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  1. He should be making more than Freeman and McCoy (8.5M) but less than Bell, Gurley (13-15M) I give him a 4 year deal worth $40M
  2. Wow. Pretty close poll. 55% favouring a Dome. I wonder what percent of those who favour a Dome live in Buffalo vs those who do not. As a first year season ticket holder holder who lives a good 5+ hours away...I’m really not sure what I want. Actually, I want what the people of Buffalo want.
  3. Wonder how Meatball looks these days? Probably best to trim up for the PGA Tour.
  4. Good lord. I liked him too but didn’t realize his fumble rate was this high.
  5. I’m sure it’s been asked many times. But maybe in light of the recent talks...should update the numbers. Mods can delete if redundant.
  6. Democrats love war. Pulling out of Syria can’t come soon enough.
  7. Must have been Trumpy pumping million of extra barrels of oil, slapping economic sanctions on the country, and shredding the Russians in Syria... Putin really WANTED it.
  8. So they will impeach after the next election? LOL. Dems are such a bunch of losers....no other word to describe them.
  9. Jokes on those biotches. Leveon was out plowing 2 other fields. “The gym”. Yeah....Sure...
  10. That makes Bill Bellichek Gargamel...
  11. can you please show me the arrest records showing Trump is a criminal? Or Is it in the same drawer as the files that show he colluded with Russia?
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