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  1. Big ugly who’s not ugly. Guy looks like a smoky eyed movie star...
  2. Haven’t seen video but boy do I hate that hot potato TD thing. Hold onto that thing and make sure you see the refs arms go up before you drop it. DeShaun Jackson....
  3. Don’t get me wrong - I LOVE the draft. Always have. Always felt like the team needed me to mock really well! I needed to be on top of all the prospects and team needs, etc... This year, I have so much faith in Beane that I don’t even know what day the draft is. First time I can remember. Not sure if I’m the only diehard psycho who feels this way. Maybe it’s the stupid covid?
  4. Kid is a beast. Jumped off the screen to me. low risk high reward signing. nice work Mr Beane
  5. But Danny Noonan had the talent AND the game. He bagged both Maggie and Lacy Underall.
  6. Who do you take at 30 assuming they are available?
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