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  1. Season opener 2010 vs Dolphins. We sucked so bad. Oh Trent
  2. Bakin

    2018 Playoff game vs Jags

    Those are both reasons. But TT played badly AND like a champ (at times). Also bad clock management and questionable play calling. The coaches don’t get a pass either.
  3. Replaying On NFL network now. How did we not win that game???? That 9 minute drive at the end of the first half. TT was both superb and abysmal at the same time. Missing O’Leary for a sure fire TD. Tyrod getting up from what could have been 3 game ending injuries in one drive. Head scratching play calls. Good to rewatch.
  4. Bakin

    Eat your way through Buffalo’s new chicken wing trail

    They missed 9-11 Tavern. Duffs sucks.
  5. Bakin

    Best Rookie group ever - here is proof

    Not as good as this ensemble This one is great too
  6. Bakin

    Brian Cushing still available

    He can crush it for us like Shawne Merriman did. Oh wait.
  7. Bakin

    Eric Wood looking thin!

    He stayed 6’3? Intermittent Fasting will help get his height down.
  8. You broke nothing ... but yeah
  9. Everyone should remember that Matt Ryan could easily be a Dolphin now for the last decade. Fortunately the Fins blew it.
  10. Bakin

    Kentucky Derby this Saturday...

    What do you think of the 2 horse? mendellsson looks good too.
  11. Good lord , the ego on you... look at the big brain on Brad!!!
  12. Bakin

    First take on final 53

    Goes without saying but we need another man on the OL and stud at WR.
  13. Haha. This is about as believeable as Trump/Russia collusion.
  14. Bakin

    RUMOR--The Bills called the Falcons about Julio Jones?

    A 3rd? lawdy. We got a 3rd for Tyrod. Julio is worth a first.