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  1. As in the past, when the Bills are having a rough time, I turn down the TV audio and switch to the 'GR broadcast at halftime (Sanchita Karma). I take great pains to perfectly synch the radio audio with the TV video. Without these past actions, the Bills would not have experienced the W as influenced by my then current action (Agami Karma). I have not performed these actions in their 3 losses. You're welcome. 🤔🙄🍺
  2. The Left Bank on the West side. One of the best meals I've ever had anywhere. Everyone I've ever sent there agrees. You will not be disappointed. Outstanding service and great food. The Left Bank Restaurant
  3. Tony P

    2023 Concerts

    BTW, Joe Bonamassa will be playing at Shea's in Buffalo this Winter. I'll be seeing him at this venue (which I've been wanting to visit for awhile now): Joe B at The Amp in St Augustine
  4. Tony P

    2023 Concerts

    If you ever get the chance to see Buddy perform at his own club (Buddy Guy's Legends )in Chicago, I'd highly recommend it! I've seen him there twice and it's awesome.
  5. First saw KWS in Minneapolis when he was 19. Probably seen him 15 times since. Guess you could say my wife and I are fans. Completely agree that KWS himself isn’t much for vocals (but believe it or not, is improving!). Also agree that he’s a superior guitarist and that his music trends a bit more blues/rock with even some country vibes, than straight ahead blues. That said, I’d completely agree with SMH that Noah Hunt has a very good voice. They’ve been together for a long time and Hunt’s vocals have been a large part of the band’s success. KWS himself said as much in a Guitar Center Sessions interview several years ago. If you’re judging Hunt’s voice as a bluesman, he isn’t Buddy Guy, or Keb Mo or Howlin’ Wolfe or any of the classic greats. But IMO, his voice is perfect for KWS band and the music they play.
  6. With the Euro basically at par with the US$, it's actually $190 bucks plus tax. Tough to beat. Only issue is that it's about 30 seconds or so behind the US broadcast.
  7. I was at that game as well. The sound of the hit reverberated through the stadium. I remember the whole place going silent for an instant. My older brother, like you, also thought Lincoln was dead! Completely changed the game.
  8. Live in person: Kirby Puckett’s walk-off HR in the 11th inning of game 6 of the 1991 World Series forcing the decisive game 7 the next night. I as at that game as well: Jack Morris’ 10 inning shutout gem of the Braves to win it all. Unbelievable 24 hours for this lifelong Twins fan.
  9. VERY clever but transparent attempt by the aliens to deflect attention away from their existence. Heck, even the host is obviously an ALIEN!!!
  10. $16.00 for 10 here in Bonita Springs. But $10.00 for 10 on Mondays. Good wings though - the owner is from BUF.
  11. Isaac's little brother? 😇 I keed, I keed.
  12. I've always liked old-fashioned wrist watches. These are two that I honestly wear quite often. I especially like the one on the right.
  13. Ok. I get that it can probably be jury-rigged. But part of my point is that it should be facing the other way in the first place.
  14. Not sure that work as the material where the grommets are located is usually reinforced.
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