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  1. 4 years from now. Lots of money invested to not be winning NOW
  2. Watson at $40 mill maybe past his prime when rebuild is done or lawerence on a rookie contract. I’d gamble on lawerence and a couple of less wins the next two years.
  3. I’m educated enough to know that it is their life and business regardless of their hairlines.
  4. Can we name it “Thank God for the PEGULAS Stadium” and be done with it!
  5. I pledge $99 for every sack Over 9.5 in a Bills uniform in 2021.
  6. If Star plays for us this year he cost 7.6 mill in cap. If he gets cut 11.8 mill in dead cap: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/star-lotulelei-12294/
  7. 🍿This may rival the Super Mario thread🍿
  8. With the salary cap the way it is this year I would offer Roberts 3 year vet minimum contract guaranteed with a player opt out at the end of the first and or second year before I considered McKenzie as the returner. Maybe offer Mckittrick something similar.
  9. I have a house I overpaid for at $350k. My family had one great year in said residence. A tornado took out the kitchen. The shingles blew off. However I will swap it out for any house valued at half a mill (as long as the house is on the water).
  10. If we file a grievance can we get we get that 25k cap hit back?
  11. Whaley couldn’t knock out the chump. How would he know how to knock out the Champ.
  12. It seemed that no one, not even the cameramen was covering Kelce.
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