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  1. @AdamSchefter: Add Seattle to the list of teams interested in former Panthers’ TE Greg Olsen, per source. Olsen will be taking a visit to Seattle. I no longer like our chances.
  2. Replace a young guy with a bad foot with an old guy with a bad foot
  3. In the host city but let’s be real probably not inside the stadium
  4. It appears Bills get first crack over Redskins @RapSheet: The visits are beginning soon: Olsen will visit the #Bills and old friend Brandon Beane and then the #Redskins and old friend Ron Rivera this week.
  5. @AdamSchefter: Former Panthers’ TE Greg Olsen will visit the Bills and Redskins this week, per source. Buffalo’s GM Brandon Beane used to be with Carolinas, as did Washington’s HC Ron Rivera.
  6. That’s actually my alter ego’s twitter account. My alter ego is full of poop, FYI. Didn’t expect it to make it on TBD that quickly.
  7. This is number 1 million and 1 on the nfl’s list of considerations regarding scheduling
  8. Chan and fitz, the two best friends that anyone could have! @TomPelissero: Blast from the past: Chan Gailey is coming out of retirement to become the #Dolphins’ offensive coordinator, sources tell me and @RapSheet.
  9. The question was for those of you who have to work weekends you geniuses 😂
  10. he is a monster and has a recurring history of soft tissue injuries. When your muscles are full of the juice they tear easier. Look at the guy. Roid monster.
  11. Seriously, wtf NFL just said coming up after commercial break
  12. He says yes. Personally, not worried. You don’t come back from a torn pec in 2-3 months and be a game changer right away. Even when you’re a giant steroid monster.
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