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  1. My dad just died Wednesday, from some type of lung infection. Not sure if it was covid or just a side effect of Alzheimer's. All I know is, I got the vaccine ASAP in hopes of being able to travel and see him for the first time in a year, but he passed away the day after my 2nd shot, on my sister's birthday (of all days). He lived in a state where masks aren't mandated and people generally don't want to get vaccinated. I'm glad Erie county is taking this position, since a crowd of 70,000 people could spread covid like wildfire. Either way, no one I know who's been vaccinated has had many side
  2. I'm all for as many fans in the stands as possible, and think by the time the season starts, we'll be there as a nation. That doesn't mean that having 38,000 together right now is a good idea. That's all I was trying to say. If 3m people keep going per day until we get to 70-75%, we should get there even sooner. I'd love to go to a game this season!
  3. They did that despite warnings that it was a terrible idea. I'm pretty sure after their opening series, they're going back to reduced capacity.
  4. I'm not saying it's legit, just sharing what I saw. By 5pm we'll know if fake.
  5. Just had this conversation on twitter. We'll see if legit
  6. Didn’t he go to Clemson with Watson? Are they trying to trade for a friend to try and get him back on board? Otherwise doesn’t make much sense
  7. This here. Brady left and let Tampa to a superbowl. Bellichick stayed and the team fell apart
  8. You think Howie Long's son is hurting for money? Just want to make sure I'm understanding what your theory is.
  9. It was just a couple generations ago that alligators were in danger of going extinct. Now they're over populated in some areas. It's definitely a balance. The only hunters I have an issue with are the ones who go to Africa to kill giraffes, elephants, rhinos etc, or who kill sleeping bears who are hibernating with their cubs. Better Teller is the one hunting gators than me.
  10. His legs are well rested lol. Honestly wouldn't mind him as a pass catching 3rd down type back.
  11. WFT was a different team when he started, and he's clearly still better than a few teams' current starters. I'll be curious to see how the QB carousel shakes out during FA
  12. Cool! Always glad to see pro athletes in other sports cheering on the Bills
  13. Not totally related, but: Isn’t Shaq a Bills fan? I’m not 100%, but I feel like on MTV cribs years ago he had a room in his house dedicated to the Bills
  14. Slight disagreement, since they did give Charles Clay #1 TE money just 5 or so years ago. Too bad the move flopped with his injuries. But other than that, it's been all journeymen since Reimersma.
  15. Great read, and putting this together must have taken hours! I just think if Harris or Etienne are there at 30, the Bills take the RB. Moss is a fine rotational back, but Singletary regressed badly year 2 and unless the Bills feel Antonio Williams can be the guy, they need a back desperately just to even hint at a running game.
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