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  1. I might take the drive down there to party with Bills fans. Then during the game, if Tampa Downs is open, hit the track!
  2. Honestly how often do you think people get arrested for sex in the backseat of the car? But mostly I was just kidding. However I actually wonder if it was necessary. And yes, after they were arrested and escaped, then they deserved getting arrested. No doubt. I'm not saying they couldn't be arrested for their original offense (or 2 offenses). But c'mon. Really? I think this may have been avoided with a little bit of police discretion and restraint. There is one big exception I can think of at the moment (I'm sure there are more). If they were recidivist trouble in that town with many incidents, I might see some reason for the escalation.
  3. So let me see if I have this correct. They were drunk (obviously) but riding bicycles. Yes they were riding at night without lights, and I wish the cops pulled more people over for that (as with riding against traffic, on the sidewalk, not signaling turns--this goes for autos too, etc). But arrest them and put them into a police car? Seriously? For riding a bicycle drunk? I understand that it is illegal to peddle under the influence. But there is really not much of a chance of these cyclists killing anyone other than themselves. Shouldn't they just have been issued a citation? With that said, i have to ask, "is having sex in the backseat of a car against the law?" I get that it was in the back of a police car---but c'mon. That makes it hilarious. If the cop had half a sense of humor, he'd let them go simply because they were so outrageous. I mean, unless they called him a motherf$#%er or something, Full disclosure. I've broken these laws on many occasions. Riding a bicycle drunk? Absolutely. May do it again later this week. Sex in the backseat of a car? Not in awhile, unfortunately, but hell yes! Quick note: For those of you who don't know Fernandina Beach. It's a pretty quiet beach town, especially this time of year. I don't think they were on any major roads with much traffic, if that matters to you.
  4. I honestly considered going to the Pro Bowl on several occasions, when it was in Hawaii. Had plans one year with friends, but I had to bag. They went and had a great time. Not sure if they even went to the game. Now that the Pro Bowl is in Orlando, less than a 2-hour drive away, I've never even thought about going.
  5. On teams with long standing veteran kickers who have won game after game for the team---YES players talk to those guys. I think you are living in the past before Offensive and Defensive players realized how important a great kicker is to the team.
  6. This. Yes it's just two game against inferior talent. So I don't make TOO much of it. I'm not saying they're a top 10 team. But man, if you can't enjoy/appreciate being 2-0 and seeing obvious growth in the QB/OL and WR positions, I question if you really are a fan.
  7. Hmmm. What is this new "round about" technique? On second thought, never mind.
  8. One of the "Hermits" plays in a bar band down here. All of this is irrelevant! Completely and utterly meaningless. Clap, stare, jump rope, whatever. None of it matters. Have you seen Belicheat on the sideline? Chuck Noll? Bud Grant? Judge them on their coaching ability/record. Forget the trivial BS.
  9. Funny stuff. I had no idea who Walter Murphy was until I googled him. Nice choice! Why didn't the video embed?
  10. I won't say I despise Paul, but I have about zero interest in his solo music. Far too sappy for me. My recollection is they were about equally blamed and hated. You may have a better feel for that, though. At least Yoko had some talent, even if one doesn't like her taste.
  11. I don't like the article because I don't know what Settlers of Catan is. I Google it and I still have no idea. Seriously though, another good job, Pete.
  12. Back in the 90's someone mentioned Paul McCartney in front of an intern. Her response was, "Isn't that the guy from Wings?" Well, she wasn't wrong. But sheesh.
  13. Well put. But I'm a hopeless romantic.
  14. Agreed. In no way do I find "McBeane" an insult. It's a shorthand way to talk about this management team (GM and HC) as they seem to be completely in step with each other. (At least so far.) Perhaps some use it differently, but I haven't noticed it. McClappy or McClappity could be considered fairly insulting, and I suppose some use it that way. Nothing too major, though. I simply couldn't care less about whether a coach claps, says "obviously" too much, or whatever. Those are just low level BS insults used by those that those not capable of commenting intelligently about the football aspects of the head coach.
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