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  1. Better empty than having a Pats* fan in it.
  2. Ignore the classless buffoons who thinks "winners" brag and gloat and don't respect EVERY opponent. I think most Bills fans can operate at a MUCH higher level.
  3. Not quite like Colorodo (from what I've been told) California or Mass. Only medical, so it's tightly controlled. But we do have a few competing dispensaries here. I can order online and have it delivered or pick it up. I can also just go in, and shop right in the store. The issue has been keeping the products in stock. 🤣 Back in the day, that was always our motto. Car in good working order (no lights out and such), stay within the speed limit, full stop at stop signs, etc. Funny thing is, one of the only things I was ever super organized with was drugs and drug related paraphernalia. Always put the roach clip here, always put the pipe here, etc. That way you can get to it if you need to. Fortunately nothing ever went down. Don't have to worry about that any more. Can't even believe I used to drive that way. And like your friend, I was a damn good buzzed driver. Still, not something I care to do anymore. Don't sound preachy at all, at least not to me. In Bradham's case, a medical condition has nothing to do with this, IMO. I understand, Bill. From my first post I can see how you may have thought I was driving around stoned. Funny thing though, I have concentrates pushing 90% THC. I use that at night for pain or sometimes for sleep. At that level, it's great medically for me. But I rarely get "high" off it. At least, not nearly the same kind of high I get from smoking just a bit of pot that typically has a THC level in the high teens (sometimes breaks 20%). I never can understand that. Two hits off a joint or pipe and I'm flying. I like that sometime with a cocktail. But that's for home use. Edibles are an entirely different beast, for me. I like to take an edible before bed, since it releases over time, it helps keep me asleep and pain free. But I have to be careful to remember what I had before going to bed. Make a mistake and the next day could be tough for me to do anything but hang out and sleep. But lower dosed edibles or vapes are decent for the daytime. A good CBD with a tiny bit of THC which together do a pretty good job with my pain. Before a Bills game, I may take two!
  4. Exactly. As for being compared to Saleh, maybe he's seen a tweet or two that said something like "Saleh sucks as bad as Rex". He could have responded, "That's not fair. I sucked harder and for much longer and with more talent!"
  5. Your points are excellent. Just one thing. A medical card (just the card) is about $75 in Florida. But you also have to see your med marijuana doctor twice a year. For me that's about $500/year BEFORE buying any product. Still a drop in the bucket for Nigel, one would think. Funny thing, Bill. I basically don't use THC at all during the day. My pain is worse at night, so that's my usual time and I'm normally home at night. But my doctor wants me to use it all day! Low dose, of course, but still a bit of THC. For the record, my doctor used to be the head of anesthesiology for Shand's (University of Florida) in Gainesville for years. Before that he was a pharmacist. Very well respected as a doctor. Some clowns here just pass out licenses to whomever and do little else. An appointment with my guy is a real doctor appointment. And I never drive stoned or drunk anymore. I haven't in years. I may have a small bit of THC in my system, or have one or two drinks (over the course of an hour or two), but never near the legal limit. In fact, on Sunday I was supposed to go watch the game with friends, but I didn't feel like I should drive. I woke up feeling stoned after 8 hours of sleep. Turns out I mistakenly took a double dose before going to sleep and it was still in my system. So I stayed home.
  6. Like I said, the blitzer was likely Josh's responsibility. But I'm talking about helping your QB out. Breida was obviously not the hot read on a timing pattern. Josh is looking to his left and not in position to hit Breida on a quick pass. At the very least, he could have alerted Allen (I think he can probably run and shout at the same time). But I think a more experienced back would have chipped the safety on the way out. Players go beyond their basic responsibility some time to make plays. Let me put this another way, I think he's hearing about it this week.
  7. It is for a medical condition. Plus I actually enjoy getting high. Used to do "real drugs" as you put it, but those highs don't seem to be very good anymore for me at this time in my life. Weed and alcohol work just fine. But I do use Medical Marijuana for pain, insomnia, etc. Lost 60 lbs, was able to cut back on BP meds, no longer need pills for breakthrough pain (I wear a fentanyl patch as well--20 years now, same dose) or Ambien and such for sleep. My doctor says I'm the poster child for med marijuana.
  8. Agreed. The Colts are a very odd team. Great one week and horrible the next. I think the Jags have shown the Bills can lose to anyone if they turn the ball over and generally play sloppy. At least one is.
  9. Fortunately I'm in the other 50%. Why smoke in your car when there are so many less odorous ways to consume your thc while driving?
  10. This. We have no idea what Saleh would do with a decent roster. His "resume" at DC in the NFL isn't as deep as Rex's (he was only a DC for very few years while Rex was a DC for about 20 years), but it isn't bad. He was widely considered a top HC candidate based on his handling of the SF defense. Their D was great in 2019. Saleh was probably rushed a bit into HC, IMO. But that's the trend these days. Getting guys with precious little experience. On the other hand, Rex was around forever before getting his chance. Probably a sign he really wasn't HC material, again IMO.
  11. Rex had a better pedigree as a DC, no doubt. But again, it is too early to know what Saleh is as a HC. He doesn't have a lot to work with. My guess is he will fail, but that's the safe bet with just about any new HC.
  12. Not defending Saleh, but he inherited a horrendous team with very little talent. Rex inherited a very talented team. It's a bit too early to judge Saleh as a HC, but Rex was the pits.
  13. THIS! By the time he was done with the Jets, he was easily the worst head coach in the league, at the time. I said it at the time and still believe it. The Bills hired the worst head coach in the league and lived with the result. Hiring his worthless brother was just icing on the crap cake.
  14. Take the Chiefs for example. Everyone said they improved their OL this year because they added talent. Well, they added talent, but they didn't improve the line at all. McBeane has shown they understand team chemistry and the way the talent meshes together. Clearly they haven't quite figured out the OL, yet. But I think they will in time.
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