraded much and buffalo outscored them 61-11 last season.
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