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  1. I'm keeping #22

    We are gonna talk about why mayock gave us a c grade and how you can’t judge a draft until you know how many players made the pro bowl.
  2. Micah also added “It takes a special solar powered reptilian beast to play on the fifth quadrant”
  3. Later in the interview Hyde declared “Humans weren’t meant to play safety.”
  4. the browns take Allen we can give up a ton and have Darnold or we can give up almost half of that and get Rosen or mayfield at 4-8. I’m happy Beane is running this show and not cruiserplayer.
  5. Caption This

    AJ: We threw for the same number of touchdowns today. TT: Yeah but I threw for 166 more yards!
  6. The Wunderlich test for quarterbacks

    Tyrod scored a 15. Bobbie Dixon a 25.
  7. Rams trying to trade for OBJ per NYDN

    And my bookie doesn’t take offsean odds.SMH
  8. Which Teams have QB Needs in this draft

    Agree. 2/3 of the teams don’t make the playoffs. Almost all would like an upgrade. Out of the twelve teams that did only half have plans more than two years out.
  9. Mcdermott OT vs Indy in snow. Poll!

    This was the one time last year I thought McD made the wrong decision. I even said “What is He doing? A tie does us no good! “ And then I was shown why he makes a few million a year and I complain to a TV set on Sundays.
  10. Question for Bills Nation

    Are we down twenty and throwing the entire second half or are we up thirteen and running clock?
  11. The Wunderlich test for quarterbacks

    http://wonderlictestsample.com/ can you beat Vince?
  12. The Wunderlich test for quarterbacks

    The range of the score does matter. Unfortunately it is a huge strike if the player cannot spell wonder.
  13. Buffalo Bills 2018 Salary Cap

    Incognitos restructure saves 1.675 mill this year. https://mobile.twitter.com/FieldYates/status/976472774217781249
  14. Or he didn’t know if the QB he covets would be there at 3.
  15. Thankfully he is alive. Best of luck in recovery.