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  1. 2 different people but JA was a bit of a gamble in 2018.
  2. Miami is loading up picks to get a QB next year
  3. To your point, possibly Greg Mancz to fill Bates old role as a back up & your proposal of the OG’s still on the market. Their hesitancy to put a draft round tender smells like perhaps they thought they could up grade on Bates if push came to shove.
  4. Well said, which brings us right back to why did they only do right of first refusal as opposed to draft pick comp. Here is where we see their perspective on this most clearly. Beane is thorough, you know he has other plans in place.
  5. Also well reported that Terry Pegula was sky high on Mahomes.
  6. Right on👊 I think you just captured a good part of the Bills FO mind set right there. Yeah, Well said, if they want Bates they will get creative.
  7. I would be surprised if the Bills go higher than 5 or 5.5 million annually for Bates. They knew all of this might occur (heavily front loaded offer/ contract from another team). I doubt they are surprised.
  8. There’s money to be “had” if they restructure Allen’s contract. Bates is reported to have elevated the communication on the O line as well as he is solid in pass pro. Run blocking maybe not so much. Now, we have Kromer on board. You’ve got to believe without tendering any draft pick comp on Bates that the Bills FO has a plan B, C & D in place. Right guard & CB are the 2 “red flags” right now. They let Wallace go, it does not appear that he “out priced” them. I’m sure there’s a plan B, C & D in place there as well. I always reserve the right to be wrong, however I’d find it hard to believe that Beane “throws mud at the wall & hopes that it sticks” when it comes to these areas of need. I know he wants to go BPA in the upcoming draft.
  9. Perhaps because they had the ball in OT & we did not. 👍
  10. Yes! Not so much of a run blocker. Kromer, Saffold suggest perhaps somewhat of a change in direction.
  11. And we now have Kromer who is definitely one of the best
  12. Good signing, Knox disappeared-a bit in our divisional game against the Chiefs. That had to be a bit of a disappointment for the coaching staff. 2 receptions @9yards
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