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  1. I don't agree at all with pooching it up like they did, but I don't think booting it out the end zone was really an option at the time. Christie was on the decline at that point and very few of his kickoffs made it the end zone that season. The ball was likely getting returned no matter what they did...
  2. Must have been the only year Bruce went to training camp 😃
  3. I thought Scorpio bought it for Homer...
  4. The Sabres used to be this good when the Bills were bad...
  5. New league year starts March 16th @ 4pm EST
  6. I don't think it was tracked back then but I can't recall him ever being off the field unless it was a blowout, training camp or he was holding out. If it wasn't 100%, it was damn near close.
  7. You're right... its much worse... Kickers miss kicks and fluke plays happen.
  8. I call BS on his +1.2... He's only posted 20 rounds since 2016??? No way... He's likely only posting his best scores and I would classify him as a reverse sandbagger or a vanity handicapper
  9. I don't remember exactly why but Donahoe brought in Mike Schneck from the Steelers and if I recall correctly, didn't Dorenbos only do punts when he was with the Bills? I seem to recall Trey Teague being the long snapper on field goals.
  10. Don't care. The next game I watch will be the Bills first preseason game.
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