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  1. Common opponents record comes before conference record
  2. That’s one the finest “Will to Win” plays ever!!!
  3. Have y’all been listening to the tv announcers for our other games? This one was by far the most positive.
  4. I like your optimism but I don’t share your confidence.
  5. Frank Gore: one yard one hit and wonder why Devin didn’t get the ball
  6. Attempt at translation: “Beane brought Taylor up and is giving him time. He also acquired Liuget today. Do you guys think this is an indicator of moving Oliver to defensive end?”
  7. So you are saying we are 18-2 when our defense holds teams under 20?
  8. We need wins against browns Steelers dolphins jets
  9. If you negate his best game he still has a higher sack to snap ratio.
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