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  1. When considering the bench number, it's important to take arm length into account. Shorter arms are a distinct advantage in the bench, so Oliver's number should be higher than Donald's if their functional strength were equal (since his arms are 3/4" shorter). So there's probably a bit more of a gap in functional strength between the two players, but keep in mind that Donald was a year and a half older than Oliver when he went through testing, and that can make a big difference for a guy that young.
  2. People really need to go back and read Donald's draft profile from NFL.com. Though some of us said we'd love to have him at 9th overall in 2014, he was hardly a consensus elite prospect. @K-9 posted it in another thread, and the revisionism about Donald's projection is pretty strong
  3. How many guesses do I get? Betcha I only need one 😂
  4. I think they're almost identical...and that's not a knock on Laviska IMO
  5. Sure do. I also remember when people said to stay far away from Chris Jones coming out of Miss State because he didn't record a statistic against Alabama or Auburn and had a combined 3 tackles against Troy/Louisiana Tech/Kentucky. But folks that watched him closely knew better, and now he's one of the most dominant defensive players in the game. Do you happen to see the irony in relying on NFL GM's expertise when it comes to late-round OLmen that have done nothing in the NFL, but questioning it when it comes to a top-10 pick that happens to be a 2-time All American?
  6. You need to stop assuming that someone hasn't watched a player if they don't agree with you. And yes, you're not living in reality if you expect a player to dominate all game, every game. Even Aaron Donald didn't dominate against ACC and Big East competition in college. You have your opinion and that's fine, but you are massively over-stating your case against him. He didn't "get skunked" against Texas Tech, nor has he been invisible against Power 5 teams as you claim. And if it makes you feel any better, not one of the players on your list got a draftable grade from me.
  7. It's probably his ceiling weight right now, but remember, he's 21 years old. He's almost certainly going to fill out as he matures, and don't discount the difference between NFL strength and conditioning and college.
  8. Watkins numbers as a true freshman were markedly better than Laviska's as a sophomore. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/laviska-shenault-jr-1.html https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/sammy-watkins-1.html
  9. I've watched the entire game multiple times over. The point of the exercise was simply that we're less than halfway through the first quarter, and there are 4 plays already in which he's made a noticeable impact in a game that you said he "got skunked". I don't know how many snaps he played that game, but I do know that Texas Tech ran 100 plays. If you really expect a 287-pound guy playing nose tackle and getting double-teamed 50% of the time (at a minimum) to dominate all game long playing such a high amount of snaps when there isn't a single other decent defender playing alongside him, well, your expectations are absurd. You'll also notice that Tech ran very few of their RPO and other slower-developing plays. The game plan was clearly designed to neutralize what Oliver could do.
  10. I think it's a legitimate question to ask. I also think that, as a 21-year old, he should have no problem adding a good 10-12 lbs over the next 18 months. As a rookie, he may suffer a bit if he's asked to play 60 snaps/game wtihout the additional bulk.
  11. Perhaps the center shouldn't have worked up to the 2nd level so soon
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