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  1. why would they spike it? There were 6 minutes left in OT Too bad I had the Patriots in my Last Man Standing survivor pool. Oh well, seeing them lose was worth it.
  2. Why the heck didn’t Houston call timeout on 3rd and goal in OT? They weren’t even close to ready on defense.
  3. Adam Gase is the worst coach I’ve seen since at least Marty Mornhenwhig
  4. Well, Micah Hyde was a hit, but they let him go lol
  5. Cam looked horrible today. They’d have been better off with Edelman at QB the last drive. Brady’s not what he once was, but he’s still looking pretty good in Tampa. My hatred of him is waning now that we don’t have to face him twice a year. They’ve got a ton of weapons in Tampa.
  6. I tried picking Gronk up off waivers in fantasy for this week. We have a bidding system, and was outbid. He looks like he’s rounding back into form. At 50% of what he was, he’d still be a dangerous weapon.
  7. They should sign Bell. They have nothing to lose. Really need an LB too though
  8. I’d rather the ask Zo to un-retire. Shoot, if Kyle was in game shape, ask him too. They need some leadership that’s desperately missing
  9. I wish they’d kept Phillips. The pass rush is nonexistent right now. Epenesa was only noticeable on his boneheaded offside. The refs were atrocious, but a lack of heart and discipline cost them the game, not officiating.
  10. Not kicking the FG was totally boneheaded
  11. Mel Kiper was pretty much the only guy who believed in Allen. He and McShay got into it a couple times live about it, even after Josh’s rookie year. Mel said Allen would be the best QB in the AFC East in the next 5 years and McShay laughed at him and said it was Darnold. Then Mel went off on him.
  12. I didn't like the fake. But all the other calls were great, and in years past they'd never have bounced back from multiple disallowed TDs on the same drive. Go Bills!!!
  13. How do they cut to a commercial on a scoring review?
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