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  1. It was a cheap shot. I know. But it was so there.
  2. Is this your orthopaedic back pillow?
  3. Got my seasons...in the lower bowl, instead..
  4. From the limited video I’ve seen - I see why they say he has great vision. Some of the cuts he makes, WHEN he makes them, are just gold. Wonder if that will translate to the Bigs....the competition that FAU faced was pretty whack.
  5. Not sure why everyone is so down on Shaq. He has improved every year. I expect him to make a big leap in 2019.
  6. Best case???? Ed Oliver - Geno Atkins Cody Ford - Cordy Glenn Devin Singletary - Davonta Freeman Dawson Knox - Zach Miller (Oak draft pick)
  7. Guy is a monster. Excellent pick. Line builds in progress.
  8. At 40 - take OL Dalton Risner At 61 - take WR Hakeem Butler (trading our 74 and 112) though I believe Risner will go before 40...
  9. Cmon dude. Rickey Dudley was the shiznit
  10. Shaq had injury issues and I consider him (as most probably do) a pretty lousy pick so far. Hope he improves a lot this year. We need him badly. I wanted Noah Spence that draft and he hasn’t fared any better so who the hell knows.
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