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  1. Eh, yeah Gase never used one back exclusively, but that shouldn't mean anything in the present since he never has had someone as talented on Bell - on paper and on the field. Jets OL will definitely make him not put up as great numbers as he did all his Steelers years, but good players can mask talent deficiencies on a roster. Bringing Kalil out of retirement could be a huge plus, compared to all those awful snaps Darnold received in his game against us (and others). Thinking that the jets could be worse than the fins? Come on dude.
  2. I'm going with Kraft's Jerked Chicken Or non bills related, Ice Ice AB
  3. They just drafted Miles Sanders in the 2nd and traded for Jordan Howard. They're not giving up a top 100 pick for a one-year role player rental. Onto the next bs rumor...
  4. Looking forward to PIT/KC - which steelers secondary WR emerges and how the KC rb situation looks
  5. I do anticipate DE being one of the big(ger) needs going into next offseason, with Shaq walking and lots of us remaining skeptical of Trent's health/production. We're going to be great as a cohesive unit, but I do expect that consistent pass rush will be the weakest category among itself, run defense, the stellar secondary, and our young heat seeking LBs.
  6. If they get a top 3 pick, Rosen isn't good enough and they'll take Tua or Herbert. If not, "QB purgatory" and they'll try again with a strengthened roster. If they suck the following year, they might be in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes which will piss me off.
  7. I get an error message that says the video can't be played; anyone else/any suggestions?
  8. What all did he say? The ending of his career here was pretty ugly (TC insults and Chan getting involved, abruptly cut midseason, etc.) so it wouldn't surprise me if it left a bitter taste in his mouth - or at least a combo of that along with being professional and saying how he enjoyed it here
  9. Being too negligent to fix their OL with a young/injured QB? Power struggle with BOB? I wonder what caused it
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