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  1. I remember that day so we’ll… I live in Eagles country and my annoying neighbor decided he would roll by and poke fun at how the Bills were falling apart…we need just 1 damn super bowl!
  2. #23 Troy Vincent - blue #28 Leodis Mckelvin - blue #94 Mario Williams - blue (ugly yoke collar) #17 Josh Allen - white Good story about the Troy jersey. I worked at a golf company near Trenton, NJ and my good friend grew up with Troy just across the bridge in PA. Troy came into the office one day and we got talking. I told him I was a Bills fan and he said he was interested in playing golf. So I swapped him some clubs for his jersey!
  3. Whose is this? My Buddy is in Hawaii right now and took this picture…
  4. I went to the New England game in 1988 with my mom and brother. it ended with Bruce Smith swallowing Flutie at the end of the game. It was awesome!
  5. Who else were USFL qb’s and how long did they stay? Young? Moon??
  6. Interesting…I also think the length of qb careers has gotten ridiculously long because you can’t touch them. Guys like Kelly got the ***** kicked out of them and I think it would be impossible for them to pay 15-20 years. Do you agree with Kirby’s hot take?
  7. Jim Kelly currently sits at number 29 on the all time passing list. Had Fitzy played this year (or even most of last year) he likely would have passed him. Dalton is right behind him as well. When I look at the list of top passers I marvel at Jim because he did it in 11 years. Has he played in 1983, 1984 and 1985, I always assume about another 10,000 yards. Do you all think that would be a reasonable amount of yards to add? It would put him in the top 20.
  8. 100 beans on the way to the food bank .
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