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      Problems logging in?   11/05/2017

      I know a few people are getting logged out too quickly. I don't have the answer to that yet.   However, one change that occurred is that there is no longer a log in name and a separate display name. The upgrade discarded the log in name and now uses the display name. So, to log in:   Username: <display name> Password: <your password>   If you need to contact me to find out what your display name is use: Contact Us  and we can get things sorted out.


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  1. Lets just go for Kirk Cousins in the offseason

    If Washington doesn't sign him, Cousins will decide where he goes. No matter where he goes he will get the "money". He will select a Team that he feels has the best chance at making the Super Bowl. A team like the Jags. I was in Denver and the same conversation is going on there about bringing Cousins in. There are a lot of Teams thinking they just have to be the top bidder and he'll come running. Not the case.... The difference between Team "A" through Team "C", money wise will be minimal. Time to consider, team around him, playoffs, weather. What would you do?
  2. If the Bills go 3 -1

    A big if!!! If the Bills go 3 -1 what has to happen to make playoffs? We don't have a tie-breaker with the Ravens, do we? They would have to go 1 -3?