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  1. Where is he on pace for 4000 yards? Currently he projects to just under 3600 with 16 tds and 22 ints passing
  2. When will people stop using portrait mode to shoot videos?
  3. You're right, its a huge conspiracy theory from the Patriots.
  4. It's a kicker... who cares!?!?!?
  5. The guy is having season ending surgery... What are the Patriots supposed to do with him? Keep him on the active roster? People are reading way too much into a non issue.
  6. 2 for me. I think the Patriots win this one easily. 30-13
  7. The last 2 wins over the Patriots at home were in 2011 and 2003. We seem to be on a once every 8 year trend... So clearly we're going to win Sunday.
  8. Sounds like the Hippodrome then. I'll be there tomorrow! Now I just have to figure out how to get there
  9. I will be in London for the next two Bills games. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to see the game?
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