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  1. Why not? If maroon could take the Blake Bortles led Jaguars to the AFC championship 2 years ago, it is not out of the realm of possibility. I'm not counting on it yet though.
  2. Less a move for our RB position and more of a move for special teams is my guess. We could use some help on special teams, so I'm not mad about this move.
  3. I don't even know anymore, Lamar not sucking has me all out of sorts.
  4. I think Allen gets his first 300+ yard day this Sunday.
  5. The defense was MVP, otherwise we don't survive the 4 turnovers. However, I think bad luck was mostly to blame for the turnovers and Allen overall played well. Singletary was great as well, may have a bright future ahead of him.
  6. I think saying that would be going farther than what is appropriate. It was scary to watch, and I feel it could have gone wrong, but I have seen the level to which people can be "bad parents" and I would certainly not go that far in this case.
  7. I remember playing the Sega sports nfl games when Jim Kelly had a 65 rating
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