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  1. the O/U is 42.5 and Bills are 2.5 faves... so its 22-20 Bills....easy peasy,,,
  2. another week and another weak overall performance by the O-line against injury-riddled Saints D line...regarding Knox, anything he gives us for blocking is a bonus, also his surgically repaired hand his swollen-puffy as shown on the post-game TV interview on NBC, so what can you expect from him regarding blocking with that condition hampering his strength and push, etc
  3. or loose and beat NE the next time and have NE loose to someone else...entirely possible that we could still win the div if we loose at home on MNF...persish the thought...lets go Buffalo
  4. yep - last season home game against Pats - blocked punt was decisive - and Haack seems more susceptible to blocks than Bono tho he seems to be a better holder for Bass...
  5. from todays Buffalo News sports section...easy schedules and some insights in the last paragraph Easiest Schedule of Offenses Faced in 2021 RkTeamY/Game Avg 1Buffalo 331.6 2L.A. Rams336.4 3N.Y. Jets 337.2 4Jacksonville339.0 5New England340.0 Source: Buffalo News The Bills’ defense is good. How good? The strength of schedule leaves it an open question with six games remaining in the regular season. The loss of cornerback Tre’Davious White for the season to injury adds to the uncertainty. A week after getting steamrolled by Jonathan Taylor and the Colts, the Bills’ defenders were feeling good about bouncing back. “Just goes to show ... the group of guys that we have in a locker room,” Bills safety Micah Hyde said after the Saints game. “We come off a tough loss like that last week and to bounce back on the short week, it says a lot about guys. But obviously, we got to continue to do this and stay consistent, and looking forward to the next matchup we have.” “After a loss last week, we knew we needed to come in with high energy and get some momentum early,” said safety Jordan Poyer. “Obviously, this crowd is probably second behind the Buffalo Bills as far as their energy, and we were able to take them out of it early. Just having some huge stops and guys making plays all over the field.” Entering Monday night’s AFC East showdown, it’s worth questioning New England’s dominance thus far as well. The Patriots’ defense ranks No. 1 in points allowed and No. 4 in yards allowed. But the AFC East has caught a bit of a break this year in scheduling, facing the NFC South, which is down, and the AFC South, which has two of the worst teams in the NFL in Houston and Jacksonville. New England has faced the fifth-easiest schedule of offenses, according to average yards gained. The Patriots’ offense has faced the seventh-easiest schedule of defenses. Easiest Schedule of Defenses Faced in 2021 RkTeamY/Game Avg 1Buffalo365.1 2Denver359.1 3Carolina358.7 4Cincinnati358.3 5Green Bay355.3 As with most statistical rankings, there is some nuance in the strength of schedule that is missed. The Bills faced a full-strength Pittsburgh defense in Week 1. The Steelers have had some injuries on defense and now rank 25th in yards allowed. The Bills caught the Titans on one of just three games in which Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown and Julio Jones were fully healthy. New England played the Titans minus all three of those stars. Conversely, the Bills played a New Orleans offense on arguably its worst week, decimated by injuries.
  6. wow...and yeah the win one before I die choice.... pretty much applies to everyone except the youngsters...lets get it done
  7. internal issues - OL line COVID-injury-instability and poor play, impacts Josh and his split-second decision making, he is not sacked a lot but he surely is under pressure more than ever and credit his athletic-scrambling here more than the line... external - we are playing some bad teams (backup qbs, poor offensive lines) and good teams and the stats-results seem to correlate to the quality of our opponents
  8. the wind - I heard that the stadium sits on elevated ground thus the wind more of a factor, the city of Buffalo by comparison sits at 600 feet - the stadium is roughly 300 feet higher: Elevation of Orchard Park, NY, USA Location: United States > New York > Erie County > Longitude: -78.744092 Latitude: 42.7675323 Elevation: 263m / 863feet
  9. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32736743/why-nfl-2021-feels-more-balanced-unpredictable-ever-before Bills details - quotes from Diggs and Dawkins It's a week-to-week [league], and you've got to come to play each and every week," Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs said. Diggs and the Bills, then 5-2, lost to the 1-6 Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 9 in one of the season's biggest upsets. Neither team scored a touchdown, and the Jaguars won 9-6 by kicking one more field goal than the Bills. "You just can't get comfortable," Bills tackle Dion Dawkins said after the contest. "You have to stay hungry and everybody is going to give us their best ball. We're in a position now that everybody is going to give us their best ball every week. Everybody's coming for the Buffalo Bills. "You have to go through the ups and downs of life in football and wins and losses to honestly feel that and understand that. It's a kill or be killed world, and now that we know that everybody has their best effort against us, then we just know that we have to be at our best every time. We can never take our foot off of that gas pedal."
  10. Pat McMahon - comedy writer for Johnny Carson - back in the day St Patrick - Irish guy, for a saint he must have liked to party and drink green beer as we do this on his feast day, Irish or not Pat Lafontaine - all-time Sabre great Pat Paulson - 196-70s TV - Laugh=In star = ran for prez
  11. I find it amazing how you warped the topic of conversation from qb pressures to a one-game run defense stat, Tenn ran for 250 yards and they have an above average line...which we could not stop....
  12. I swear it like Jerry Hughes knows the area=spot-radius he has to get to to qualify for a pressure and sprints-fights to get there than gets tied-up, runs out of gas, or cant finish...seriously the opponents contribute to this, we have played against more backup QBs and inferior lines than most teams so there is some skewing...point being the upcoming NE and TB games will be against good lines and qbs that will likely release in 2.5 secs, esp NE on the road at our place on MNF the crowd noise will be extra-punped, lets see how well the defense performs over the next 3 weeks which is key to our playoff drive and positioning...lets go Buffalo
  13. hoping for health, stability and continuity, example the O-line is once again beset by injuries and COVID where Brown has made only 4 starts, Feliciano out for several Dawkins recovery from COVID and then weak guard play...on the D-line Star has missed 4 games as well and Edmunds two...
  14. umh have you guys checked out our salary cap lately - might have a little to do with moves the team might or might not be able to make https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/cap/
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