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  1. Wrong. My new name is my only goal, and simply want that to be known.
  2. If this makes you feel better, have at it. Otherwise, I'll file this under: "Poster confronted by the person poster suddenly feels a sense of shame because poster didn't realize he was dealing with a person, while hiding behind a keyboard."
  3. Without going into too much detail, the issue last fall has done a complete 180 in the aftermath and has been a benefit to both sides in the end. It had nothing to do with Diggs.
  4. No you don’t. You’re just like all the other haters on this board, looking to score points by attacking others. Now that I figured out how to change my account name, I’m going public with my desire to, as it reads, delete this account.
  5. Oh, no. I’ve been found out. Heavens to Betsy. I. Don’t. Care.
  6. Ahhh, how cute. The three of them are living rent-free in this poster's head. Otherwise, he why post about each of them every other day or so.
  7. since my credibility's being questioned here, even by someone who has less than 1,000 posts, i find it important to briefly end my exile and respond. dear poster: try using common sense here. if Leslie wasn't under contract, the Bills would not have announced that he's taking a year off. He instead would have been replaced.. That he's taking a year off, is an indication he has one or more years left on his deal, and the Bills are allowing him to take this year off. Might he return with the Bills next year? Maybe. Maybe not. But all this innuendo and reading into things, as people are want to do here, doesn't take away from what i reported back in January. What was ambiguous about it? How am I "skating" on a technicality? Leslie Frazier was under contract at that time. And still is under contract. It's really not that hard, and yet you appear to make it so. back to my exile and awaiting the opportunity to change my name to "delete this account" because it seems impossible for that to happen. signed: delete this account
  8. Nah. Here’s the deal. It’s tough enough wading through all the ***** I do on Twitter. I’ve been on here for a long time (but not so much of late), and have occasionally been asked to share some insight. Here, given how much of time passed from last season, I thought I’d share something about something you folks might be interested in that I’ve come across but really doesn’t impact THIS season. So I shared and found out that this is board is a lot like the experience of engaging with all the ***** on Twitter. So call me thin-skinned, call me a ***** #######, or tell me that I suck, or don’t know anything, I’ll be fine with it, because it’s all been directed at me on the Twitter. Thing is, I don’t need to go through it twice. So this IS my last post. See ya.
  9. Really makes me second-guess why I even participate on this board, given that everyone has all the answers already. More than likely my last post.
  10. Was, I. goatski Every week? Is that a fact or something you pulled out of your behind? Prove it with how many questions I asked about vaxxing. Or how about this, I’ll give you the over-under of 10. And I maintain that the slump last season directly coincided with a vaxxing debate that continued on in the room until Allen finally out his foot down during the Tampa Bay halftime, which coincidentally led to the Bills finally getting back on track. If you have proof it didn’t happen, please come ahead with it? You won’t and simply provide something to move this conversation sideways or nowhere. Good luck with that.
  11. No. The Vax stuff never tore the team apart. But it almost did, contributing heavily to the mid-season slump last year until Josh Allen finally put his foot down. As for what I hinted at, there was one more hint this week on it. ... Still working on getting to the bottom of it. I'm not mad, except for the fact I'm wasting my time responding to, checks name, really, leGoatski. sigh. Just following my instincts and what people tell me, to get to the truth. You're the one speculating on what I know and don't. jw
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