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  1. Here's the exchange with Hughes and Beasley. It looks like they worked it out since then.
  2. He did. Saw it earlier and had to close the app. Almost threw my phone
  3. Wasn't that Trent Dilfer's QB camp too? They were on with Rich Eisen talking about it right? That's a great clip!
  4. 64% of adults have received at least 1 dose of the vaccine. Your statement is incorrect
  5. It seems like he's intent on lighting his reputation on fire. Yes, some people support him, but the majority don't, since 64% of adults have taken at least one dose. Digging in and saying you're not going to wear a mask or get vaccinated is a PR nightmare.
  6. I wasn't allowed to come back to the office without proof uploaded. That's more strict than what the NFL is saying. It depends on the employer, but the NFL is within its rights to do the same
  7. This was really disrespectful of Cole. Healthcare workers have been heroes the past 15 months. My best friend’s mom lost her friend (who was a nurse) to Covid, that she got while caring for patients at the hospital. My office reopened Wednesday, and in order to be let in the door, I had to upload a copy of my vaccination card. I could still work remote, but I like having the option to work both places. His employer is giving him a choice, albeit with different protocols depending on that choice. I can understand why someone undergoing chemo, or who is pregnant, or otherwise immune co
  8. Or they could IR him and see what the DL looks like at the end of the year
  9. I'd put Reid #1 ahead of Daboll. Then everyone else after
  10. If they had rolled with Fitz last year the Dolphins would have made the playoffs
  11. This right here. It's about supporting cast, not the QB.
  12. What dead guy? Buddy Nix is still alive. Remember when the crank callers pretended to be the Tampa GM and recorded him saying "the Bills needed to draft a QB since they made a mistake extending Fitz" (or something to that effect). Lol
  13. I hope it’s not true, but I wouldn’t be shocked.
  14. Wish I could give this about 5000 likes lol
  15. There's precedent for this at least. the Colorado Buffaloes have a live mascot.
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