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  1. Gene was the best ref in the game. Also a division 1 college b-ball ref
  2. FluffHead

    6-15: Brandon Beane on One Bills Live

    Coordinators get fired after a year all the time. Second round picks don’t.
  3. FluffHead

    6-15: Brandon Beane on One Bills Live

    He’s still McD’s draft pick and as a second rounder he’s not getting cut this year, especially with the lack of proven talent on the wr depth chart
  4. So I guess it’s official. Josh Allen is a stud
  5. FluffHead

    Away Games You Plan To Attend

    I’m going to Minnesota, Houston and Miami. Any suggestions from those familiar with Minnesota and Houston would be welcome as I’ve never been to either.
  6. FluffHead

    Something brewing with the Patriots?

    I feel like a gronk trade is not that surprising, and would be a good move for them. He’s clearly a year or two away from retiring
  7. @AdamSchefter: This year’s Jimmy V award at the July 11 ESPYS will be given to Hall-of-Fame QB Jim Kelly.
  8. FluffHead

    Are we expecting a spending spree next year?

    Spend money and assets on offense. Surround your young qb with everything you possibly can to be successful
  9. FluffHead

    I miss Leodis McKelvin interviews...

    NINE LADY DAAAAAANCIN! http://m.buffalobills.com/video/videos/Bills-Players-Sing-Twelve-Days-of-Christmas/c7ea5023-edb1-429b-8929-440044da8fa2
  10. FluffHead

    Did Brandon have a minor stake in the team?

    He had a stake in multiple female employees
  11. FluffHead

    What game are you looking forward to the most?

    I’m coming in for this game too. Have never been to Houston. Where are you sitting? I haven’t gotten tickets quite yet. Staying downtown at club quarters
  12. FluffHead

    2018 Schedule Weeks 5-8

    the Kool Aid is particularly strong this time of year
  13. @MikeGarafolo: The Bills are expected to hire Dan Morgan as a high-ranking member of their front office, sources say. The former All-Pro Panthers LB is set to join longtime Panthers exec Brandon Beane in Buffalo. Fills the hole created when Brian Gaine left to become Texans GM.
  14. Whaley maybe was alright at identifying talent but he was not a well rounded GM. There are a ton of other roles the GM has to take on and quite frankly he was embarrassingly inept at them.
  15. He was a scout who got a role he didn’t deserve handed to him by another scout who got a job he didn’t deserve (ole boy buddy nix). And they were both bumbling idiots