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  1. That blindside block today would have negated that TD. Remember when the NFL was awesome?????
  2. Bakin

    2019 Draft Big Board

    Not the sexiest pick but assuming we have, say pick 7-10, I really like OL Jonah Williams. Also Derrick Brown, DT from Clemson and Raekwon Davis, DT from Bama are both on my wish list. Trenches need fortification. Always.
  3. It was this exact stat that I wanted to see. Hence - the silly post.
  4. Bakin

    Caption This: Matt Barkley

    In a very sophisticated voice: ’thank you Jesus’
  5. Don’t know. Use your imagination. I will assume that Barkley plays well next week and they let him play out the season. And he leads us to a 7 game win streak (but we still miss the playoffs).
  6. Obviously totally hypothetical. Would you rather have the excitement of being In the race until the final day of the season (think last year) but ultimately miss out because some other team pulls a 2017 Bengals... or lose out and get a top 5 pick?? simple question with a lot of silliness.
  7. Bakin

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    NO MISTAKES. Or at least, very few. All 3 facets of the game we played well. The Oline was gashing the Jets Dline. Play calling was on point. Nice win boys. Lets see if Bark, and the rest of the team, can put together another one in 2 weeks.
  8. Bakin

    Buffalo Bills Babushka Dolls

    Hahahaha. I have some too that I got in Russia. They are at my office. Will take photos when I get home.
  9. Bakin

    DAZN...in Africa?

    The internet is strong where I’m staying. I guess I need to figure out if DAZN works. Maybe i I can stream my Bell Fibe??
  10. Bakin

    DAZN...in Africa?

    I’ve been before. I travel a lot for work. Not much excites me anymore! Haha. A bit jaded with all the airline travel. Thats why the slice of home (Bills game) is always welcome. Cape Town is a unique and beautiful place if not a bit more dangerous than most. Gotta be careful. I had my phone ripped out of my hand (while sitting in an Uber) in Kenya earlier this year.
  11. Bakin

    DAZN...in Africa?

    Uhhhh no... South Africa is a country. I was pretty clear in my 2nd post. Had I said Southern Africa you might remain confused. I’m headed to Cape Town and will do whatever I can to watch the Bills game.
  12. Bakin

    DAZN...in Africa?

    South Africa. Is what I meant to write. Appreciate all the responses!! Haha!
  13. Bakin

    DAZN...in Africa?

    I'll be in Africa next week and was wondering if DAZN works there....?? Anyone use it in far flung places (with good wifi)??