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  1. Challah bread is perfect for French Toast as is brioche. But many thickly sliced breads will do. I was very surprised to find a locally made flax seed bread that was awesome when made as french toast---though completely unlike what one would expect from traditional bread. And, on a mostly unrelated note: What's the appeal of Texas toast? Not talking french toast here, but as served as the bread for an egg sandwich or with a meal? Seriously, WTF is this crap and why do I have to live with it in Florida?
  2. Waffles. Seriously though, this is always a big decision for me. Typically I make french toast at home, because it's just easier (for me) to make for one person, and I make killer french toast. So when I go out, I might be more inclined to order pancakes (at a place known to have great pancakes) or waffles, because I rarely eat waffles and they're pretty damn good. The real key is the syrup/topping. A nice mixture of butter, vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar, real maple syrup, some fruit (bananas/berries). Toss in some high proof rum/brandy/bourbon and flambe! Hey if I'm going to the trouble to make french toast or pancakes, I might as well go all the way.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen Steve Belicheat get that much TV face time. I ALMOST feel bad for him, as his D was thoroughly roughed up by the Ravens in his "coming out party". Being Belicheat's son is a double edged sword. I think it is very unlikely this "kid" would be in a position like this otherwise. OTOH, being the son of the GOAT has to have some drawbacks. Kind of like being Jesus's son, or brother. You'll never live up to the comparison.
  4. I'd like them a lot more with a good singer (or no singer, for that matter). Futureman is the bomb.
  5. My biggest issue with the Dave Matthews Band is Dave Matthews' "ridiculous singing". They'd be awesome with a real vocalist.
  6. I saw stories like that after that incident. I'm thinking "what a clueless moron", then remembering I was one of those morons.
  7. Yes, a guy like this is a PERFECT fit for The Process!. Sometimes you have to THINK before posting.
  8. When I moved from LA to Long Island I was driving a U-Haul dragging a Citroen DS on a trailer behind. I'm not admitting to be driving under the influence at the time, but let's just say I have NO idea how I ended up on a 'No Trucks or Commercial Vehicles" parkway. It didn't even register until I saw the first overpass. I can't remember the exact height, but it was an inch or so higher than my vehicle. The overpass was lower on the two ends, and higher in the middle, so I figured "the height listed must be the lowest possible", so I moved between the two lanes and hit the middle and just held my breath. I had one or two more to go before I got the hell off that parkway.
  9. They say 20-20 hindsight is perfect. I'm not so sure. I think it's possible you aren't taking "The Process" seriously enough. Choosing Gore and Singletary (Yeldon was just an addition as a receiving back) over McCoy was a process move, IMO. From what I'm hearing McCoy, while not a bad guy, was not likely to take getting a lot less playing time very well. Maybe not cause a real fuss, but definately not all in. He has a star RB mentality at this point. My 20-20 (yeah, right) retrospective look suggests they may have made the right decision. Ditch Shady's salary. Let Gore show the new guy what process is really about. Get the bulk of the carries early, and as the old guy starts to decline a bit, unleash the youth. Then again, I could be completely full or s#it
  10. Thanks for sharing this, Webster. This truly is the real legacy of the Buffalo Mafia (AKA Bills fans) and the people in WNY in general. In fact, though I haven't lived in WNY for many years, I find acting like a true WNYer, and treating people with real respect tends to get you the same in response. I hope your son learns to pay it forward, as well.
  11. Just curious, can you explain? From the videos shown, it seems as though that axe easily could have smacked that girl in the head. It doesn't even have to be sharp. Is it made of rubber or something?
  12. Do you know that he is married? The game is on at 7PM in Venice. I think he could spend an entire day visiting museums, having espresso and gliding in a gondola. I'd also guess Sunday won't be his only day in Venice. I'd spin your advice on its head (if he is indeed married or with a significant other): Let your partner have this 3-4 hour window, once a week. The rest of the week is yours. That's what I recommend. Then again, I'm not married. Also consider the OP's partner (if there is one) might be as/more jacked up for the game than the OP. Anyway, my advice is (virtually always) WATCH THE GAME if you can.
  13. Bills/Eagles is the #1 early game on Fox. I think the OP is in luck. Hope we get a follow-up report.
  14. Bills fan = Bills Mafia. That's all there is to it. You can say "I'm a Bills fan, but not part of the Bills' Mafia" but it is a meaningless statement (except perhaps to you). Bills Mafia doesn't = the idiots who smash tables, though most of them are Bills Mafia. But they existed way before Bills Mafia was ever coined. Just consider this: Many players, the coaches and the Bills organization tag some posts with #billsmafia. They aren't condoning this weird stuff. That's just some over the top fans. "Bills Fans". If you want to disassociate yourself from them, I understand (and concur). But saying your aren't a part of Bills Mafia is the EXACT SAME THING as saying you aren't a Bills fan at this point. 716 knows what I'm talkin' 'bout.
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