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  1. My perspective differs from yours. In the Colts game the Bills did not play up to my level of expectations. They were out-coached. In particular, Frank Reich's offense won the battle of X's and O's against Sean McDermott's defense. The Bills' offensive line played poorly. Several Bills WRs were hurt, which hopefully won't be the case in future postseasons. The Bills (very narrowly) won that game in large part because of the Colts' players failure to execute when they needed to. Take away a few errors made by Colts players, and you're looking at a different outcome. I don't know whe
  2. Very solid post. The one thing I'll add is this: Hall of Fame WR James Lofton once said something along the lines of, "You don't judge a RB by how many carries he has. It's yards, baby!" Meaning, that you should judge a WR (or in this case a TE) by his receiving yardage. By that standard, according to the numbers in your own post, Hollister was actually more productive than Knox, with 288 receiving yards to Knox's 209.
  3. Failure to sign Jesse James would be criminal! 😶
  4. I don't hate him for that. Vontae Davis said that the reason he quit was because he wants to play to a certain standard, he was no longer able to play to that standard, and felt he was letting himself and the team down. During the second half of that game his replacement played better than he did. Was retiring at halftime the smartest, most logical thing he could have done? No. The smart move would have been to ask the coaches to bench him so that a better player could take his place. Requesting a benching would also have been smart from his own personal standpoint. I'm pretty sure
  5. Let's say the QB throws a perfect pass. Kelvin Benjamin the WR bobbles the ball and puts it right into the hands of the defender. Is the resulting INT the QB's fault, or the WR's? Scott Norwood provided a kick which very well might have gone through, had the laces been aligned correctly. Was it his responsibility to somehow adjust his kick to the fact the laces were facing the wrong way? Is that something the coaches had drilled into him during practice? I don't have the answers to those questions. But, I haven't heard of kickers practicing "laces wrong" type kicks. As
  6. I can't agree with you on this. Consider the following: 1) No way, absolutely no way, should the coaches or players have allowed that game to come down to a 47 yard field goal try on grass. Plenty of wasted opportunities which led to that. 2) The long snapper was at fault for snapping the ball incorrectly. With a correct snap the laces should be facing the proper direction. 3) The holder was at fault for failing to turn the laces to the proper direction. 4) Norwood's kick had the distance, but angled the wrong direction--as you'd expect when the
  7. Perhaps you should be more careful in your choice of words? 🤨
  8. I agree with everything you've written. Very good post. Just to add to the discussion I'll say this: I'm not good enough at baseball to deserve a spot on a high school team, let alone a major league team. So let's say for some reason the Yankees gave me two at bats. I strike out both times. Then they bring Babe Ruth back from the dead and give him two at bats also. He strikes out once and hits one home run. Is the difference between my performance and Babe Ruth's statistically significant? I haven't done the calculations on that, but eyeballing it I'd say no way is that statistical
  9. I agree with both you and Rico. The Bills had two problems in the KC playoff game: 1) The Chiefs were the more talented team. 2) The Bills went into that game with the wrong mindset. Almost what I'd call a Jauron-like, play-not-to-lose mindset. The Bills need to fix both those problems before they next face the Chiefs.
  10. At first I didn't understand your post. Then the light bulb went on.
  11. You're welcome. Glad to help. Great ticket stub!
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