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  1. ok. i know this has been discussed before - but looking for legit options to get the game today I live out of area (DC). Not going to get direct TV/ST. Im more than willing to pay for it. Options: Red Zone Network - ok...but clearly not just the bills game. Tunein Radio - audio/radio only Are there other viable options
  2. I hate this every year. Loving in VA -i'd pay to watch the games. But I am not switching to DirecTV. Any other viable options? Red Zone is okay - but id rather watch the full game.
  3. If we can squeeze it in - i like keeping bass and Hauschka . Love Bass as the future - but its risky right now. If we cut hauschka - and Bass shows rookie problems - we're in trouble. I'd rather keep the insurance policy on the roster now. Its possible the NFL will grant roster expemptions. Gotta expect some COVID issues will come up.
  4. Sounds like they are going Warriors. I like redtails myself.
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