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  1. I hope this is a learning experience for you 😂
  2. Cool I will pm you and double check before posting a rumor in the rumors thread next time
  3. From what I gather he is legit.
  4. The white face masks make the uniform honestly. They pop so hard. This is great work and obviously hints at a potential change to white full time this year.
  5. he has made some plays but not exactly the upgrade most were hoping for
  6. You know they will want at least one of those players to be a special teamer coverage type guy and none of them are.
  7. Good depth player. Hopefully upgrade the starter
  8. There were a lot of options out there and we settle on him? need speed and I’m not sure he has it anymore.
  9. Aussie Joe quick on the first reply come up
  10. While it seems obvious, if you’ve seen the video...I’m just saying, as the off-season evolves, I think this is a theme you will see with our additions, is getting this team faster
  11. While obvious, the way he stated this in his post game presser made it obvious: speed is the key on his agenda in the offseason.
  12. Also, 4 defensive HCs in one division. Only division in football aligned that way
  13. This hire does not scare me. Well now that I think about it the Jets would not scare me no matter the hire, they will screw it up.
  14. Offensive practice photos will always let you know the jersey color. Full combo will be announced today on social media
  15. what they said ^^^ he's the next OC
  16. I may have pulled a roger Clemens and Misremembered this. Anyway I have since seen it will be nationally televised
  17. Doubtful. Last time this happened, when we played in Detroit on a weeknight due to blizzard, it was not available on the ticket since it wasn’t on Sunday.
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