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  1. Just for the record, and we don’t know if there’s anything to it at this point, @Kirby Jackson suggested this as a possibility waaaaaaay back in January
  2. Kelsay had 32.5 sacks in 10 seasons; Murphy has 24.0 in 5 seasons.
  3. Definitely not. And a lot of heat should fall on the staff at the time. It was misdiagnosed, then mishandled, and when finally handled properly it was too late to get him into football shape for the back half of 2016. Next time we saw him play a meaningful game it was for another team. Has he underachieved relative to his draft slot? Absolutely. Has he been the monumental disappointment that some folks imply? Not by a mile.
  4. A WR that had 2100 yards and 15 TDs in his first 2 seasons catching passes from EJ, Orton, and Tyrod in an offense that threw the ball less than any other in football is a disaster? I mean yeah, he was injured in year 3, but geez.
  5. I’ll add a few others: Isaiah Hodgins Jordan Elliot Robert Hunt I know Alton Robinson isn’t a sleeper per se, but IMO he’s very under-discussed. I have him as a round 2 guy.
  6. I don’t know if Darrynton Evans and Devin Duvernay count, but I do know that Omar Bayless counts.
  7. And you could’ve easily not said a word...yet you felt compelled to make sure that we all knew that this was meaningless and we shouldn’t be excited. Like I said: you can set your watch by certain posters making sure to tell everyone not to expect improvement.
  8. You can set your watch by certain board members making sure to tamp down any enthusiasm about Allen
  9. Over/under on this thread moving to PPP is 97 minutes—place your bets!
  10. Here’s a snapshot: I have no rivalries. I do, however, take notice of agendas and rib those that perpetually carry on with them
  11. Relax. This poster goes to the Dak-is-light-years-ahead well waaaaaaaay too often and refuses to acknowledge any positives about Josh. So when he does so, I feed him the above narrative, which is equally obtuse.
  12. You know what would be nice? If somehow the two were put up against each other in a nationally televised game, where each had to face a top-10 defense. Then we could see which one of them had the best game of his career and which one turned the ball over twice and needed a garbage time score to crest 7 points. If only... ...wait...
  13. I tend to push back against extremism on players. I have no issue with the opinion that he didn’t live up to #4 overall pick status. The idea that he sucks and isn’t any more than a WR3 is silly and indefensible.
  14. Almost an identical deal to the one signed by Spain last offseason.
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