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  1. make that 32 - played 60% of snaps for Colts last season on 1 year at 4.7M https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/xavier-rhodes-12305/stats-valuation/
  2. fall is right but fall down happened twice to Josh - slipped twice on last-second throws in the road loss at Tenn last season and again yesterday in Miami...wide open McKenzie...sigh another close loss was the unlikely Hail Mary catch on road versus Cardinals...our guys lost the jump ball if I had another 13 seconds I would mention one more...thats half of them left 24 points on the field yesterday...al we needed was 3 of those...
  3. Open PS slot cuz RB poached by Carolina plus he's from U of Wyoming and likely will be making more appearances in Josh's suite at Sabres games pounding beers with Knox and Sweeney...
  4. rest in peace..catcher...likely was the best player along with pitcher Craig Swan during a run of some very bad Mets teams in late 70s...as a youngster used to watch Mets on WOR channel 9 (Lindsay Nelson, Ralph Kiner, etc ) on cable along with Yankees on WPIX channel 11 (Phill Rizzuto, Frank White)..after Abbott and Costello move re-runs on Sundays (after church of course)...
  5. from Bills view... hoping for a tie, chargers win, think chiefs win is least desirable outcome...
  6. as we used to say in the military...you want it bad...you get it bad.
  7. of all todays games this one would be most helpful to the Bills... cardinals were very strong early last season - home against the chiefs - 2.5 dogs - 420 PM game - most of the country get the game The Cardinals are ravaged with injuries and DeAndre Hopkins is out due to being suspended. If Kansas City manages to lose this game, would be ideal for the Bills for overall AFC standing (ultimately home field playoffs) and provide good game tape for our upcoming game just as Jalen Ramsey (postgame podcast) mentioned the Bills (and our 6 foot 6 260 pound QB) used some plays that San Fran effectively used against Rams...he also said (ignorantly-arrogantly) that just 3 plays changed the outcome of Bills-Rams game; one of which was Diggs burning him long....
  8. only "starters" being a Feliciano (for how long ?) and the punter whom the fanbase felt was "ungodly" and only got the opportunity in Indy when the incumbent got hurt...
  9. cuz yesterday, with all the Biils games in prime-time. as a cord-cutter, I purchased NFL+ package to get all the Sunday local games, plus all prime-time (esp the Thurs nite Amazon prime game) and post-season games...good for an entire calendar year for $29.
  10. another coord made a pretty good intro: Hamlin led with two solo tackles on special teams. Crowder had a 21-yard return on only return; the vet called three fair catches ands seemed to make the right decision on when to field the ball and when to call for fair catch. No punts but Martin held 4 XPs and 1 FG for Bass-o-matic...usual pro performances by gunners: Taiwan and Siran burying the Rams at their 11-yard line....
  11. the best stat of the nite was when Stafford came off the field on very last possession with McVay on the field and he said "I cant throw the ball"....a good-solid defense gets better...Von Miller is who Beane, McD and Frazier thought he would-could be...elite on both sides on the ball...
  12. dont disagree with all the players posted, but the overall coaching and esp the play-calling by Dorsey was tremendous and a relief...just wish Josh wouldn't cas run as much...this has been a recording good mood to start the weekend and oh by the way, there is more football a comin..life is good
  13. cheffers 2021 crew threw the most flags of any NFL crew - more than shwan Hochuli which is hard to believe... looks like a couple of changes to his crew, rooks, and I dont see them throwing less flags esp at our rookie corners: https://www.nflpenalties.com/all-referees.php?year=2021
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