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  1. Based on history your dream sounds like the beginning of a nightmare.
  2. Bad Bad John Brown last year he was the baddest Man in the whole dam town.
  3. Why would you fire him for his beliefs? If he said “let’s give everyone who doesn’t want to work a free ride,” would you give him an extension or a raise?
  4. https://sports.yahoo.com/clemson-athletics-28-positive-covid-19-tests-include-many-football-players-213852485.html
  5. You sound like one of my friends. Her name is Alexa. 😂
  6. He made the playoffs 2 out of three years.
  7. We have liked them a lot more since the departure of Rodak.
  8. Back to the topic: “learning from... not to force things in crunch time. Diggs wanting to work.” Great answers!!!
  9. Yes but you forgot the 6 degrees of Kevin bacon whose kids have heard of Jordan Palmer etc
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