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  1. Ever wonder why EVERY team has a long snapper? Why don't they all use the backup center? Well, the long snapper spends the ENTIRE day practicing with ST, snapping for the P and the K. Also many backup centers also are backup guards or even tackles. So, when does this backup center/long snapper get to learn their jobs when the O and ST practice separately? Just like the idea of using the #2 QB as a holder, it simply doesn't work in today's NFL. I find many on this forum give ST the short shrift. Don't they realize that the average ST play is FAR more important than the average offensive or defensive play? Virtually every ST play involves a scoring play or a potentially big change in field position. The idea that "this backup can do that job" doesn't answer the question, "Can this backup do that job EXCELLENTLY and consistently, and still learn his position to be EXCELLENT should he be needed on O or D?"
  2. 5th round rookie, no less. Very cool, BTW.
  3. Not jumping on you, as you may not have been posting for long enough to get the hang of how things tend to work around here. But if you pay attention you will see that threads started by the "better", "more experienced" posters tend to to include the relevent information/context/links to make it easy for the community members to quickly catch on to what's being discussed. Perhaps you've seen the moderator comment (Vague Thread Title) from time to time when someone uses only a name as a thread title. Even in the thread title more information isnthe default expectation. So it seems a bit odd that you call others lazy, when you didn't bother to do the basics of what is expected and traditional for this forum. Perhaps instead of getting into a pissing contest with those who point out what is missing in your original post, you could have just promised to do better next time.
  4. 🤣 I'd forgotten all about that nonsense here.
  5. I used the streaming option last year (not student pricing, unfortunately) and there was NOTHING until week 1. Hopefully that helps.
  6. Precisely this. If he doesn't learn from getting kicked out of practice repeatedly, then I suspect Mel is onto something. Savvy vets know how to use a Rookies unfocused/uncontrolled energy/enthusiasm to goad them into penalties. Don't expect the rook to get he benefit of the doubt from the refs when the post whistle shoving breaks out.
  7. Tonight's game is on NBC, not the NFL Network. And no Thursday games are accessible on the Sunday Ticket.
  8. If you are talking about NFL+. you CANNOT watch regular season out of market games with it.
  9. That's how I would interpret. But my question is "Are you certain?" I understand it's not possible to be 100% certain as the new service is just starting and there have been no preseason games since. But is that how it worked in the old Game Pass? We should have a really good idea after the HOF Game, I'm thinking
  10. I'm thinking of getting NFL+ for the preseason, as I don't get the NFL Network on my cable package (selected and paid for by the landlord). So I was getting it specifically to see the Bills preseason games. But reading the description again, it says "out of market" preseason games. If they are televised live on the NFL Network, is that considered an "in market" game? If so, then the pass provides me with very little value. Any game broadcast (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) in one's market is considered "in market". But I'm not sure if that applies to the NFL Network telecast. Anyone know for sure?
  11. Holy crap, is this true? If so, Bravo for the NFL. But shouldn't Ross really be forced to sell the franchise?
  12. I hear ya. I'm no fan of what baseball has become and the fate of the Pirates makes it even harder for me. I was a Red Sox fan for years, but since they've basically become the Yankees (and the Dodgers) it's hard for me to care all that much about them. I'd love for the Pirates ownership to try to be a homegrown team---but then retain their homegrown stars. I suppose that is too much to ask for these days.
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