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  1. Get this guy and dump Hughes. This man is a beast and will wreck games. This move would solidify our defense for the next 5 years. Hughes was largely invisible last year and he's got a big, divisive mouth as well. Espenesa and Addison, with the guy who arguably the top sack guy in football. Wow.
  2. These hateful statements should be dealt with in an expedient manner by Lurie and Roseman. If a white player made disgusting ethnic or racial hateful remarks directed at a minority, he'd be cut and vilified immediately. His disingenuous apologies are clearly an attempt to save his job. The problem for Jackson is that in this hypersensitive environment, any acceptance by the Eagles to allow this rhetoric will be viewed as favoritism towards Blacks and supporting anti-semitism. Jewish fans should speak out in condemnation of this display of hate.Anything less than parting company with him should force a boycott by sponsors and ticket holders.
  3. The 1999 team with Flutie and Johnson should have been an AFC finalist. The Dehaven led ST gave up that miracle finish. Flutie should have played the game from the beginning and Wade was a great defensive coach but not ready to win as a HC. The most frustrating loss as a fan in history. The team was great.
  4. Why would we care what a failed front office guy thinks. He's not working for a team because his personnel decisions were poor. He's just a another tub of goo with a forum because he hooked on with the NFL network. Who does Lombardi think profiles well out of the 3rd year QBs, Mayfield?
  5. I guess in the environment we have, if you believe a guy has a high ceiling, you have to retain him. That's why I'm rooting so hard for Josh. It's painful to start the process again if you're a team that's 9and 7 or 8and8. You're drafting to late to get an elite talent. Plus that scenario is a coach killer.
  6. Just goes to show, a slightly above average QB, who has accomplished very little, gets ridiculous money. The Buffalo defense made him look like Peterman Thanksgiving day. Every QB in the AFC east will be as good or probably better.
  7. If Fauci hadn't done excellent work on HIV, he would have been asked to leave after his consistently wrong analysis of this virus. He shouldn't weigh in on professional sports or reopening the economy and leave it to the medical professionals in each state. Masks are not necessary, the virus can't be transmitted human to human, the virus won't be an issue for the US. Thanks Fauci.
  8. Do you agree with the grades? If so, the Bills take a step back in your view. The AFC east will probably put one team in the playoffs. With the QB and O-line getting c- grades and the D line and lbs getting the same, where does that stack up with KC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Tenn, and Indy. Bills fans should expect better.
  9. With these grades, the Bills look like they'll struggle to be 8and 8. D-line grade c? CB b-, O-line, c-? LB c+? These grades indicate a vested interest in the Bills crapping out. Obviously some anti-Bills bias from GreggTX.
  10. I know you don't GAF about biggest police force in the biggest city in the country , but its reeling right now from lawlessness. Breaking down the defunding into the minimal difference it makes in the scheme of things is naive and it reflects your disdain for the overwhelming percentage of dedicated people that are cops.
  11. What you're missing bud, is these cops are being diminished. While I'm sure you would justify frontline health care workers getting extra compensation, you couldn't care less about the people you desperately need if someone throws a brick through your window. Picture someone saying what you do is not important and we've decided, no raises, no overtime. Don't let your emotions cloud your appreciation for law enforcement. Ask a cop how he feels about defunding the police force. Don't believe me. The cops should get more funding. Where is the training for better policing coming from.When you were sheltering in place, cops were putting on their big boy pants, and going to work. Defund your local Buffalo police force and get back when no one wants to live there.
  12. I live in NYC. Debasio is universally hated by Dems and GOP. He has alienated NYPD to the extent that they say they feel no support from city Gov't. He now cuts funding, which will effect overtime, headcount and benefits and sensitivity training programs. Why would any rational person put their life on the line to become a cop in that environment.?
  13. This a national movement, that has Minneapolis already dismantling their police force,changing their response to emergency calls, moving to neighborhood action groups. Defunding is a knee jerk reaction to George Floyd's murder. The cities that cut funding will be a litmus test on revolutionizing law enforcement.
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