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  1. This was still a bit much...havent forgiven him for this. Love the bills...but i better never see this kind of behavior again from him on the field.
  2. Not signaling out Oliver because i dont know his story, but the neighborhood many of these guys come from, combined with a boat ton of cash in their name. They think they need to protect themselves (and in many cases they are right). There is probably other ways do it. But i would bet that's a big driver.
  3. Honestly it’s refreshing to see a cop video where everyone seems to be behaving appropriately. Not trying to be political - just something I noticed. also more to follow on the gun charge. Unlawful weapon - is at because it’s not registered, he was drunk, It was on display, or something else. Seems it could be many things. any way you slice it this is an idiotic thing to do - and he needs to pay the price. But I’m not sure it’s as bad as it appears (it’s still very bad though). Will change my mind when I hear his bac, any other substances in his system, and the actual gun offense.
  4. This is a great smart pick. Now we need to be good fans and not demand he start the first time Allen throws an interception and loses a game.
  5. I feel like i should be able to like this guy now...but i dont.
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