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  1. My wife has stood by me for now almost 20 years as the spouse of a long suffering Bills fan. She insisted that if the Bills make it to the Super Bowl that I would HAVE to go. I can only imagine the price of the tickets when we finally get there. Me thinks she will change her mind.
  2. Bakin

    Draft 2020

    Was just taking what first pick gave me. Would love CeeDee Lamb to drop. He is who I want to see in Buffalo - IF and only IF he’s a process guy.
  3. yup. It’s that time. sign RT Jack Conklin (5 years, $68M, $13.6M AAV) Sign LB Bud Dupree (4 years, $60M, $15M AAV) Round 1 Pick 22: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn Round 2 Pick 22: Yetur Gross-Matos, DE/OLB, Penn State Round 3 Pick 22: Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame Round 4 Pick 22: KJ Hill, WR, Ohio State Round 5 Pick 9: Chubba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma State Round 5 Pick 21: Tanner Muse, SS/FS, Clemson Round 6 Pick 10: Cesar Ruiz, C, Michigan Round 6 Pick 22: Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State Round 6 Pick 23: Steven Gonzalez, OG, Penn State
  4. Yup. I see a little Darren Sproles too though Motor is a bit thicker. crazy stat: Westbrook had 3 fumbles in his entire career. Motor already has 4.
  5. Holy ***** I weight 20lbs more than George Kittle?
  6. I’m curious how NFL players spend their offseason. Those with families I’m sure stay close to home and spend time with the kids. But what about The players who aren’t tied down? Are they traveling around with all their $$$? What kind of workout schedule do they follow? How does it compare to their season regimen? I’m sure the pros stay out of trouble but with 6 months off....I imagine the mind can wander!!
  7. I’d love CD...but give me Tyler Johnson, Minnesota, In Round 2...all day. guy looks like he will ball out.
  8. Have you watched the Becton kid from Louisville? 6’8” 350lbs ... moves smooth. I like him as an RT in the 3rd or 4th.
  9. I have some friends who are Fins fans. And they are cheering Tannehill like he’s still a Dolphin. I have to keep reminding them - HE HAD TO LEAVE MIAMI TO FIND SUCCESS...YOUR TEAM SUCKS!
  10. Hmmm looks like American meddling in Iran ‘elections’
  11. Does he wanna be here? is he a process guy? i think he’s the only player on the team from before Beane?
  12. Why let the facts get in the way of your narrative. Trump is the most peace loving, diplomatic president in a generation or more. He doesn’t want war. It would be bad for his business. And bad for the country. Neocons, Neolibs and the Military Industrial Complex / that is another story.
  13. About the same probably both about the same difference is - Iran is shitting it’s pants and they have one less killer of Americans on their staff.
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