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  1. Croom and Sweeney are the only ones that may not make the roster. Lee Smith is a lock considering the deal he signed. And if Kroft starts on PUP I wouldn’t be shocked if Knox, Smith, Croom and Sweeney all make the roster until Kroft is healthy. If you have to cut Croom and/or Sweeney I’m not concerned that they would be the difference in a game vs NYJ 😂
  2. The end zones were green with blue lettering. Sometime around the Gailey era I believe they went to a blue end zone with white lettering.
  3. What a BS schedule, looks like 0-16 for both teams to me
  4. Big Ravens fan = has some friends who go out for “Sunday funday” once in a while and the ravens are on in the background. She probably owns a Ravens t-shirt too.
  5. there is already a tailgate event planned by the nashville bills backers. check their facebook page.
  6. More upset that Steve tasker is still on OBL than this off-season injury
  7. Wish he would have been dumped today instead of Kelso
  8. Wish it was tasker leaving. That man should be forbidden from ever using a microphone again.
  9. Jason Croom and Kelly Pegula rejoice.
  10. He seems like the type to fall off once he gets paid. Pass. I like what we’re building without him.
  11. I agree tasker is about as bad as it gets. Sometimes you can pick up on the fact that Murph knows tasker is brutal too. He is not well informed for someone in his position. The worst is when he asks questions to callers who called in to ask a question.
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