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  1. If he’s available at 9 I would most certainly have him near the tippy top of my list. Thats a ridiculous potential LB core.
  2. Anyone have the list for last year’s visits??
  3. I could see Gary maybe not being a BIG UGLY though he does play the 3tech on the Dline??? THE OTHER guys for sure they are Big and Ugly and yes!
  4. Bakin

    Global warming err Climate change HOAX

    I would send my kid to school with this:
  5. Bakin

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    More embarrassed by the gut underneath it!!
  6. Bakin

    Bengals Release Vontaze Burfict

    Maybe he’ll turn over a new leaf? charity! Church!
  7. Bakin

    Jonah Williams or Ed Oliver??

    I’ve been a large Jonah Williams fan for some time .... and I haven’t voted in this poll I started yet. But at this time I would vote Oliver. For one big reason - I don’t think Jonah will be our starting LT come day one and I don’t want to spend a top 10 pick on an RT. I think we can get a solid RT on day 2. Oliver was a consensus top 3 pick before his jacket issue and I think he can be a game changer at the next level.
  8. Meh.... seems to have strayed off topic here with the focus on Dude’s rants. fwiw, I’m opposed to his banishment. His suggestions, though insensitive and harsh, were somewhat pragmatic and outside the box. I don’t advocate violence or genocide but Dude is speaking his personal truth; it sounds like he has a lot of ‘hands on experience’ with the Hajis...and as most of us are civilians, we should respect that. Its about as doubtful that America boots out all Muslims as it is likely churches will be built in KSA or Maldives or Somalia. NZ shooter was a psycho and he needs to pay the ultimate price.
  9. Bakin

    Jonah Williams or Ed Oliver??

    FWIW this thread started at 62/38 in favour of Jonah Williams
  10. Please list a player that you WANT but KNOW we won’t draft. List the earliest round in which you would draft him. This should be a player that we COULD draft (not Bosa or someone consensus going higher than 9) but likely will not. I really like QB Will Grier. I think he has huge upside. Fortunately, it appears our QB roster is set 3 deep. Though you could make an argument to carry a 4th if you could get someone of Grier’s caliber in the 3rd. Who’s your 2019 draft white whale?
  11. Bakin

    Jonah Williams or Ed Oliver??

    Not to bump my own thread but here’s me bumping my own thread. Seems to remain a relevant question here as it’s very possible both players are available at 9. I still don’t have the answer. Oliver with the higher ceiling but Jonah with the higher floor. I think post FA Oliver is the bigger need.