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  1. Since we're ahead of the both of them (especially NE) in waivers...I don't see how claiming him can hurt any
  2. Over/under on these photos and the W&M team portrait being shown? 2.5?
  3. Glossed over the first page for a little while and see lots of respect and worry
  4. It's not that we're worried about Duck, it's that he's more than likely an upgrade over Rudolph and everyone knows it. Going into Pittsburgh and playing their filthy defense is far from an easy win, and it'll be even tougher now.
  5. Or Riveron flexing his chest and standing his ground... (see Kelvin's grab against Gilmore his first year here)
  6. What cracks me up is when Steratore or Pereira mention that a call should be overturned only for the ref to come out minutes later and basically say "After further review, we don't admit to our mistake. The egregious ruling on the field stands." Over and ****ing over
  7. He could - dare I say should? - have even more yards with some missed plays and deep shots over the season. It makes me giddy to think about for the remainder of this year and seasons to come.
  8. I'm not sure if Wallace will be on Landry - since he's in the slot - as opposed to Taron Johnson, so that matchup will probably dictate how the passing game will go
  9. Despite everything he's going through, teams are still wanting to try and sign him (i.e. throw money his way) once this potentially clears, but he's still getting in his own way smfh
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