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  1. Our offense is putrid. I don't believe Allen is one of the worst QB's and I don't know that his supporting cast is all that bad either. Sure they can be better, but our offense to me does not fit into the "could be better" category. It is just plain bad at putting up adequate points. Perhaps it falls on Daboll.
  2. I don't expect to be heavily favored, but Irvin's prediction is a absolutely ridiculous.
  3. I wouldn't say must win, but I feel it is important to fo into the playoffs with momentum. If the starters leave the game after a couple scoring drives but the Jets starters beat our backups, I think that is better than our starters resting after the loss to New England.
  4. I am with McDermott on this one. I don't want a week off after a loss going into the playoffs. I want our starters to play long enough to get some good things going and build momentum.
  5. This is great news, I think they should give him a 10 year extension.
  6. I'm not angry at them, just kind of confused as to who they are and why they have a show on a major network. Also, who is tuning in and valuing their "expert" opinions?
  7. I have heard that we win one and we are in regardless of other outcomes. I don't know for sure, but it seemed legit.
  8. Also Cleveland has head to head tie breaker with us, so I would say we want Pittsburgh to win.
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