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  1. dare he is, dat man right dare, my friend da juice...I know every playahs numbah and where day went to collidge...
  2. ya know they could make a lot of money selling jersies and shirts worn in practice not just games I would think..I know I would be in for some
  3. likely not done anymore ? at least not hearing of it...you have to wonder if it does exist as a recommendation only ? and how would it consider minority candidates and how many ?
  4. I hunted did not find, but I clearly remember reading about the NFL providing recommendations which to your point is something to debate in and of itself as well whether it is factual.
  5. does not include Brian Winter cap for 2020 - which should eat into by several million more - Beano no like to dip below 15M for wiggle room and carryover
  6. IIRC the NFL provided the Pegulas with a short list of coaches to consider and Sean McD was on it; McD no doubt recommended Beano and we got...lucky I play baseball with a guy who was a high-school classmate of McD from PA and calls McD turbo-intense in high-school and a practical joker (sophisticated sense of humor). My personal seal of approval is based on the fact that he wrestled at a high-level in the state of PA (I ref wrestling for sereral years) and that he went to William and Mary (brainiacs die to get in there) and played ball at the same time is a significant achievement (time managment).
  7. being compared to last year's Deadskins is not an achievement but while being owned by the Pegulas is
  8. one thought I had after listening to Tre mention the family issue- being that he is from La a trade to the NO Saints with a twist trade him for one this year only to the Saints for a 2nd round pick and then after the season but before the start of the NFL season 2021 his rights revert back to the Bills Bills get a pick and cap room, Tre plays and comes back to the Bills, not gonna happen but I wonder why not...flame on beotches....
  9. good idea, but the concept no doubt has to be run thru the desk of cerebral giant KIm Pegula so I would expect a tweak of sorts; like collections of drawings from 5th graders....
  10. yeah the tackling mechanics, gap integrity and stamina are going to be issues. Keeping these young healthy, vibrant very social wealthy young men out of the clubs has proven to be a challenge with pro athletes thus far.
  11. usual shrewed move by MCBean - injury history a risk but a quality vet with the right stuff...a better pass-blocker then road-run-grade...likely wants to stick it up the Jets tailpipe as well...welcome and glad to have ya...
  12. good pull, I still have flashbacks including watching that with a friend who is-was Jets fan...quote...dude you got your ace handed to you by a guy named Chadwick !
  13. while EJ is an excellent corner and this board loves him some EJ, King played 30% of the d snaps with Seattle, his excellent speed-athleticism (4.41 - 40) makes him an strong candidate for ST and backup DB; a blessing in disguise possibly
  14. umh, well its a slow nite, and a slow school apparently...my apologies for poking some fun...unless you are all about value ? Is Frostburg State a good school? Within Maryland, Frostburg State University is Considered a Lower Quality College at a Good Price. Frostburg State University's overall average net price combined with a lower quality education, results in a good value for the money when compared to other colleges and universities in Maryland.
  15. let the record show as teenagers we collectively mooned the Dolphins team bus...back in the day you could do this sort of thing and just zip-up-, high-five, drink-up and moon-along....
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