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  1. FluffHead

    Julio Jones and the 2019 Bills

    Reggie McKenzie is way too fat and old to play WR
  2. He’s a thoroughbred stallion currently residing in a poopy filled stable
  3. Wow, Kyle really looks like a fat fatty Chubb of lard as a youngin. And those were some of the worst designed, incongruent uniforms in the history of sports
  4. FluffHead

    David Sills

    Had to read this eight times and I’m still confused. Periods are your friend.
  5. FluffHead

    Raiders release Bruce Irvin

    He is subject to waivers. We have a very high waiver priority
  6. FluffHead

    Raiders release Bruce Irvin

    Were ahead of them in the waiver order
  7. FluffHead

    Raiders release Bruce Irvin

    He fits in a 4-3, and we have very high position on the waiver claim order. I could see it happening.
  8. He wants to wrestle mike schopp
  9. FluffHead

    Terrelle Pryor in Buffalo! Update: He's signing!

    Thanks for the feedback and for trusting the process, will consider this before making any future post.
  10. FluffHead

    Terrelle Pryor in Buffalo! Update: He's signing!

  11. FluffHead

    This Monday night Game reminds me of

    It reminds me of pigs (us) being led to slaughter
  12. Feel sorry for the vets on this team, but trading McCoy is the right move
  13. FluffHead

    Raiders now Shopping Derek Carr (?)

    Id pull the trigger on this and sit and develop Allen at least two years
  14. FluffHead

    Houston Roll Call

    Will be there. Christians Saturday and yellow lot Sunday.
  15. FluffHead

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    Rarely is a line taken off the board for any position other than QB