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  1. Bakin

    Bye Bye, Grapes

    He said immigrants/ refugees??? where????? That’s racist? Immigrants from where? Did he say anything about skin colour or race? Maybe he was talking about everyone in his city. Why do people automatically assume brown people? It’s not even close to insinuated...but then again, some people hear what they want.
  2. Bakin

    Bye Bye, Grapes

    Where is the racism? Show it to me? unless it’s just in your head and Rogers just wanted to shed his bulky contract....
  3. Also let’s not forget that the Bills signed him first and cut him. McBeane obviously doesn’t know talent and let another Hall of Famer slip away.
  4. Haus is the 7th most accurate kicker in history.
  5. I think Vindman ordered the code red and had Markinson doctor the flight logs.
  6. I guess we should just move on from him then. All great QBs win every game. Just when you get kicked in the nuts by life....you get kicked in the nuts by your team.
  7. We may be living in a parallel universe
  8. Sure. But you know that josh has more game winning 4th Qtr drives that anyone in the league this year?
  9. That whole sequence was silly. josh had made a few great throws and the ball was moving. strange.
  10. 1) Haus - he's catching the most ***** for this loss. Obviously it’s not all on him but, as per usual with kickers, you can win and lose based on their foot. I like Haus but he seems to lose confidence when he blows it early. Seems like McD also has limited confidence in his kicker, too. Not sure about the rest of you but I was certain he was missing that final kick. Ah well - shake it off Hausmoney..... 2) Allen - what a mixed bag game for him. I didn’t see the fire in his eyes today. He made some excellent throws, and a few head scratchers. Long ball still not there. Clock management at the end of the game was really bad. Feliciano was gesturing like ‘let’s gooooooo’. I know that’s also on his coaches. Maybe they were telling him to slow it down. Josh did run the ball well....scoring 2 on the ground...but Christ that fumbling is just out of control. I give him a C- for today’s effort. 3) Run D - still suspect. Gave up a lot of big chunks. Eventually an opposing coach will get smart and just keep doing it. Chubb probably could have run for 250 if they just kept feeding him. But then again our goal line D was just incredible today. Sweet Safety. Hard to blame the D for the loss but they certainly were culpable. (the rest of this post is LAMP) Immediately after the game, I stripped off all the Bills gear and showered and shaved and vented. That was a dirty game and I felt dirty. Was nice to do that for a change as I haven’t been at my house for the last 3 games... What the ***** is wrong with me? A 40ish year old grown man screaming at the TV and jumping up and down. Anyway - we are 6-3. 6-3. Say it with me - WE ARE 6 and 3! This is a good team. Certainly not a great team. But as always - I remain hopeful and positive. I’m not going to B word and moan about how the season is over, fire everyone, we need a new Qb/OC...so just bail on this thread if that’s what you are looking for. Then again - I’m such a goddamn Homer that I never seem to lose faith in this team. The best is still yet to come.
  11. I always say - why beat a dead horse when there’s so many live ones you can beat?
  12. Awesome. I had reserved a spot but on the early morning border cross we got pulled into secondary and I didn’t show up until 1030. Frig... next time !!!!
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