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  1. They are going to erase their record tying winless season. It no longer officially counts.
  2. If you defer, the opposing team scores a touchdown and you also score a Td, the opposing team then has the ball in a sudden death scenario. You would want the extra opportunity to score, would you not?
  3. We still may do that, it seems to me that Beane has in the past used free agency to get holes filled but will also double up in the draft if he can. They appear to want to add a receiving threat in the backfield, Duke gives them a guy to do that. They may still take a similar player in the draft.
  4. That is exactly what they want you to think!
  5. I think this one hurts worse than the Music City illegal forward pass. I wasn't truly invested as a fan until the first year after the Super Bowls, so this is probably is the loss that hurts the most in my life as a fan.
  6. As of right now I don't plan on watching the games next week. I will probably watch the Super Bowl, but wouldn't want a party. This was supposed to be our year.
  7. IMO, it is to be expected, this was a painful loss. It takes some testicular fortitude to be on this board on a night like tonight.
  8. We are built specifically to beat the Chiefs, everywhere but coaching. This offensive game plan sucks.
  9. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32269232/nfl-play-one-six-wild-card-games-monday-night It will be new this year, I want no part of the Monday Night game, though.
  10. Yeah, we should have ended any chance they flip White to some foolish team for a decent draft pick, so added bonus...
  11. Well, at least we made up for it by taking John McCargo later in the first round.
  12. on a side note, Dawkins standing around at the end pisses me off. I don't care if there was nothing he could do, move your feet and pretend, don't ever be standing or walking.
  13. Allen is our guy, and I have been 100% in on him for quite a while now. It is going to take more than this game for me to question if he is elite, but he did not play well today. I agree he had a lot going against him, but he had a bad game. I fully expect this to be an outlier, I think he will bounce back fine.
  14. Well, I figured someone had to mention Ertz. It seems mandatory at this point
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