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  1. singletary also had an NFL father who played the same position; genes and high-level coaching at home and at an early age..
  2. pass...last year of contract...will be age 32 in July and no doubt looking for an extension ...head case her in DC.....likely past his prime...last played Dec 2018...not cut from the cloth coach and GM prefer
  3. may he rest in peace and cheer the Bills on from above with a smile on his face while we offer prayers of grace and thanks
  4. 2 out 3 aint bad correct - maturity and accuracy improvement from our qb; reads, throwing WRs open, more loft than thrust on those deep balls, touc-accuracy on the short-intermediate throws; Diggs is going to help here as well... RB - yep - waiting for the vet RBs to drop their price, the market is telling them so, its just a matter of time as to which ? Miller (ACL tear last Aug, has two 1000+ seasons; Donta Freeman is avail as well, not sure about the lesser names...enlighten me with your sleeper choice DE-DL - disagree, here we are done and we are better, lots of solid talent and depth, expect better overall run defense from the interior, and better pressures from Addison off the edge compared to the guys that left, trust the process is in phase 3 or 4. plus I would rather save the draft assets and salary cap cash for extensions for Dawkins, Milano and Trey coming up....
  5. you would create another post at that time, titles to consider: See I told you screws Look at me, I can randomly predict obscure events in the future Honor me thy new overlord
  6. didn't he also get some reps as a CB during the season stink-ale versus Jets ?
  7. I can see his agent negotiating a bonus clause for playoff games,fly patterns and jump balls; speaking of unbearable I watched a replay of the Houston playoff game this weekend on the NFLN and I can only hope that the entire offense esp the coaches were told to watch it 10x and had to submit a report on it.
  8. sure if there is a guy with a first-round grade that falls near the pick in the second round - but the RBs aren't a hot FA commodity as a lot of vets are still available and likely are having the market set their price not vice vera...standing still in the second to pick a CB or OL over a RB makes sense to me; Singletary was a 3rd rounder so maybe that is where the value lies
  9. Lamar Miller foist Donta Freeman second I don't care third then Carlos Hyde - maybe
  10. dead cap space - Bucs $88,238 (never seen a total that low - historic) Pats - 22.5 M of which 13.5 M is TB and 4.5M is Antonio Brown - even the great ones have an off-year - yeah baby
  11. pass on Gordo...but I l do like me some Lamar Mille , then maybe Donta Freeman, then there is a steep drop, and sure would like to see TJ Yeldon role expanded to catch some passes, if not then cut... the sun about to go down, its that time for Beane to make some decisions...
  12. for RB addition we were expecting Lamar Miller or Donta Freeman and instead new concept for Bills fans to comprehend, improved special teams
  13. Miami is rebuilding very quickly with all that cap space and war chest of high draft picks and is well coached but Ftiz hits the wall when he goes against good D and if they draft rook qb like Tua or Herbert (sp) they could sneak into last spot as jets are slower rebuild and the pats not looking so good so far
  14. I love every move we made- there are more coming - plus we still got draft picks - so CB, OL, ST depth coming as well I dont like that the Fins are rebuilding that quickly and are well coached
  15. whose not excited - a numbah 1 WR and a championship caliber D with depth -so far so good
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