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  1. I wouldn’t give a penny for his thoughts. Even with recent inflation.
  2. Or get Mccaffery to agree to a revision of his contract closer to the market value of his production the last couple years that is incentive laden.
  3. Our TD percentage is better outside of the red zone than in the red zone. That’s my only complaint so far.
  4. That was great! It wasn’t just off the cuff from McAfee either. He lawyered up and didn’t use the words in your name.
  5. If Poyer doesn’t make the interception we start on our 3 yard line. That’s a whole different set of play calls.
  6. I understand your frustration but McDermott wasn’t here 48 years ago. He’s only been here like 5. Each year we have gotten better.
  7. Maybe they should give him one more week.🤣
  8. We have definitely moved up since 2019: https://www.nfl.com/news/2019-nfl-triplets-rankings-saints-chargers-browns-top-the-list-0ap3000001035106
  9. I wouldn’t take him before Diggs but I dropped my bbq sandwich and knocked over my wings rushing to the board to get Gabe at the end of the sixth.
  10. That was a McD, Whaley, WR coach pick.
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