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  1. Bates seems unlikely, Hope I’m wrong. The elbow with Morse is the right arm used to snap the ball…
  2. Very surprised if he plays against the Ravens. More surprising things have happened though
  3. If Trey can get close to his former ability this year & Dane comes back, while Poyer develops Jacquan & our interior D line returns & the right side of our O line returns & our starting center comes back & our WR2 is at full strength….things might be different 😁
  4. Good observation…. He hesitates when he gets harassed all game long & the pocket is not kept clean. Of course as we all know, the heat did not help either. Morse has been quoted as saying “”It’s (the o line) our responsibility to keep the pocket clean for Josh, that way he can settle down & get into a rhythm.” the value of Mitch Morse was definitely highlighted today
  5. This is the most important aspect of the game. Our D line vs. the Phins O line. This is how we win. Yes, so much simpler to say that we don’t know right now. Good post 👍
  6. Howard & Armstead are DNP for the Dolphins. It’s too early in the week to project to game status on Sunday.
  7. 2 different people but JA was a bit of a gamble in 2018.
  8. Miami is loading up picks to get a QB next year
  9. To your point, possibly Greg Mancz to fill Bates old role as a back up & your proposal of the OG’s still on the market. Their hesitancy to put a draft round tender smells like perhaps they thought they could up grade on Bates if push came to shove.
  10. Well said, which brings us right back to why did they only do right of first refusal as opposed to draft pick comp. Here is where we see their perspective on this most clearly. Beane is thorough, you know he has other plans in place.
  11. Also well reported that Terry Pegula was sky high on Mahomes.
  12. Right on👊 I think you just captured a good part of the Bills FO mind set right there. Yeah, Well said, if they want Bates they will get creative.
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