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  1. I didn't know if this deserved its own thread, so I thought I'd just resurrect this one. So, according to this piece, the Superdome Commission has done some estimating, and it seems they see the worst cast scenario for The Superdome (if fans are allowed) is 13,000 https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/28/superdomes-worst-case-scenario-is-13000-fans-for-saints-games/ That got me wondering---what's the minimum number of fans, or perhaps percentage of seats filled, make it less sad than a completely empty stadium? I'm actually interested in hearing what people think. I'm not entirely sure, but if there are 13,000 people in the Superdome, from a TV visual perspective isn't that worse/sadder than having an empty stadium? Maybe those are two different questions. Sadder? Yes. Worse? Maybe not. That's not necessarily where I will come down on the issue, but just sort of what's going through my head at the moment. Why even screw around with fans and the risks (although possibly minimal) for something that isn't going to make much of a difference in a cavernous stadium? Then again, some revenue from those fans will help, a little. Here's my stoned hot-take on the matter. I might feel entirely different about it tomorrow or the next day. If you are going to only have very few fans (less than 25-30%) in the stadium, do something to make it special. Donate all the ticket sales and/or concession revenues (to the team, not necessarily the vendors) to charity. Maybe a Covid 19 relief fund. Or make the concessions free (not the booze, morons) or particularly special. Just thinking it might be as sad to actually be at the game as it is to watch it with so few fans.
  2. Yes, I think ignoring trivial crap like route running, separation and the ability to actually catch the ball (especially when contested) let's you focus in on what's REALLY important. But I'm trying to figure out "Arm swap length". Is it the distance it takes the WR unscrew the arms from the shoulder, then swap them, putting the longer arm in position to make the catch?
  3. People are petitioning to make Madden the 51st State? Sorry, I only read the topic title.
  4. If I find my car keys we can drive out of here!
  5. I think the original version of this was we eat 7-8 spiders a year. Obviously that is nonsense: https://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1828/does-the-average-person-consume-four-spiders-per-year-in-his-sleep/ https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/swallow-spiders/
  6. "***** the gun from that woman" has a whole new meaning. (Or is it hole new meaning?) I can't type sn@tch? WTF?
  7. I've tried chocolate covered grasshoppers. They were OK.
  8. Remember that the next time McDermott makes a questionable time management move and the Bills end up losing the game.
  9. It's certainly a possibility. He also could be the best kicker of all time. Seriously, anyone's "feelings" (with no further explanation) are fairly worthless now. It will depend on how he does on the big stage, with players from the opposing team charging in on him. I'll choose to remain cautiously optimistic.
  10. But awesome when properly made. They taste much better than those fruity scarfs.
  11. Thanks, Hap. Unfortunately no Facebook account here. I told a few friends about it and I believe they ordered. So I'll see if they can join the "effort for info"* campaign. * What a lame name, Dino.
  12. I can't believe I have never heard that before.
  13. Once again, they are NOT talking about a fitted mask. As crazy as this sounds, this is actually closer to what they are talking about than a fitted mask. Special cloth spread over the existing face mask, creating a shield.
  14. I'm actually a bit less concerned about that than I am for the "rush to manufacture" once a vaccine is approved.
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