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  1. The good news is that outfits like USA Today, Reuters, CSPAN and others typically provide full transcripts for review, so it’s not difficult (time consuming though it may be) to draw one’s own conclusions.
  2. Just a note: gotta be careful with that quote since it often gets cut off to make it look worse. I’m no Trump fan, but he definitely and explicitly said that he wasn’t referring to the white supremacists—who should be condemned. He’s said a lot of stupid and reprehensible things, but this one particular quote doesn’t make the cut as one of them.
  3. Well since folks like Rashida Tlaib and Linda Sarsour have documented ties to Farrakhan, while Donny Boy’s kid was harping on the Dems to disavow him, I have a hard time fitting him into the right-wing box. Maybe religious extremist is as complicated as it needs to be? But semantics aside, he’s a lunatic.
  4. That’s what I figured as well. I thought it was worth clarifying in case anyone else read it and saw some room for ambiguity (as I did). Based on @DrDawkinstein’s post history, I would’ve been rather surprised to see anything nefarious in it.
  5. Did you mean to say that Farrakhan is a right-wing extremist? I don’t think you meant to say that. Right?
  6. I see you, Zach Banner: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29431945/steelers-zach-banner-emotional-video-let-all-uplift-other 🙏🏻
  7. Of all the people to say the right thing, it has to be my least favorite NFL player...
  8. The questions I’ll ask in response: 1) have you seen significant improvement from Allen since his rookie season? 2) given what you’ve seen from him, what makes it likely that he will not continue to improve? 3) if he does not improve from where he is, can the Bills win a Super Bowl with him? 4) given what you’ve seen from him, what makes it likely that he will continue to improve? 5) if he does improve from where he is, can the Bills win a Super Bowl with him?
  9. Maybe it’s a media issue, but I’ll assume responsibility for not knowing it myself. It literally took 45 seconds to find...and you’d think that, as a person of Jewish ethnicity, that’s something I’d take ownership over knowing.
  10. I didn’t say that; I only meant that the relative percentages surprised me.
  11. Exactly. I’m a Christian (which are technically Jews anyway 😂—you can’t believe in the Old Testament and not be a Jew), but I’m Jewish by ethnicity. Funny side story: my Italian grandfather got an ancestry DNA test at the age of 95. His results indicated that he was ~30% Italian and over 50% Jewish. Now you had to know this dude: to him, the only thing as good as being an Italian was being a Jew. He passed away a few months later. My uncle joked that once he discovered that he was both an Italian and a Jew, the only thing left before he could finally die in peace was to see the Bills make the playoffs one more time. He died on January 6th, 2018.
  12. That statistic was difficult (almost impossible actually) to believe, so I looked it up in the FBI/UCR database. https://ucr.fbi.gov/hate-crime/2018/topic-pages/victims For 2018, you’re actually low...that’s...shocking. Of the ~43.55M black people in the US, 2,428 were reportedly victimized in hate crimes. That’s roughly 0.0056%. Of the ~5.7M Jews in the US, 920 were reportedly victimized in hate crimes. That’s roughly 0.016%. So the pure-percentage ratio is actually 2.9:1. Though given the rarity with which reported hate crimes seem to occur, I’m not certain that the ratio means much.
  13. You mean like Riley Cooper? I looked it up since you asked, and yes, players were very outspoken about it. 2 Cowboys DBs said that they expect he’ll get targeted by black opponents for it. https://www.espn.com/blog/dallas/cowboys/post/_/id/4711498/cowboys-players-react-to-riley-cooper-slur?platform=amp A few Giants voiced their displeasure about it. https://www.newsday.com/sports/football/giants/giants-have-mixed-reactions-to-riley-cooper-s-racial-slur-1.5811972 His own teammates weighed in almost immediately. Shady said he forgives him, but doesn’t respect him anymore. All of the above comments came within a day of the video going public.
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