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  1. We all know he's just looking for more material to roast Brady during the next team meeting lol
  2. If we can't get AJ Green, maybe Emmanuel Sanders could be a solid target? Near the end of his deal on a team that is nowhere near contention
  3. Best part of that was him calling Eric "Weedle"
  4. In the AFCCG, the Chiefs bracketed Tyreek Hill and put Gilmore on their #2 in Watkins; I expect something similar where JB will get extra attention, Gilmore will completely neutralize our secondary outside WR, and the LB group will try and limit Allen's rushing ability. That leaves Beasley, Knox, and hopefully Singletary as a receiver if he's back as our biggest x-factors this game. Our defense under McD has given Brady fits, even when our offense was unable to sustain much of any drives. If we can do just that, I expect us to stay within 1-2 possessions of them throughout this game.
  5. I understand that, but some sports topics relative to others are less meaningful. Talking about a matchup, breaking down rosters, player analyses, etc. are much more substantial than stuff like "my team is only 9 when I think it should be 6 since we beat number 8!"
  6. Power rankings are honestly a waste of time. I don't think we're "3-0" good with our inability to play a complete game against weaker opponents so far , but we still have the makings of a solid team and definite WC contender.
  7. He just doesn't want his watch damaged. Also on a serious note, he was an excellent interim HC for them last year. Is this going to easily fly through this team that's heavy in the headlines already?
  8. Who gives a ****? He wasn't the coach last year and Baker wasn't falling past first...jets tabloids having fun with their turmoil is cool I guess
  9. Damn shame he didn't have an internal clock to run out of bounds before halftime costing them a FG attempt
  10. It wasn't a first down, but it definitely kicked them out of FG range. The replay didn't show anything from what I could see either. There were a few other instances of slow ass cameras... Gore had a 7 yard run right after a commercial break and another was literally a second before we started another drive with commercials ongoing
  11. Shoot, offer Cleveland one of our three 6's to secure Colquitt if he hasn't officially been cut yet
  12. @YoloinOhio is updating the original post with cuts that you find an option? either tweets and/or sites that just list out several at a time should that be easier Orrrr...disregard what I say and carry on since you do enough work for us 😀
  13. The fan's reaction to Luck is indefensible, period. Regardless of all the shots taken at Aaron Rodgers for other issues people may have, I have no problem with this one, Barb.
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