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  1. Looking through Tampa's home opponents this year, it's us, NO, ATL, CAR, DAL, NYG, MIA, CHI, WFT, and IND I have to say we're one of the likelier/respected teams - and would guess it'll either be NOLA (post Drew, Jameis vs his teammates with rings), Dallas for the flashy headlines and Dak's return, or us. Also, I'd rather play Brady earlier on in the season as opposed to when he gets into his groove mid-late season. If it's not Tampa, one of our division rivals or the Colts with a huge question mark in Carson Wentz would be good
  2. I'll be surprised if the offer is that high (like what Rodney Hudson went for, which is still mind-blowing), and if it was I feel the Eagles would have pulled the trigger instead of reportedly wanting a stronger offer. All indications are that they're intent on doing this to shed cap, so acquiring him can be (somewhat) looked at as a favor for them.
  3. Fair point - and exactly why the bills opted to give him a choice (before maybe testing the FA waters for an upgrade) is the bigger question
  4. Paying 3 safeties hefty money doesn't really sound too logical, right? I get that Neal is an athletic box safety but I have my doubts both he and this team envision making something like that work
  5. When Cleveland released Kirksey (college teammate and roomate IIRC), he was trying to recruit him, but it's not like the Packers were an unattractive destination either. Otherwise, I have no idea But between him, Tre, Diggs, and (presumably) Josh - and then some - there's definitely lots of ambassadors for this team and I'm sure vets will be more than happy to listen
  6. All sorts of angles to pursue - getting a flashy FA like Haason Reddick, giving Dodson a chance, spending a high draft pick on a sure-thing, a value FA like how Darryl Williams was for us this year, spending a mid-round pick like how Milano was (only for him to gradually take over), a completely unexpected trade... Let's see! I'm sure we all have full faith, confidence, and optimism in this staff figuring it out
  7. I'm sure lots of teams also like him a lot - if he's given a large contract he can't refuse (length, guarantees, etc.) it won't be with us. But if he's interested in betting on himself this offseason with a short term deal to play in an offense that maximizes his strengths, we have to be atop that list.
  8. I really like Felton and if this thread was dedicated towards us having a look at him instead of your current title I'm sure you'd be getting a much different reception. No need to cut Singletary, but he can certainly be upgraded.
  9. That's a fair counterpoint but like...he's been here for 3+ weeks and has had familiarity with the E-P offense Daboll runs. On a little bit of a tangent, Beane also kept his eye on getting him for quite a while beforehand. Even if it isn't the full route tree, a large amount of snaps, or if our WRs need to help him line up or know his routes, I don't see how we wouldn't have had marginal improvement with him being out there over a hobbled Davis in 4WR sets.
  10. Stills needing to be active and getting significant reps is among the least controversial things we could say - no denying we were beat up, as OP said
  11. Sammy showed up big last year's playoffs, and if we give Tyreek as much respect as we did last game, I'd be far more comfortable seeing him inactive.
  12. Hall of Very Good or Fame? Very curious to see the route the Colts take at QB with their win-now roster and litany of cap space - Stafford and Garoppolo make sense as trade targets, and if Dallas lets Dak test the market, I don't see a better fit for him
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