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  1. going with James D Williams - #31 - he was the other corner to Nate Odomes (sp) during the Bills super bowl run - was a number one pick and got burned way too much...needed a flame-######ant jersey to remain on the field
  2. maybe this is the year - as part of the process rookies dont start or play much here - maybe its the cap crunch or maybe Johnson is the reason
  3. 1. signing your own FAs is not only smart but super-smart when they take home-town discounts...expecting Josh to get his extension just before the season starts. 2. I really like the collection of FA vet depth at the bottom of the roster - depth, competition and value rather than relying on last year PS guys which exposed some roster weakness now addressed 3. so now the draft is about BPA - other than CB, edge, TE, where we need a push - but none of these positions have to be starters at least not right away. Vets are in place this season to mentor the picks as well (Addison, Walla
  4. we are winning the off-season - each bottom of our bottom-of-the roster is better than the other guys - depth baby
  5. this is a week old, so far he had made over 900K for practicing and the annual 20+ carries fodder during the last preseason game...flashes of brilliance versus other 3rd-4th stringers in preseason game..so he will gross approx $1.5-2M in development before we make a GO-NO GO decision on him likely at end of training camp 2022 unless they cut him earlier as he likely looses the roster exemption status around this time next year....interesting human interest story but can he play special teams (not likely) or be a backup running back on a contender remains a work-in-progress
  6. its modern NFL... I can see one of the Pats having BB numbah and after having a few adult beverages on a slow off-season day calling... Sup...BB...is yo fridge runnin...you got Prince Albert in a can ?
  7. 91 is Bills max number - due to a +1 for another year of the international development program- in our case RB Christian Wade - who will surpass $1M in career earnings for practicing and carrying the load to eat the clock during the last pre-season game every year https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/christian-wade-28987/stats-valuation/
  8. hard to believe that the 16 game season has been around since 1978 - a good run for 40+ years and we are all need to re-calibrate our stats and records accordingly its certainly a one-off, the owners pushed for 18 and the NFLPA pushed back and ratified the CBA by only 60 player votes with game 17 being the biggest issue Rotating the game thru conference ping-pong is the best they can do ? I thought neutral site games would be a great idea; Toronto, London, Berlin, Vancouver, Montreal, Hawaii, college stadiums like Penn State, Ann Arbor, Clemson, etc would be cool and g
  9. I like the idea as well, I dont think an edge player taken at 30 is going to be there with an organic pass-rushing skill that is a difference maker, so next I look at corner and is the guy at 30 the same guy we can take at 40-45 or not ? Could pick-up another 3 or 4th rounder (which we dont have) and given Bean's mid-round draft skills I like the idea of giving him extra assets for picks to not only make (quantity) but to move up down (quality).
  10. I read over the weekend an article in the Athletic by M Lombardi on Belicheck's (BB) FA shopping spree...re-loading...pointed-out that BB does this from time-to-time (Randy Moss, Wes Welker etc) esp when you look at how many FAs NE has lost...anyways...the key to his strategy has been consistent...focus on attacking and dominating the middle on both O and D and setting the edge D..so it makes me think that the Bills are not that...Morse is not a run-driving C, our run-game is more of an after-thought, our backs are not thrown to out of the backfield much...and our D issues are even bigger conc
  11. luv the guy and what he has done for our teams but do hope he gets Sabres a team president to run the hockey GM and operations like professional organization other than the soccer mom approach of relying on Kim's opinions in between picking out capri pants and maicure/pedicure appointments.
  12. road game, fast turf, no wind or wet weather issues, crowd noise, clear home field advantage and Leslie Frazier has at least one embarassing game plan per season, this is it
  13. no way...Cam Newton may not be all that but NE is going to be better..it took hisfumble while they were deep in our territory to beat them at home last season... and no matter how bad the Jets are or who plays qb they always play us tough...I look for 6 tough AFC East games and Miami likely the next best team. Away games against some really good teams: New Orleans Saints · Tampa Bay Buccaneers · Tennessee Titans · Kansas City Look at the playoff win versus the Colts...they missed a TD catch by inches and missed 2 very makeable FGs which could have won the game
  14. looks like a Cutlass Supreme of the mid-late 1970s...likely a snowbird coming back to enjoy those wonderful WNY summers and Bills games then heading south do the holidays and watching Sabres on centre ice..I
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