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  1. Didnt he just have a 40 yard run 2 games ago?
  2. Or the foot injury threw off his balance and led to a groin injury.
  3. Allen played well today. His TEs let him down several times outside of the Smith TD
  4. I think Zay gets traded for sure. Even for a late round pick, give him a fresh start elsewhere.
  5. He went for 2 50+ yard field goals on a wet field. Insanity
  6. No way they get 3. Santos is mentally toast today
  7. The only play calls I didnt like were after the 2 minute warning. Other than that mostly solid. Would have given Gore a few more opportunities, but that's a minor quibble
  8. Duke or Foster would have caught the td Zay dropped
  9. Josh had a bad game, but Zay dropped how many catchable balls? We went away from Gore at the wrong time too. The WRs outside of Brown leave a lot to be desired. Foster should be playing, and getting more than 1 target per game
  10. 3 garbage plays in a row after the 2 minute warning. How did gore only get 16 Carries?
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