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  1. Cruiserplayer

    Fred Jackson Anyone?

    Fitz and I love Fred, but at this point if we are looking for negative yardage Reggie Bush or cruiserplayer can get the job done without hurting any legacy.
  2. Cruiserplayer

    Underrated aspect of McBeane Tenure: Managing the Cap

    Not to stereotype because there are great people from this area also, but my guess is Toxteth.
  3. http://www.buffalobills.com/team/training-camp/practice-schedule.html
  4. Cruiserplayer

    Brian Daboll’s Temper

  5. Cruiserplayer

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

  6. It is definitely y’all
  7. Cruiserplayer

    If Bills Get to Pick #2 Overall, Who Do You Take?

    I don’t think we are getting to 2. Rosen.
  8. Cruiserplayer

    Tasker and Murphy: One Bills Live?

    Maybe they should call it “33 Bills Live.”
  9. Cruiserplayer

    I'm keeping #22

    We are gonna talk about why mayock gave us a c grade and how you can’t judge a draft until you know how many players made the pro bowl.
  10. Micah also added “It takes a special solar powered reptilian beast to play on the fifth quadrant”
  11. Later in the interview Hyde declared “Humans weren’t meant to play safety.”
  12. the browns take Allen we can give up a ton and have Darnold or we can give up almost half of that and get Rosen or mayfield at 4-8. I’m happy Beane is running this show and not cruiserplayer.