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  1. Bakin

    Vlad Ducasse...NFLs best pass blocker?

    This blows me away. I see the right side getting blown up constantly or so I thought. Maybe some TE or RB missing the extra attacker?
  2. Bakin

    We do not have the receivers

    Admittedly Baby Face Allen did his part by BLOWING a few WIDE OPEN receivers, I would say that our WR are far from fine. They get no separation. Allen made some bad decisions and plays today but he also got mangled about 10 times because his OLINE and RB/TE blocks failed so miserably. Like under 2 seconds and he was toast. I dont care if you have Jerry rice on one side and Randy Moss on the other. With no time to throw, forget it
  3. He can’t throw a pic 6. I don’t think he could even complete a pass to the other team. If he had 2 seconds to throw it might help. I don’t think so. McD won’t hesitate to change.
  4. Get him outta here and bring in the rookie. Doesnt help that it looks like we are literally playing without an offensive line.
  5. Bakin

    The Madden Predicticator says...

    Awesome post. I enjoyed it. Every week please
  6. Everyone is saying the same thing. Not certain they are wrong but usually the herd is incorrect. I say coaching is our biggest strength and they will pull out of our team the most they can. 10-6 Wildcard.
  7. Insider trading happens everyday, everywhere, all the time. An unlucky few get busted for it. I think it’s mostly a victimless crime.... Not sure what he means he didn’t take any of the profits for himself.
  8. Bakin

    How Bad Does Service Have To Be Not To Tip?

    Haha. It’s cheap to tip 15% or stupid to tip 25% no matter what? Hmmmmmm unless you are independently wealthy, tipping out of variance just means you overvalue waiters.
  9. Bakin

    Home remidies for Strep Throat?

    Gargle with coconut oil. It works. Also chew on some ginger root.
  10. Bakin

    How Bad Does Service Have To Be Not To Tip?

    Lol 50% tips. Insanity. I tip 15% for average service. 20% for exceptional service and that’s it. If the server sucks I will gladly leave them nothing. They would have to really suck and it’s happened a few times. I also never send back food in a restaurant. Fwiw I have worked as a server.
  11. Bakin

    What is the most boring NFL city?

    Miami & LA. Totally suck. Worst food, ugliest women, terrible weather.
  12. Season opener 2010 vs Dolphins. We sucked so bad. Oh Trent
  13. Bakin

    2018 Playoff game vs Jags

    Those are both reasons. But TT played badly AND like a champ (at times). Also bad clock management and questionable play calling. The coaches don’t get a pass either.
  14. Replaying On NFL network now. How did we not win that game???? That 9 minute drive at the end of the first half. TT was both superb and abysmal at the same time. Missing O’Leary for a sure fire TD. Tyrod getting up from what could have been 3 game ending injuries in one drive. Head scratching play calls. Good to rewatch.