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  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy
  2. Versatile, seems to not get pushed back against the run, and adds to our rotation on the inside and outside? Hell yeah!
  3. That would cost two firsts like Watkins as opposed to just one this year, though. I love Lamb, but he's unproven and would need time to develop as opposed to getting an immediate #1
  4. I'm skeptical this is him actually trying to first report it as opposed to what he's speculating/wanting
  5. Wish nothing but the best for JP - fully embraced us, repped us with pride on and off the field, and earned this payday
  6. Yannick, Chris Jones, Judon, Clowney...who else could it be?
  7. CHJ is mostly a slot corner though, isn't he? Taron is a strength in our DB depth I'd say
  8. Aside from refreshing the main websites, what outlets are you guys using to keep up with news up to the minute (radio, tv station, etc.)?
  9. I don't disagree but...who could have imagined him falling all the way down to the end of R3? He'd definitely have been in play for one of the seconds or the third had we ended up keeping them, I'd guess
  10. If the Skins really want Tua, they didn't have to have this thrown out there so early on in the draft process. At 2, they'll have their choice at anyone but Burrow. Ron also seems like a guy that prefers to keep things close to the vest like Sean, so I don't see it happening.
  11. The fourth down sneak against Dallas, woke up the whole family from their lunch nap as a result of how hyped I was
  12. At the moment? Thrilled, because that's what the media, pundits, and highlight reel told me was the correct pick As of today? A total 180 and am more than happy to be wrong, and I know this sentiment is shared with many others here
  13. He wouldn't have very much, if any, expectations if he signs and for the first time since early on in his career, he won't be designated as the #1 corner. Now that Norman got his FA payday out of the way and has his familiarity with this staff and scheme, I'm all for it if the price is right. Who are any of us to voice displeasure with what coach has accomplished in the secondary ever since he got here?
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