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  1. Darryl Williams. The O-Line Diggs Gabe Davis we love you Josh Allen!
  2. What an amazing win. I’m so damn happy. Anyone notice the complete lack of play action today?
  3. I’m paying D Williams $13M (4 yr, 52M) I want to lock him up. never seen such a solid line... draft a C/G
  4. Not sure ... in April or so they called me to renew and I was like ‘dude, border is closed’ and he basically gave up on me...not sure what that means
  5. I think we did ok this year with Moss and Motor. we didn’t run much...together they were the equivalent of a 1200yd season from one back.
  6. I had to bail on my tickets this year because of the border issues. i wonder if I will get any priority to buy again next season or if I’m just gonna be a regular guy...
  7. No way I’m paying Carson $9M a year...
  8. I’m sure it’s been discussed. but as much as I would like to blast the Fins and keep them out of the playoffs, I would much rather like to be healthy for that first week in Jan. Maybe we pull a 2004 (?) Steelers and beat them with our 2nd stringers???
  9. I mean I saw it... how did they not see it?
  10. Looked like he hit the 2.5 yard line. And they spotted him at the 3.5. amirite?
  11. Without having to read all the posts on here - does anyone know when we arrived in Denver? I wonder if teams generally arrive a few days early to Denver to adjust for the altitude??
  12. So basically, you can’t believe he’s not Travis Kelce already. Kid has made a bunch of mistakes...sure. But he has some intangibles and I’m curious to see how he can put it together over the next 20-25 games. Always the optimist...I think he’s a keeper.
  13. Josh throws some incredible passes to the sidelines. Passes that are only catchable by the receiver. Kid is special and I hope he never loses that swagger or confidence. Just keep getting better. Do what all the gunslingers before you have done (Elway, Favre, Rodgers, Marino)....keep the mistakes to a minimum and just win baby!!!
  14. Yes. Same. When he threw it I thought it was a pick...and when they show that view from behind, it looked like Josh was wincing like ‘oh no!!! be good!!!’ Unreal pass. Dangerous but unreal.
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