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  1. I did find it peculiar within 15 minutes of the Morse release, they made it clearly known to beat reporters that McGovern would be moving to center
  2. No. Talking about the punt return that essentially ended the game
  3. He certainly made a big play in the big game at a big time
  4. You can reset any year at any time. When you have an elite qb, you go for it. The cap is malleable I hope you’re currently saving for 4 christmases from now
  5. When will you all realize there is always money in the banana stand?
  6. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/03/09/after-going-it-alone-for-a-while-deandre-hopkins-hired-an-agent-again/amp/
  7. I read it as you meant @dannylicker turns out Nate Geary is a giant douche, which we all knew anyway, who threw away the bit of credibility he had based on his part time employer. carry on
  8. Their last post was four days ago. Do some due diligence 😂
  9. It’s not a fake account. Maybe he’s full of crap, but it’s his account
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