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  1. When we first hired him. I remember how incredibly mediocre his career had been, but that he never had a good QB
  2. I've never been impressed with Daboll as OC. I think Josh made him look alot better than he really is
  3. If both Teams play bring their A-game ... ... though the last coin flip that mattered didn't go so well for us.
  4. Now I'm conflicted age confused. At first I had a terminal man-crush on Josh, now it's Von
  5. By next year, he might be lucky to be in the top 10 salary wise. I like that Beane is proactive and tries to stay ahead of the market
  6. Also, wind modelling and computational flow dynamics (CFD) was not available when Rich Stadium was designed
  7. Getting more information from Charm City Bills Backers. On Saturday, they're planning on a charity fundraiser raiser party in honor of Pancho Billa at Jimmy's Seafood, followed by a party somewhere in Fells Point.
  8. Dear God... Please no "wardrobe malfunctions!! tions"
  9. You had me freaked out for a minute, until I realized that you have Sherlock Holmes level of deduction. Arthur
  10. I like this guy, git 'er done Brandon! With a name like that, we know he's awesome. Sincerely, Don Martin.
  11. We just bought tailgate tix for https://takeovertailgate.splashthat.com/ Charm City Backers is planning events on Friday and Saturday, I'll post when I know more
  12. Caught these guys (Cerny Brothers) earlier this year, never heard them before. I love this song
  13. I agree, Como is good, but nothing special. The best Italian is, and has always been Fortunas.
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