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  1. I was on that bus at the beginning of the video! I think those guys are from Rochester. Great guys. They have a big speaker on top and the always make announcements about records being broken. For example “569 shots served today…a new record!” And the number always includes 69
  2. That’s in the off the wall thread!
  3. Yeah, but I wish our boy would be a little more cognizant of our situation!
  4. So ooooo, I just saw a commercial with our boy JA pimping Gillette. I haven’t bought a Gillette razor in over 15 years. I know, I know corporate America and all that…Josh has made all the right moves so far, but this one bothers me!
  5. My wife is an Eagles fan and we got her one of those from Brandon Graham…pretty cool!
  6. Let me preface this by saying I love Stefon Diggs. This is not an advocation to move on from him. But my question stems from the fact that 2 other teams (GB and KC) with an Ellie QB have moved on from there true #1 WR’s. If this season plays out well for them will this be a trend?
  7. I have a theory on this and the early season results last year. I think McDermott and Daboll were holding back on the offense. I remember being really frustrated that there were no jet sweeps being called for anyone. I feel like a lot of the offense was held back.
  8. I remember that day so we’ll… I live in Eagles country and my annoying neighbor decided he would roll by and poke fun at how the Bills were falling apart…we need just 1 damn super bowl!
  9. #23 Troy Vincent - blue #28 Leodis Mckelvin - blue #94 Mario Williams - blue (ugly yoke collar) #17 Josh Allen - white Good story about the Troy jersey. I worked at a golf company near Trenton, NJ and my good friend grew up with Troy just across the bridge in PA. Troy came into the office one day and we got talking. I told him I was a Bills fan and he said he was interested in playing golf. So I swapped him some clubs for his jersey!
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