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  1. Been a Tucker fan for a while now. He’s a bit of a snarky smarmy B word at times, but he’s a smart mofo and his writing/delivery are top notch. He’s the Christian Ben Shapiro. Silver tongued and sharp as a tack. I started watching it in the evenings at bed time and my wife would just roll her eyes (she’s a recovering libtard) and for the first two episodes she would call him names and slam every comment he said. I wouldn’t say a word - I would just watch the show. Now we watch it together every night and she’s a fan. She can’t deny it. She’s nodding and humming in the affirmative throughout most of his monologues. She would never admit it but I passively aggressively converted her. Smart gal.
  2. Damn. How is your headache this morning?
  3. No one ... and I mean NO ONE... should defend or give alternate explanations for how the cop should have handled this. If Brooks had any respect for authority, he’d still be alive. the DA is out of his mind and clearly in deep ***** for his own crimes. He is bloviating and his case will collapse like a burned down Wendy’s. My guess is Choivin will get off. Floyd couldn’t breathe before he went to the ground. The cop kept him face down to avoid being poisoned by Floyd’s fentanyl overdose. autopsy showed no injuries to Floyd neck or throat. id give it Better than 50/50 odds he gets off.
  4. And what if he holed up in his house with a gun waiting for the cops to show up? Maybe he booby traps it a la Speed? or he skips to Mexico!! or he gets gender reassignment surgery and becomes Rashida!! this is too dumb an argument to even have...isn’t it?
  5. Let him go???? WTF That anyone would defend the Wendy’s drunk and blame the cops is a testament on how out to lunch our society has become.
  6. questions: What makes you think they don’t? Are you asking if they matter to non-blacks? do you think they matter to blacks?
  7. Oh I’m totally racist. I hate all races equally, though.
  8. Let’s start with you answering that question. edit. Ok just saw your answer. Congrats. 19 years married next week! Married since 23!
  9. What is the big deal? i don’t understand. private text ... joke about White people. who cares other than the mudslingers
  10. She is such a smoke show.
  11. No it isn’t. You are clutching your pearls. I say this as a Jew. context.
  12. Your 14 seconds of research into this subject is quite impressive. What kind of medical doctor are you? I assume a specialist of some kind? I’m confused regarding this bull#### disingenuous disinfectant story...and have a question : Why is the media paying so much attention to Trumps COVID press conference - when they told us not to pay attention to Trump’s COVID press conferences?
  13. If by hilarious you mean ridiculous - I agree. Epenesa is a 1st round talent. No question about it. We stole him. STOLE him. I like Dobbins too but whatever. There are still several RBs remaining that are very capable of eclipsing whatever Dobbins does this year.
  14. Yup. This shows that Beane and Co are listening to me...I think AJ will be an exceptional pro.
  15. Fine by me. Less time in bed mock drafting. Less questions from my wife about what the hell I'm doing.
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