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  1. Serious question: can the Bills file a protest/Grievance? It might not get reversed but it was a disgusting display of the head referee getting overturned
  2. It was a good move at the time. What other receivers were available to trade for at that moment?
  3. Owens would have been great if Fitz had started the whole year. They had unbelievable chemistry
  4. Does anyone really think if this game mattered today that we wouldn't be 11-5?
  5. They could have run Gore or Yeldon to get into field goal range. Ugh
  6. Gore is the only player on offense who's showed up today. Yeldon had a nice catch too.
  7. He had the team playing better than Hue by a mile, and was the right hire over Kitchens
  8. If they held them to a fg we win 20-19 at the end
  9. They need a WR that can contest jump balls in the worst freaking way
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