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  1. he's now truly a "lockdown" corner
  2. Per Schefter booked in for Domestic violence this am. No bail
  3. Well its mini camp. However, I think if he stinks the joint up this year, they have the 22 draft capital to pull the trigger on Watson, if he is cleared. That's not a great thought
  4. One of the most boring towns in the south, but yes I am still going
  5. The Nopsi rocks, I am there too. I was just at a wedding there this past weekend. For those traveling to NOLA be advised that is also the weekend (11/27/21) of the Bayou Classic, Southern vs Grambling which is a very BIG game. There will be a ton of fans arriving for that game Friday as well. Plan and book hotel, dinners flights ASAP.
  6. For those anticipating going. I live down this way 1) Tix will be tough unlike Nashville so expect to pay a lot . I would book the hotels now. I just booked 10 rooms at the Nopsi 4 star for $200.00 5 minutes ago 2) Alternative fairly close airports, which would then include a car rental are Mobile Alabama, Pensacola Florida about 3 hours away. Birmingham , Alabama is 4.5 hours away 3) Also the weekend of the Bayou Classic, Grambling vs Southern which is a very BIG game, so hotels will go very very fast thanks
  7. Cut by Lions per multiple outlets Saw him a bunch at Auburn, might be worth a look
  8. This franchise is Ralph II under Brown.
  9. I live in bama run for the hills on Baramore. "Dareusitis"
  10. Per Ian Rappaport Good RB, might take a flyer on him
  11. Per Ian Rappaport Good RB, might take a flyer on him
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