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  1. His open letters to fans are great he wears his emotions on his sleeve like so many of us
  2. Good for Shnow Man ... love this dude ... he knows how to keep it real.
  3. damj

    Burned out?

    Maybe because I am depressed. Thanks for your support 👍 Maybe I'm making a point what is supposed to be a fun distraction from all the sh!t that drags us down every day isn't anymore
  4. OK.... whatevs ... Will we stop playing stupid and finding ways to kill ourselves?!?
  5. damj

    Burned out?

    Same here ... I bought into seasons last year after a 25 year hiatus and I'm love loving it ... I love the memories I'm building with my son ... ... I guess where I'm at is after Covid ... then 2022 which was one sh!storm after another... I was looking forward to this season to take my mind off it all. I wasn't expecting Superbowl and I thought the AFC was going to be a tough fight... but this team has underwhelmed at every turn. I'll be out there every week still cheering, but it just doesn't feel the same anymore. Then again, maybe it's the bourbon/ Jack Daniel's cooler / White Claw / vodka talking ... or the heartfelt convo with my coworker talking...
  6. Yeah, I realized that after I posted ... I meant the Chargers ... but still ... Yeah ... I realized after I posted ... Chargers ... Broncos... whatever
  7. I don't know if it's just me ... but after the last 13 weeks, I'm burned out with this team. I'm a season ticket holder, and I'll be out there the next 2 weeks regardless and sporting the red, white and blue ... but I really don't care anymore. But then again, maybe it is just me ... I don't care about much of anything any more. I looked to the Bills to be a distraction from everything else in my life, but they're just as F'd as everything else
  8. The way this season has gone ... I see us beating the Chiefs and Dallas, then losing to Denver. Finish 10-7 and miss the playoffs on tie breakers.
  9. What bone headed way will we find to lose this week?
  10. Well ... at least we know he can beat someone 'cause he can't beat an NFL tackle anymore
  11. We are definitely good enough to go 5-0. Doubt we will though ... I'm guessing 3-2. The way this season has gone, we'll go 4-0, less to Miami and miss the playoffs
  12. Let's not get hasty. Coach McDermott is a GREAT coach and it would be a major error to get rid of him. Sincerely, Marty Schottenheimer
  13. Well. We're playing stupid today. Not looking good today. Shooting ourselves in both feet today.
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