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  1. FluffHead

    Official MNF Thread: Stillers vs Bucs

    Chris Conte he who attracts violent stiff arms
  2. FluffHead

    Heading to Minnesota Game - Any Gatherings

    I’m here, where’s the party at starting now? Staying close by as well
  3. FluffHead

    WNYTBDGPS pre-home opener Luncheon

    do you two kiss on the fist date?
  4. FluffHead

    Steve Tasker- Thank You....

    You’re welcome. And thanks for always calling in and telling me I should be in the hall of fame. You guys are the best!
  5. FluffHead

    Taskmaster on OBL: "Payton Manning couldn't throw a...

    He’s a lot better on radio than he is on tv. That show definitely got way better when he came in for Donald Jones who was just unbearable.
  6. I wonder who would be out if Orchard parks his behind here in buffalo
  7. FluffHead

    I will be happy with a 2-2 start

    There’s always one team that looks like they made the additions to put them over the top that underwhelms. I think Minnesota is a candidate for that. I could see an early upset there similar to Atlanta last year.
  8. FluffHead

    Another big trade on the horizon?

    Eric Galko: everyone knows the Bills LOVE Josh Rosen
  9. I have some connects in the ECU community and was told the same.
  10. FluffHead

    Jason Croom dating the Pegulas daughter?

    Shes very active with stories and he and he makes regular appearances
  11. FluffHead

    Jason Croom dating the Pegulas daughter?

    It’s been going on for a while. She’s not shy about it on her Instagram
  12. FluffHead

    What did Matt Patricia Eat

    All he was doing was trying to avoid OT. Win or lose in regulation is pretty much the accepted standard in preseason among coaches
  13. I love citing the locker room effect for a punter
  14. Formerly of the Seahawks, per Rapoport @Rapsheet: Former #Seahawks punter Jon Ryan is flying to Buffalo and will sign with the #Bills when he lands, source said. He requested his release from Seattle, saw it quickly granted, now will land on his feet.
  15. FluffHead

    Josh Allen to start Sunday

    Per schefter @AdamSchefter: Rookie QB Josh Allen will start Buffalo’s third preseason game vs. Cincinnati, per source.