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  1. Cruiserplayer

    Assess McDermott

    New holder. A missed extra point and a missed field goal today. Maybe McDermott wasn’t questioning house money.
  2. Cruiserplayer

    McCarthy is going to get fired

    Don’t forget the Giants as B.B. and the decision to not run Thurman cost us s Super Bowl.
  3. https://www.cover1.net/all-22-analysis-bills-offense-vs-texans/
  4. Cruiserplayer

    DeVante Parker tonight

    the fins top two receivers are on IR.
  5. Signed to Rams practice squad. http://nfltraderumors.co/rams-sign-wr-austin-proehl-to-ps-release-wr-steven-mitchell/
  6. Cruiserplayer

    Picking Mcdermott over McVay

    McVay is the youngest HC ever I believe. If you were that young and obviously in demand would you choose LA and a new qb to mold or Buffalo and Tyrod. I see what you were saying. I meant the youngest coordinator we had a chance to hire.
  7. Ive got 99 problems but Jerry Hughes ain’t one.
  8. Cruiserplayer

    Picking Mcdermott over McVay

    It may or may not end well but we hired the youngest up and coming coordinator with a vision that would take the HC job. McVay wasn’t coming here.
  9. Cruiserplayer

    Tank.....just tank.....

    One didn’t have a spot ten days ago and the other should not have one!!!
  10. On Sunday my eightyear old said “Please No Nate! Can’t JA throw left handed!”
  11. Cruiserplayer

    Bojorquez should be cut

    The way this thread has developed makes zero sense. We could all place 56.2% of our punts inside the 20 if we were punting from the opponents 45.
  12. Cruiserplayer

    Bojorquez should be cut

    He was too far inside, but if memory serves me you are correct.
  13. Cruiserplayer

    Bojorquez should be cut

    The long return yesterday was not a result of the lack of hang time. Conversely it was timed perfect for our defender to be there and be in the correct position. However said defender came in at the wrong angle and tried a one armed tackle which allowed the Titans returner to bounce towards the opposite side of the field that was not being defended.
  14. Cruiserplayer

    Like: Flea Flicker... Dislike: Flea Flicker to KB

    That’s how saw it too. As for KB I pretty sure he was the third and last option.
  15. Cruiserplayer

    Allen had most time to throw than any QB

    Our problem is the receivers getting separation. When you hear its taking too much time for the play to develop it means ...