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  1. Well, last year a poster on this board said that Hill was a better QB than Brees (and Josh Allen), so I guess we get to see that now.
  2. Power Rankings are simply one person’s opinion of which team is better. I don’t actually care one way or another, but the idea that Miami is somehow playing better football on both sides of the ball is ridiculous. They aren’t scoring points or gaining yards on offense at the same pace as Buffalo. That’s not a debatable question. They’re living off of turnovers, which decades of statistics will tell you are closer to a random event than a predictable and reproducible metric. Miami may end up proving themselves a good team, but unless the offense starts picking up their game, this s
  3. They beat Arizona because the Cardinals’ kicker left a 49-yard FG short, while the Cardinals managed a miracle Hail Mary against Buffalo. If we’re going to play that game, we throttled Seattle while Miami lost to them. We beat NE****** while Miami lost to them. But here’s the truth: style points don’t count in the standings. Wins do.
  4. 1) what does that have to do with Kyle Boller? 2) you think his arm and hand size are the reasons that he was drafted? I really don’t see your point here.
  5. They’re something of a paper tiger relying entirely upon turnovers right now. They allow 5.6 yards/play on defense, which ranks 17th. For context, the much-maligned Buffalo defense allows 5.8 yards/play, which ranks 18th. Offensively, they rank 23rd at 5.4 yards/play. With Fitz, they averaged 26.7 points per game on offense (no def or ST scores). With Tua, the offense is averaging 23.3 points per game (not including def or ST scores). Unless their offense picks it up soon, this isn’t going to last.
  6. No offense: that’s a total and complete non-sequitur
  7. IMO it was more of a throw down between people that studied him intently and people that box score scouted.
  8. And how has Tre White been playing? Actual facts and numbers please.
  9. Yeah, but Miami has Tua “180 yards” Tagovailoa—the greatest football player in history; the wind cowers at his mere presence.
  10. Wait, this is the quote that inspired this thread? Yeah, absolutely crystal clear that they are being cautious.
  11. Yep...that was the one where I said “oh come on, you’ve called every little ticky tack thing against us and absolutely nothing against them; just let one go for goodness sake”
  12. That one didn’t bother me, but DPI on Worley followed by a brutal no-call on Smoke had my fuming. Didn’t matter since Allen and Diggs delivered in the clutch, but yeah, I was 😡
  13. That’s all fine and good, but the still shot says it all. 3 guys there, all had a chance, and all got beat. “Put a taller guy back there” wasn’t going to make a difference.
  14. “Tallest man wins” isn’t a thing. It’s not like we had a bunch of 5’9” guys competing against someone that’s 6’5”. I’ll take 3 guys that get paid to stop a WR from catching a ball to do their job any given day.
  15. Oh for crying out loud; they had their 3 best DBs in position to compete for the ball against a single, 6’1” WR. They didn’t get it done. If that’s bad coaching I don’t know what to say.
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