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  1. But Al Michaels said on SNF McCoy had been trying to get traded for 2 years
  2. Bills mentioned as a possible destination, per Manish https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-leveon-bell-trade-deadline-20191029-pkcnug3sifgufph66ghni7esam-story.html
  3. Never saw him say that. Just that they are in wr market
  4. If it’s just a mid round pick and a contract, get it done. The cap space is there. This in no way excludes you from still upgrading the passing game, be it now or this off-season, and you get a playmaker to pair with singletary moving forward.
  5. sucks for him, seems like he’s always hurt. This could be helpful when we go to Houston for a wild card matchup.
  6. The offense was wearing red in practice on Monday. The offense always practices in the same color jersey they are wearing on Sunday, ever since McDermott took over.
  7. Word is the bills will wear red uniforms this Sunday in an attempt to blend in with the Miami dumpster fire
  8. If you go to his actual twitter, he had asked a question “wings or flats”. In this case his “wings” are drumsticks. Yes I know, context is overrated
  9. This is a google image of duffs receipt that has altered date and signature
  10. This is instagram. He did not “just follow them”. He’s been following them. Instagram does not show who he follows in chronological order. It shows up at the top of Trapasso’s page because they are people they both follow. Irresponsible tweet from Trappasso
  11. Wow. You sir are a visionary and a scholar.
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