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  1. 🀑 Stunning stupidity, even for a newbie on TBD. Well done, sir Setting a new (low) standard. πŸ™ƒ
  2. Looking forward to seeing a mass of Bills fans in thd stands today. Make us proud!
  3. Sometimes when I get wings outside of WNY, I will get them plain. Then I take them home and toss them in my own sauce. If I have some rapport with the place, sometimes I just bring my own sauce and ask the kitchen to use mine. Never been a problem. Then again, I make sure to bring plenty extra, so the cooks can try some, too.
  4. That makes me a little sad. But based on my experience over the years I can attest if you find a Biils tailgate you will likely to be welcome. I typically bring alcohol to share, if I'm not at my own tailgate. You'll find they are usually happy to share their food and appreciate any sincere contribution. It goes without saying, be moderate in what you take and how you behave.
  5. I'm seriously jealous. If I hadn't just spent all my available cash on moving I'd join y'all in a heartbeat. Ranch has no place with anything. It's simply slightly flavored mayonnaise. Yeech. Besides neither blue cheese nor ranch belong on the wings. The blue cheese is for the crudites. You do realize he asked for a STEAKHOUSE, right? πŸ™ƒ And my one contribution to those lucky enough to be there: ALWAYS ask for your wings to be "extra crispy". Never just expect them to be served properly cooked, especially outside of WNY. I also make it a point to order my pizza "Well done. Crispy." Then when it comes out soggy I have a legitimate complaint. Sorry I don't have more interesting advice. To those going, Salute! πŸ₯‚
  6. I think you missed the key word in Doc's post. Let me help you out, "...he LOOKS to run before securing the catch." He's looking downfield BEFORE securing the ball. I thought his meaning was obvious. Yes guys run while they are catching, but where their eyes are focussed is the key here.
  7. My very thought. Could have been hysterical. Wasn't
  8. Happy New Year to Eddie. Good for him! I won't be shocked to see him get a sack or two in the playoffs.
  9. All the best to you, sir. And Happy New Year to the greater Bills fandom/Bills Mafia.
  10. Clean sweep! I think Dorsey will be a hot commodity.
  11. I'd typically agree. But Kitchens seems to be so far over his head as HC I think it had to be done. Rarely do I put much stock in a press release, but I thin the Browns' was spot on: Ownership" ...did not see the success or opportunities for improvement to move forward with him as our head coach". Doesn't get any clearer than that. I almost referred to him as a meathead coach. But perhaps it would be better to call him the plant-based version of a meathead. An impossible burger of a HC.
  12. Kitchens sinks because Kitchens stinks! Seriously? A guy who brought in the biggest influx of talent any team has seen in years should be fired? Now if Kitchens was his choice, then that's a big negative mark. But with a competent coach (and a different QB) this team could really be special. Hell they could be special with Baker with the right coach who could humble him a bit. WTF are you talking about? Does Kitchens seem like a process guy to you? Does he seem bright enough to coach this team?
  13. "Lackawanna" was always the punchline I heard for that joke. But "Cleveland" makes a good substitution.
  14. Correct on the incompletion. Thinking you might want to take the first point back, about now
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