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  1. Wasn’t it your HC that called for the kick off instead of the squib? McDermott choked away the best shot for a ring. Win last year and team could purge high priced assets in decline and focus on building cost controlled players. No extending a 28 year old battered receiver by $100 mil or signing of a declining pass rusher at exorbitant cost.
  2. Hyde and Poyer’s shelf life has expired. commit money elsewhere (and not to Oliver )
  3. All for the best. Better beat by the Bengals than humiliated a fifth time by the Niners or Eagles. Bills do not hold up against the fronts of either NFC semi finalist.
  4. What's the cap hit for cutting Hyde? He's broken and expensive and along with Poyer, part of the past.
  5. Linemen ought not be ballerinas, but Dawkins should concentrate on closing his pie hole. Maybe dudes will stop tearing around him to pressure Allen if he arrives at otas obese instead of morbidly so.
  6. Someone needs to do a mashup of poyers ‘let’s go’ and Edmunds ‘brick by brick’. better players than poets.
  7. Lost coverage several times for big plays in the past month. Body disintegrating. Stupid wife with lack of message discipline going into the biggest game of the year. Another inane player podcast. Bigger needs to fortify the most dynamic qb in the league. find your ex wife’s settlement money elsewhere.
  8. They have Mahomes. As with Allen, anything is possible.
  9. Bills gotta bring Sully in on a new show with Maddy. Creaky Fry and the curmudgeon.
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