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  1. I'm a fan of Stafford. I wish him well. I think he's going to be very successful in LA.
  2. This for me rings true the most. We have been questioning the toughness of the Offensive and Defensive lines all season. Our winning streak was able to mask over the cracks but when the playoffs rolled around, the cracks became apparent. This off season we have to invest in some big uglies that can eat up space, move their man, and generate pressure. Upgrade the TE and RB position and run it again. Thank you for your post as always. Very insightful.
  3. I did not notice any "yellowing" but did notice that he was flustered. He had the same look like he had in the playoff game vs. the texans and earlier in his career (GB, Patriots etc). This was probably due to a variety of reasons; porous OL play, no WR separation, lack of running game, poor coaching and I'm sure he also felt the pressure to keep up with Mahomes. He was pressing. I'm not worried about Allen, he will learn from this. After watching Allen for 3 years now, my eyes tell me that the moment is not too big for him.
  4. Tony Romo made a comment that we should double Hill, chip Kelce and play cover 1. I'm not sure why we did not try to do something different, maybe we don't have the personnel? Offensive line got man handled. I was shocked at that. We have to get better upfront on both sides of the ball. Overall, happy with this team and everything they've done. Lot of positives to build on.
  5. Do you guys drink as much as you say you do or are you just exaggerating?
  6. Congratulations. Wishing you and your family well.
  7. Some feedback here, take it or leave it. I'm not sure we really need all those reactions. Dislike, disagree and vomit all say the same thing in my opinion. Also, I can't see myself really using eye roll, shocked and angry. Thanks for everything you do.
  8. Allen vs Mahomes Brady vs Rodgers Next weekend should be a lot of fun. McDermott vs. Andy Reid is a great story line also.
  9. Shout out to the entire d-line. They played their guts out tonight. So proud of this team.
  10. This is going to force them to get away from the run. Awesome!! Bring it home boys.
  11. We have to at least keep them honest by sprinkling in some runs. They don't even need to be successful tbh.
  12. Really, even if he fumbles and Ravens recover? I did not know that.
  13. Kyle Brant is awesome. He's always been very supportive of Buffalo. Got to love him. I hope the bills come out and go for it. 5 wide to start the game, high tempo, try to get up by +14, and force the Ravens to try and keep up. If we are aggressive on both sides of the ball, we can allow our best player to get as many possessions as possible. This give us the best chance to win in my opinion. Enjoy everyone.
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