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  1. The OPs point is really about balance of cash between the players, rather than how much the owners have to pay. If one player gets an insane contract, that means there is left for the rest of the players on the team. I would say when it comes to player salaries, the biggest shame seems to be that some of the hardest working players who come in without the high draft pedigree, and end up playing exceptionally well, often never get their fair value (for example former Bills RB Fred Jackson). The UDFA can play just as well as a 1st rounder and he keeps playing for a low salary for years trying to prove his worth, then by the time he proves it, he’s over the hill and never gets the deal he should have.
  2. He has done everything right - plays at an elite level, team player, gives all of his effort on every down, doesn't get hurt, doesn't do stupid stuff off the field, doesn't tweet about how he's underpaid...... If there is a player to sign to a big deal, it's him.
  3. We've seen the Pats do this with great success for many years - find an over-the-hill vet with tremendous knowledge and experience in the game. This type of player usually comes on the cheap, can mentally execute anything you ask him to do, and can teach young players important things. Good idea if you ask me.
  4. Well, one way in which I agree with you is that it’s all about money. Whether they’re worried about liabilities from drunks or if they want sell more of their stuff instead of people bringing their own, they want to maximize their profits. Maybe it’s both things....
  5. Same story with a lot of things in life, the idiots ruin it for everyone.... too much over-the-top dangerous stuff happening at tailgates and they have no choice but to stop it or restrict it.... Most people want to go and have a good time without worrying about some bull#### happening to them.
  6. From everything I've seen and witnessed I feel it's more likely that he's suffering from mental illness than anything else. This guy probably took the wrong shot to the head, it happens with football players sometimes. I know it seems young for him, but to me it's the most likely explanation. What he's saying and doing goes far beyond being a "difficult person."
  7. I say he’s earned every Penny. Fitz has played his ASS off for every disorganized and terrible team in the history of his career. Team a total disaster? Bring in Fitz to lay it all on the line for your team and create 6 spectacularly exciting victories. Agree with you, but if he’s tough and determined, he will stick it out and get another shot eventually.
  8. Absolutely. And to continue that train of thought....I’m not sure Bills fans have EVER been happy with the OC. LOL
  9. Will I say I'm certain Daboll is an amazing coordinator? no. However, Josh Allen is progressing, and that's enough for me to say let the show go on.
  10. The trouble with that is then the line gets foggy. All of a sudden offseason work with the coaches is "not required but highly recommended" In any case, although it seems silly on some level, if it's equal for all teams then it's fine. I imagine the coaching staffs also have good recommendations for the players as to where they should go and train and whom they should train with.
  11. The internet, social media, and smartphones have created a societal crisis. A crisis in which we are losing connection to one another as we communicate from behind screens. It allows for people to avoid real confrontation and uncomfortable emotions because through a screen you can say anything you want and not see the reaction of the other person in front of you. This is why we have no problem fighting to the death on the internet, but greet those same people on the street with a smile. Honestly, I have no idea who this Coleman guy is, I didn’t see or hear what he said, and I don’t care. My opinion is that real inner strength is when some idiot can say something stupid and you can laugh it off because you know it’s bull####. But, I would also say if you want to confront someone, then the way you did it is the only way, and I admire your courage! The moment you lost was when you played his twitter game as opposed to just blindsiding him. Nonetheless I think you got your message across. Love, An old millennial/young Gen X
  12. Is it ever a good look for a multi-millionaire to whine about money on social media?
  13. I’d be shocked if anyone gives him that much, but FA is crazy as we all know.
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