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  1. NE is definitely team to beat in AFC east. They looked formidable against one of NFCs best, Seattle. Cam is in good form and the hoodie will have a competitive defense, even with the departures. Until we beat them one time, give them their due.
  2. Allen was too raw and had accuracy issues for the Browns with the first pick.The credit should go to Beane for seeing the trajectory of this physical freak who had big time leadership skills. Trading up saved our franchise.
  3. Didn't seem like they blitzed that much, you could be right. Fitzpatrick looked like he was pressured and just barely got throws out into real tight coverage. Gesicki is a big play beast. Like to see how they game plan for Goff. I'm sure they will generate more pressure with Edmunds.
  4. That's what all our opposition is saying about playing Buffalo. Let's get Edmunds and Milano back and Norman to replace Wallace. I like at least a split.
  5. I'm with you. He looks hungry and quick.
  6. Fitzpatrick was pressured and we sent blitzes 2 or 3 times in the whole game. Hughes and Addison, along with Oliver should be enough. Remember, Edmonds gets QB pressure too. A lot of their pass yardage came in 2 minute offense where they played prevent. Our defense should be good enough if Josh plays like he did the first 2 games.
  7. This is where Sean shows his defensive chops. The d-line is dominant. The safeties are arguably the best tandem in the league and AJ Klein is good against the run. Bring up Lacy and get the job done. We will score at least 24 and make it stand up. If they can't do it , Beane should bolster the LBs room. The special teams ace from Pittsburgh should earn his free agent money this week.
  8. You make valid points. He has not valued the football as much as he needs to. He is the best young QB aside from Mahomes and Jackson. His dual threat will get us deep in the playoffs. He made great throws all game and converted 3rd downs with zero run game. He missed Brown, but that play was wide open because teams have to protect against him on any bootleg because of his speed. Watch him grow each week and start protecting the ball better. Be critical, but look at where our QB situation was the last 20 years. I'm feeling great about our chances.
  9. Bomani Jones is just a shameless purveyor of shock value commentary hoping to diminish players he arbitrarily writes off. His delivery is geared towards a small portion of the already minuscule viewing audience. This expert opinion is nothing but the ramblings of a desperate, overactor trying to be relevant.
  10. He is 27 games in as a starter. Interceptions and bad decisions on throws are not the turnovers he's having. The ball security should be tightened up by the coaching staff. He brings a dimension to our offence with the running and incredible arm strength that only a handful of teams have. Give this guy this season to show his ability to win against good defenses. Bills fans should be more concerned about opening holes for the run game Josh needs to maximize his talent.
  11. Count on a strip fumble every game he is such a big part of the offense. He will get better at ball security with coaching but if he can move the ball up and down the field and be the threat they have to protect against, this team will be tough to defend. Josh is on track to be a winning QB in the league. His completion rate and decision making will improve with the reps with this receiving corp. He is a great leader and takes responsibility for mistakes and bad outcomes. Let these experts level criticism and predictions at their own peril.
  12. Diggs is a great pickup. I worry about the way he gets lit up going over the middle. Totally fearless and loves to pop up and show hits don't faze him. Brown, Diggs and Beasley along with Knox are pretty scary. Just stay healthy guys.
  13. How could anyone be less invested in a season that has our team playing in a position of strength.? In addition, the entertainment value of NFL football is as good as it gets in this shut down environment. The better question is how could anyone throw cold water on something as anticipated as this?.
  14. Couldn't agree more. This guy will be valuable as red zone clutch receiver. He could have made a great catch against Houston, last year, and cemented his place on the roster. To be fair, as a rookie, he looked like a keeper. His work ethic and desire can't be questioned. He is a fan favorite and needs to stay.
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