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  1. Kelce most times is not the first option, he seems to float-delay-read-react to find the open space in the zone cleared by the other route runners with more speed..how do you defend.. key plays during the 13 seconds fiasco were exactly done this way...and we keep seeing due to Mcd; achiiles heel of dont get beat with the quick-deep strike where safeties play in the next area code
  2. yeah so its a free app with any modern internet TV under Pluto...on Sundays-gamedays its a poor mans redzone as they cover all games with highlights-scores-etc...timing-delay of these is not too shaby either
  3. guaran-freaking-teed: 1. conservative McD + conservtive Pegula = 1 more year of mutual admiration 2. justifiication - McD gets the benefit of the doubt based on legacy culture change of being a "winner" plus major injuries to the D...makes usual 1-2 sacrificial staff changes..invites Frazier back as consultant... 3. fanbase has pretty much fired McD - had 1 foot in the grave after the epic fail of 13 seconds - will be interesting to see if Diggs goes off during end-of-season review-interview and issues ultimatum...keep him or me..but not both.
  4. same with me...born and raised in the 716...moved away decades ago...but Buffalo is always home...its where our heart and soul grew to love sports..not just any sports...Bills football and Sabres hockey...its a Buffalo thing until the very end...
  5. https://www.facebook.com/share/r/eziDMpjLiLG5WZZw/?mibextid=XDzfc5 a. submitted for comic relief b. symbolic...no ? c. Is Joe Brady related to Tom Brady ? ? d. well if you still want to educaated-entertained...
  6. a very good question, I dont think the OC gets canned after a win, but the guy was a dead man walking so it was just a matter of time... Its fair to say that coach McD has lost the fanabase as he already had one foot in the grave after the epic 13 seconds fiasco...but the bigger issue is...has he lost the locker-room... as well...come end of season I dont want Diggs saying...him or me.
  7. life lesson..if you cant love someone or something at their worst, you dont deserve them or it at their best... I love my team and always will despite moving away from WNY decades ago...yeah this sucks and they just make it hard sometimes..besides who else ya gonna root for....no matter...it wont be the same
  8. he is good at pounding beers with Josh and his Bills buddies at Sabres games in Josh suite
  9. well hell yeah were chasing Miami and Jaz and Balt is improved and our safeties are older-slower and as far as corners go..the best is seriously hurt - again - a 6th rounder beats out a first rounder and the rest are backups one of which had to start, one is 35 and out of football for over a year...and oh yeah Dean Marlowe is not available
  10. I would think it would be English-speaking country or where it is spoken regularly...pre-season games would act as research... candidates: Ireland, Italy (Rome)... Hawaii, Australia
  11. very good, very funny, makes me wonder if they rely on writers or is this all within the retired qb room or not ? OT: Man does Reese works for me on so many levels starting with looks, personality, humor
  12. this about as much insight as we can expect from an interview, proof is that there is a Bills rep putting the kibosh on the Shorter response as Josh was about to go deep...I also sense a seismic change in Josh, given his jettison of long-time smokeshow party/galpal Brittany W in favor of the more cereral/subdued Hailee and the fasting more pooping lifestyle changes he has made..if anyone has Brittany contact info pls pass along as I got Eagles tix at MSG next week and have an extra.
  13. not a best practice esp of a Hall of Fame coach, interesting to see who his backup (imrprovement ?) turns out to be.. as far as the Bills. go with a vet a qb2 for sure, with Barkley on IR you have another vet in the qb room to help but for active qb3 ? young athletic project that we could hang onto for a few years would likely be good...for the scout teams in practice, saves us a mid-late round pick every-other year, and at some point becomes qb2 ? Note: less than half of the NFL has a qb3 on roster as of today.
  14. make it happen Beane..two major reasons: 1. better backup qb depth for sure - Kyle Allen is too erratic...Barkley is good in the room but poor in the field 2. need to protect and gain that holy grail of third or fourth rounder to draft tne next dwarf linebacker with chronic injury history or an athletic OL that cannot perform the basics of the position.
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