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  1. You would take a RT over a WR1? I do not agree.
  2. I think the complaint with Ford is that the upside simply didn’t match the investment. The other names that you hear mentioned like AJ & DK offered much greater upside at that point.
  3. Expressed methods or not—this team lacks superstars in every way. And they don’t have time to draft and develop all of them before they have to (hopefully) start paying premium dollars to big-money positions like OT, CB, and QB. My question about which being more responsible is $35M on 4 role players vs $35M on 2 superstars; is one more “responsible” than the other? The same comment about bottom-of-the-roster quantity applies to last year’s total as well. The less-than-40 included no-name guys that won’t make the 53 like Cam Phillips and Lafayette Pitts. Their roster situation is massively different from last year at this time.
  4. Nope. Last year they had $80M in cap space with less than 40 players under contract. This year, assuming a cap of $199M, they have almost $90M in cap space with an entire regular season roster (53) under contract. HUGE difference. Let me ask this: suppose instead of signing Morse at 11, Brown at 9, Beasley at 7, and Nsekhe at 6.5 (total of 33.5), they sign, say, Ngakoue at 18 and AJ Green at 15.5–same dollars; is one more “responsible” than the other? Why?
  5. Oh now you all love Matt Judon. Where were y’all back in 2016?!?! For real though: imagine if we drafted all of Bandit’s draft crushes in 2016 when we had the chance. It could’ve looked like: Myles Jack Kamalei Correa Robby Anderson Geronimo Allison Matt Judon Elandon Roberts Ok, too many LBs, but they’d have been good LBs!
  6. “Responsibly” doesn’t necessarily mean “inexpensively”. They gave a center with a concussion history $11M AAV last offseason; they’ll spend when they need to...and this year, they need to. I think folks are really underestimating the amount of cap space this team has. They could sign 3 different $15M/year guys and still have plenty of room for draft picks and in-season transactions. And with Star potentially coming off the books next year, they still would have $60M to spend on extensions for Tre/Milano/Dawkins. There is absolutely no reason to pinch pennies here.
  7. Guessing that you didn’t see the 2013 draft then? 🤪 Seriously though, OTs always get overdrafted due to need. Otherwise how do guys like Caleb McGary end up 1st round picks?
  8. Appreciate the sentiment for sure. The Gaine-O’Brien power struggle was at least partially related to Clowney. I believe Gaine has a good relationship with him.
  9. Just about everything here is wrong. They are a team with an inside track if anything—Gaine is the Houston GM that pushed for a Clowney extension and got fired over it. Yes, they have holes to fill on offense. Do both. They have a TON of cap space. How many games has he actually missed in the last 4 years?
  10. I like Aiyuk a LOT. Not sure if he’s going to come away with a R1 grade from me, but I think he’s a great fit for Buffalo.
  11. Definitely. At a minimum, WR1, premier EDGE rusher and RB1a should be addressed in FA. OL as well if Spain is allowed to walk since they’ll need either a LG (if Ford stays at RT) or a RT (if Ford moves to LG—I love Nsekhe but he’s 35 and banged up). I’d love to see a value signing at CB like Troy Hill or Trae Waynes if KJ doesn’t re-sign.
  12. You are misremembering. Sammy grew up a Bills’ fan.
  13. I think that the more pertinent point here is that it’s irresponsible for a team at the onset of their proverbial “window” to go into the draft in desperate need of anything, let alone something as critical to the development of their young QB as a bona fide WR1. Better get one in FA or via trade. Same with EDGE. You could also make an argument for OT and CB, though they’re nowhere near as desperate at those spots. Have to draft for future value; can’t pick based on need.
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