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  1. The Fritz Pollard Alliance will have a field day of Roman gets the job 4 months from now—what minority candidate could possibly be considered anything but a token interview if they already knew who they wanted in September?
  2. I believe it was Nate Odoms with the FG block... That was also the game where the officials kept stopping the game clock and play clock to ask the crowd to quiet down because Elway couldn’t hear... Shockingly, it didn’t work.
  3. I confess that I definitely won’t be giving this a second thought; no offense intended just being honest
  4. Um, ok. I guess I just don’t understand why it bothers you that much... I mean, I actually like Arch. He’s not Charles Davis, but he’s still pretty good.
  5. You’re taking this a bit personal...
  6. Arch loves tough guy QBs, so yeah, he’s all about our boy.
  7. As others have said: this was a “when” not an “if”, so the key is how it’s handled
  8. Well your scenario is apples to oranges at best. Where I work, and just about everywhere else, you get promoted for what you’ve done. If your performance slips, you can be demoted just as quickly. Is that an indictment of the people doing the promoting or the person being demoted? A much greater offense would be to stick with an underperforming person and not recognizing the issue. And there’s no point in getting high and mighty about echo chambering...aren’t you the poster that used to destroy the organization for not spending money? Here they’ve extended a player that was very good for them and it somehow bothers you that it might not have been a great investment. Guys get benched. It happens. Sometimes a player has a rough patch; sometimes he gets too comfortable after getting paid. You’d like to believe that executives would see it coming, but that doesn’t always happen.
  9. He was their most consistent offensive lineman last year, so they have him an extension for modest money that they can easily get out of. What’s the problem?
  10. The Raiders can really run the ball; this ain’t no cake walk. They’re physical and fast, and they have some dangerous pass catchers. This would be a good week to get the run game going.
  11. Yes that $4.5M of guaranteed money is crippling
  12. He makes some throws every week that maybe 2-3 other QBs in the game can make. Just sensational.
  13. The throw to Diggs that was deemed “just not fair” along the sideline. That was absolutely ridiculous
  14. Yeah well I remember when a poster on this board called the Bills an “offense that can barely score 2 TDs per game” back in August
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