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  1. I actually don’t know anything about what happened in Dallas? What was that about? I mean if it’s for competitive reasons I understand if a player is unhappy, but then again when he came to the Bills, there was no sure fire indication they would be this good.
  2. That’s pretty much what he’s been saying he’s going to do. In that scenario, the team has no choice but to cut him, since they would likely be held responsible for him breaking the protocols. We’ve all seen what the league does in those circumstances. They start with fines, and then they start seizing draft picks.
  3. I think you're spot on with your assessment. Where it gets dicey is that you have an employee is speaking out publicly against his employer. If you're going to bite the hand that feeds you (and feeds you A LOT), you better feel certain that there are serious misgivings going on....
  4. Totally agree with you, and I wouldn't have any desire to get rid of him. The trouble I see is that he's up against a big machine, and he's not going to win that battle. So far he's not backing down and he's just going further and further. If he doesn't accept the situation, I don't see it playing out positively for anyone.
  5. The team is better with him on it, but as we've seen with every egomaniac that puts himself first, no individual is greater than the team. Sad, but since he's doubled, tripled and quadrupled down, it doesn't seem likely that he throws in the towel at this point. It seems likely that he won't be on the team this season.
  6. Problem I see here is the NFL’s inconsistent message. Brandon Beane is told he can’t cut a player due to vaccination status. However this memo says he can however be punished for his unvaccinated players. How is that fair?
  7. seriously…after all these years we finally have a super bowl contender and they have to distract themselves with a VACCINE CONTROVERSY of all things? What nonsense….. I would have honestly never predicted that this would happen. I would assume that such a successful and focused team would vax up 100% and get to work on football. The “vaccine culture” in professional sports is a real head scratcher……. I have a performance based career that was completely shut down by the pandemic. Everyone in my industry was begging for the first chance to be vaccinated.
  8. Exactly, and it also allows them to take the best player for the team, regardless of position. Plus, I don’t care how talented a rookie is, he’s gonna make more mistakes than the vets. That shows up in big games. Exactly, and it also allows them to take the best player for the team, regardless of position. Plus, I don’t care how talented a rookie is, he’s gonna make more mistakes than the vets. That shows up in big games.
  9. What I think is interesting, is that actually I couldn't think of too many players. This team plays so well as a unit, there's not much to mess with really. Also in all those years we never had a dominant TE. We still don't.....
  10. Fred Jackson was more versatile for sure. If i were to go for an all-around back from those years, I would go for Lynch, though.
  11. No doubt. In general during those years we did have some dominant, top level D-Lines
  12. Ok fun game for something different. Think about the roster as it is now, and then think back to the approximately 20 years in a row of missed playoffs. If you took a player in their prime from those years and plugged them into our 2021 roster, who do you think would have a big impact? My choice might seem strange, but I would go with CJ Spiller. He wasn't always healthy or consistent, but if you threw him into our current offense and gave him 10 touches a game, I think he'd be dangerous. Kyle Williams is an obvious choice of course...
  13. Right there with you. When your team sucks, the draft is the only interesting thing to pay attention to. Where this team is now, anyone we draft is likely to sit and learn for a year to two anyhow. Not a bad place to be. This year it's the kind of draft where maybe those players show up on the field two years from now and we're like "who's that guy and where did he come from?" haha
  14. It turned out to be not so negative. After the game, the team really rallied and put the petal to the metal for the rest of the season.
  15. hahahah thank you for reminding me of this.
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