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  1. So the fact that you only show up to criticize the QB after a loss isn't, in fact, lost on you.
  2. Nice of you to stop in. I've noticed that you've been active on the board after 3 specific games this season. I wonder if there's a contributing factor as to which games you decide to post about. Just thinking aloud. I'm sure there's no really, really obvious and agenda-driven pattern.
  3. Joe should listen to Eric Wood. The reason that Allen was able to throw with anticipation on the final drive is that Buffalo was in a hurry-up and didn't afford Cleveland a chance to change their personnel or looks. That gave Allen easy pre-snap reads, and we've all seen how good he is under those circumstances. Then, of course, we decided to huddle on 3rd down without calling a timeout, and we saw how that went. A smart fan might wonder why the offense doesn't operate on a fast-paced basis more often after seeing how well the QB plays in such a scenario. At least until Allen hits his next level of development and the game slows down more for him.
  4. Tyreek Hill would've caught up to the McKenzie deep throw
  5. Actually his first deep shot to Foster was money. TD if Ward doesn't interfere.
  6. Saying that he's the only practical option at TE is a FAR different statement than stating that he's a trusted pass catcher, which is what you said. He's the opposite of that--unreliable. He drops the ball. A lot. So neither Moss nor Rice would've caught the deep ball that Brown dropped against Norman last week? I disagree
  7. He's caught 84% of his targets despite 92% of them being catchable. His drop rate is terrible, and yet you "trust" him? That, coupled with the phony stats you posted in the OP, makes me doubt just about everything you're saying here
  8. You would trust Knox? To do what? His drop rate is 16.1%, which is atrocious. https://www.rotowire.com/football/player.php?id=13466 Are you purposely putting out misinformation here?
  9. Only because Preston Williams is hurt. He abused Levi last time around.
  10. More or less agree, but that ball was on the money. He'd have caught it and scored, and Ward knew it. Really smart play by him.
  11. How much different are the game result and narrative if Denzel Ward doesn't interfere with Foster on the opening play? Because that was a TD he saved
  12. There will be no excuse for a repeat performance in the 2020 draft. It's absolutely loaded at WR.
  13. Strongly disagree that he's shown no improvement in those areas. There's a gigantic chasm between no improvement and some-improvement-but-not-there-yet.
  14. Having taken some time to reflect, here's what I've got: Allen didn't have a great game, but my word, he was nowhere near as bad as some folks in here say. It's no wonder why some posters get accused of wanting to see the kid fail. He was mostly accurate with his intermediate throws, missed a few, had the usual half dozen dropped, but generally moves the offense. Shame that Denzel Ward made a really smart DPI foul on Foster early, because that would've been the deep throw TD folks have been asking for all year. My biggest beef is with the staff. For starters: the next time Daboll puts a player in position to maximize his personal talents will be the first. Why is our QB running a timing offense? Why is Cole Beasley running deep routes? Why are Andre Roberts and Dawson Knox continuing to get play time on 3rd downs when they consistently drop passes in critical moments? But mostly, there's nothing wrong with doing what works. Allen has been absolutely money on 3rd downs when working shallow crossers and flood concepts. Where were those yesterday? Why do we refuse to put him on the move in key conversion situations? Bad coaching. My other big beef continues to be a total lack of play making ability on offense. Does anyone honestly remember any pass catcher on this team making any type of play on a ball in the last 16 months? This team has a ways to go. Allen needs to be better, and I believe he'll get there, but it would sure be nice if the staff either attempted to work with his ability OR gave him a surplus of talent to work with so that he didn't have to be the hero. They've done neither. More concerning is that they seem to be just fine with it.
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