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  1. Ben Curtis also had an endorsement deal to wear NFL gear during his career on tour.
  2. He played 09-2016... So pretty much half manning half luck
  3. Am I the only one who hasn't watched the Super Bowl for the past 5 years?
  4. Long snapper. He doesn't get the ball back to the holder or the punter fast enough
  5. I have a dilemma.. do I watch on the new TV I bought yesterday or my old one?
  6. Would anyone prefer we were the 330 game slot instead? I'm sick of waiting
  7. Yes Groy - LAC McDermott - NYJ Miller - CAR Teller- Cle Mills is on a practice squad.
  8. Which Franchise would you rather be historically? The Jets or the Bills...
  9. I'd rank them right next to the Bills with Tyrod 🙂
  10. Do we get to at least get to go to the Super Bowl with Option 2? Or are we one and done like the Bengals were under Marvin Lewis.
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