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  1. Did punt god crash the 2BD server? shortly after the kick I couldn’t get on the site. someone confirm?
  2. Former Bill - Karlos Williams Current Bill - irrelevant….will be eaten by Karlos Williams Famous actor - irrelevant….will be eaten by Karlos Williams You dumb madafaka youuuuuu!!!
  3. Welcome to Walmart Stadium!
  4. Crazy prices. place in Waterloo Ontario called Morty’s still has the best wings I’ve ever had outside Buffalo. Still the 9/11 Tavern for me are as close to wing artwork as I’ve ever eaten/seen. You’ll wait 45 minutes but they are huge and meaty and each wing appears to have been painted by a a very saucy brush.
  5. He deserved to be falsely accused and impeached over lies and nonsense? Because he wrote mean tweets? Your attitude is as good an example of why liberalism is a mental disorder.
  6. This guy worked diligently to impeach a sitting President through lies and deceit…tried to overturn an election by pushing a false narrative that it had been stolen by Russia…all while was smashing a Chinese spy who infiltrated his inner circle. He’s beholden to China, like his California colleague Dianne Feinstein who also harbored a Chinese spy for decades. He has betrayed his country.
  7. tweeted by a literal traitor Chinese catspaw who got caught banging a spy named FANG FANG.
  8. We need a punter its key to at least punt well make it happen Beane
  9. Yeah Zelenskyy is the best. Jails journalists and puts his political opponents in prison, too. A real hero of the UkroNazis.
  10. You can’t stop me. FREEDOM! thanks everyone for the replies.
  11. I’m confused. go Bills!!!
  12. Nope. i bet you think CBs can’t transition to Safety, either. or RB to WR.
  13. So moving him to DB is as realistic as moving him to OLB or DE. Gotcha.
  14. Well that’s a pretty ridiculous take. Are you saying he just can’t play football then?
  15. I don’t mean get rid of him he’s too young and too much of a freak. he needs a different job. have him bulk up 20lbs and get him to rush the passer. have him line up at DL and get after the QB. AT THE VERY LEAST - Get him out of the middle. He’s out of place. how wrong is this take?
  16. Another highlight of Tremaine whoafully lagging behind, his dreads dragging him to the ground. I really like the kid…maybe he’s out of position…but he’s the biggest liability on the field from what I can see.
  17. Brady screams ‘49’ before every play not because Tremaine is the MIC. He’s basically calling him out … ’49 - you suck - balls coming at you!’
  18. Every O-Coordinator against the Bills: ”Just run or pass it at Tremaine Edmonds in the middle of the field! He’s basically invisible”
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