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  1. A real loss. I was not shocked, but a little surprised at his death because he has been pretty productive in the past few years. Even performing live with his band, which included his son. From what admittedly small sample I have heard from his newer stuff, I'd say it's VERY good. His voice sounded better than ever. RIP. My theme song when I was younger. Really still applies I suppose:
  2. Not only is she hot, but she is a total natural on the air. She's easily one of my on air football personalities without any football experience. But she is an athlete. Played both basketball and volleyball in college.
  3. Then I have to say, "No Deal"
  4. Schwabl's "gravy" is just fine by me. Bailo's was way too heavy for the sandwich, IMO. Plus their beef was WAY overcooked for me.
  5. I can tolerate a gravy BoW, but even you know that is BS. Who made the "original BoW"?
  6. I would never sell out my desires for money, no matter what amount. I never understood people's unbelievable devotion to the dollar. But I've been a bachelor my entire life. I have gone years without an exclusive romantic relationship. Even when I was in one, I never had to ask permission to interact with another party. I have many close women friends and a rich social life. My friends and I are involved with each other's lives and share in each other's joys and sorrows. But I come home and I have complete control over the TV, music, heat/ac, etc. I've never felt lonely a day in my life. I absolutely love my life. Many of my married friends think I have the perfect life. Some might give a large amount of money to have mine. But I know many people who could not thrive in my situation. One choice isn't any better than another out of context. It depends what works for the individual. So, do I get the Billion$$?
  7. And I don't see BoW on the Pinball Lounges' menu
  8. 10 year ago, or so, I had a beef on weck in an Orlando area restaurant. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the restaurant. I was SO excited to get a BoW down here. It was terrible--but salvageable, if the cook knew anything about Buffalo area BoWs. The beef was cold and there was no au jus of any sort inside the sandwich, or on the side. It was a cold roast beef sandwich on an OK weck roll. A little TLC in the kitchen and it would have been tolerable. The article is behind a paywall, BTW
  9. Doesn't sound like Apple. Glad they didn't get it, though.
  10. I hope Amazon gets it, as then I won't have to subscribe to another service. But my bet is on Google, to drive their YouTube TV operation. I don't get the NFL Network, so signed up for the YouTube TV trial. Stream was flawless! The blackout rules are no longer. NO local games are blacked out from their local market. (That's what the blackout rules were.) If the game is on the NFL Network how is it "blacked out"? It's available to 100% of the country. Now if you don't have the NFL Network, you can't see it. Just like if you live in a rural area, don't have cable, and can't get the over the air signal from the broadcast station that carries the game. The game IS available to you, but you may have to do some work, and spend some money, as well. Any game on the NFL Network or ESPN is also broadcast on the local station that bids the highest. So I'm sure the game was on a local broadcast station in Buffalo in Miami. But not all the markets that typically get those teams are the "local market".
  11. McKenzie has a bad week and everyone jumps on him. I didn't hear a peep when he had two very good weeks. But yes, he has had some issues with holding on the ball when contested.
  12. I will certainly welcome him back but honestly not sure what he has left in the tank. I don't like that he quit on his team earlier this year. The excuse "he didn't know the offense" falls flat with me. He's a seasoned vet. LEARN THE OFFENSE! Did you see what that bum Mayfield did after a practice with his new team? But if he has something left, let's give him a shot. I hope do hope he isn't as controversial with his social media posts---the same way I feel about every player.
  13. I don't think this is the truth at all. I do not know if the Bills offered him anything. But if they didn't, I suspect it was because they knew they would not be competitive compared to the other offers he would receive. And as I'm sure you know, there are regular conversations between agents and the GM that can direct them in whether or not to even make an official offer. An unofficial offer might have been suggested and rejected by the agent. But I always shake my head when players sign elsewhere in FA, fans say "He left the team". The player did not leave the team. At the end of the contract, the player was without a team. The team had the opportunity to negotiate a contract extension, but for whatever reason did not. Getting butthurt when a player signs elsewhere is complete nonsense, IMO of course.
  14. Drinking while stupid usually ends up with horrible threads. EXACTLY! He chose to sign with a crappy team, and is now so mad they stink he wants out? He's having a great year, but since Houston let some players leave then they surely would let Hughes leave. WTF are people thinking?
  15. I've tried. Everyone says that given the shows I like, I should love this one. I just can't get into it at all. Maybe because there isn't a single likeable main character in it, IMO. Maybe because the comedy is too broad for me. Dunno. Just didn't make it for me.
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