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  1. New Mock Draft AT (After Tyrod)

    I agree. If a trade to 10 didn't happen I'm good with taking Rudolph at 22, bringing in Bradford and keeping Peterson
  2. I think Allen goes #1 after this weekend, Rosen & Mayfield are the next two (Order could flip). Darnold is 4th QB selected in draft. Jackson showed he is erratic and unless some team wants to try to win with his legs (vs his arm) for a few years I don't think he is taken to second round. I think Rudolph climbs ahead of Jackson in many minds.
  3. Brandon Beane on Lamar Jackson...

    I love a good smoke screen...
  4. To bad they can't categorize posts. Stuff like this should have a separate category of "little to know knowledge of football"
  5. Why I would be happy with Lamar Jackson

    Looks like Rudolph... and not having to trade away picks.... All charts aside Jackson looks awful against good college defenses. Will never make it in pro's unless he converts to WR.
  6. It's called work for a reason. Yes, many times people excel when they like what they're doing, but you get a paycheck for a reason. Should we examine other jobs... see who has fun? As noted in another post, professional sports.. the fun is for the fans. If the owners and athletes have fun it's a bonus.
  7. Why Nick Foles will most likely be traded before March 16?

    You think wrong. Wentz won't be ready till at least week 4.
  8. QB's... Where they land... Story on NFL.com

    I agree. Keenum is a major upgrade in passing. Draft White in the 3rd. Fill our other holes. Also, agree with other post Darnold is a turn over machine and Jackson is Tyrod 2.0 + more turnovers! Foles is staying with Philadelphia. Why would they trade him? He will probably start the first 4 to 6 games.
  9. I'd be happy with this.... Keeping our draft picks www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000915618/article/ten-offseason-storylines-that-will-shape-the-2018-nfl-season a fool's task, to be sure, but let's unfurl our DEEPLY UNRELIABLE SIGNAL-CALLING MATCHMAKER-BOT 1.0, which quickly and haphazardly pairs available veteran and draft-eligible quarterbacks with needy teams: » Browns: Baker Mayfield » Giants: Josh Rosen » Broncos: Kirk Cousins » Jets: Sam Darnold » Dolphins: Stay put with Ryan Tannehill » Cardinals: Josh Allen, Tyrod Taylor » Bills: Case Keenum » Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater
  10. Will Mayfield be available at #21?

    I hope not... He is Johnny Football version 2.0
  11. Anyone have a list of QB's taken in 1st round in last 5 to 8 years? How many are starters? How many are still in the league? I would love to see a complete list. Of those wonder who made trades to get those picks.
  12. Moving on from TT

    Vikings can't keep everyone... 3 free agent QB's. Go after BRIDGEWATER!!!!!
  13. Do you take Lamar Jackson?

    Are you watching him in the Bowl game? A big thumbs down!!!
  14. What QB do you want to draft.

    after watching some college games over the last month, anyone they DON'T TRADE UP for. Such a crap shoot. College ball does not always translate well to the speed and size of the pro game.
  15. What QB do you want to draft.

    Darnold if they trade to move up... otherwise see who is left. Hate to see them give up any picks for anyone else