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  1. I vote anyone complaining about a win over New England that puts us in control of the division must be transported back in time to the Jauron years.
  2. yes our receivers have done an amazing job, but Allen has been completing a bunch of tough throws as well. I will give them that Diggs, especially has caught some throws that a lot of other receivers would not have, but Allen has put the ball in places to make that possible.
  3. I have only looked at stats, but it looks there were some great QB performances yesterday. I guess I can understand not putting Allen at #1, but #12????? That is laughable. Either PFF is run by a bunch of idiots (seems possible), or it is like others have said this is about getting attention and they know Bills fans will show up.
  4. I guess the argument can be made that he was laterally, still don't like it in that situation with Mckenzie.
  5. So trap plays that kick the defender to the outside are illegal now? Or is it blocking from the outside in? I don't think I understand the rule, but pretty sure I don't like it.
  6. part deuce, is that the part where the Jests drop a deuce in their pants?
  7. Well, you can't say they didn't look at upgrading. It seems Bojo beat out 2 other guys for the job.
  8. Just gonna throw it out there for anyone who is going to sign up for Sunday ticket student, using promo code TEAMHUDDLE saves you $20. I just did it this morning.
  9. Where are his parents? Looks like somebody needs a time-out
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