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  1. What time will the parking lots open Monday? Specifically the house parking across the street from the stadium? That's where we always park? Just curious about how soon you guys think things will get going.
  2. How about we talk about team related things? Kid is off the team now and he was a punter/holder. I would much rather see other posts at the top of the list. Let's move on from this please. If this needs to continue could we move it off the team board? Again this is all for a punter. People didn't crucify big Ben or Kobe. No one here offering opinions has the information needed to speculate. Go bills
  3. Got my tickets to the Monday night opener. Going with my brother and some friends. They are redskins fans so we're going up to the lions game in Detroit first and drive over to Buffalo Sunday night to get ready for the game. Should be huge. Go bills
  4. Anyone complaining about our defense. At least kc up till the last 2 min in the game had to work for it. Careful what you wish for.
  5. I'm doing meat church's recipe. I've done it a couple times and it's great
  6. Going big Ole pot of chili. Smoked in a Dutch oven. Smoking a chuck roast tonight so I can have a pound to add tomorrow. Go bills
  7. I live in lower Delaware. I was a Baltimore Colt fan as a kid. When they moved there was no way I was going to follow the Redskins. I picked up being a bills fan in 89 and haven't looked back. I was 15 when they started their super bowl run and thought man it's great being a fan of a team that makes it too the playoffs every year. Then 97 to 17 happened. If nothing else it makes you appreciate years like this year. I think this team is on the right track to bring great. Allen has one thing that I hope he never losses. He seems to be overly competitive. That's why he shows up late in the game when it's on the line.
  8. I'll say Gary too. not productive enough in Michigan and will probabaly miss time like Lawson once drafted.
  9. Bruce Smith, Eric Moulds, Sam Cowart, Paul Poslusni, Marcel Dareus, Steve Johnson, CJ Spiller, EJ Manuel. Almost got a Kiko Jersey made. Glad I didn't pull that trigger.
  10. Nothing for nothing but why is that a mistake? If they are there to enjoy a football game but not wearing a Jersey attached to one of the teams why would they need to pay a price? I live in Delaware and go to one bills home game a year but when I go to games with friends that are skins or ravens fans I wear my bills gear. I'm a bills fan why should I have to fear other fans. Trash talk is one thing and you can tell if a person is just joking but people take being a fan a little to serious sometimes. And plezmd the stabbing absolutely happened. You don't have to buy it but it did happen. I'm sure it made a police beat in the local paper.But I was there and saw it. I really have zero reason to lie on a fan forum. The poster wanted opinions of the rock pile I was giving him my experience.
  11. I sat in the rock pile two times. The home opener the year after the music city miracle when they played the titans. Went with my wife. She had beer spilled on her all night and people smoking weed around us. And in 2005 when the falcons were in town. A person got stabbed a section over from me. Depending on the crowd you want to be around you can make your own choice. But I'll never sit there again. I'll spend more on a seat not to have to deal with that.
  12. Honestly how can you take anything Caserley serious when he doesn't even know the name of our left tackle.
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