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  1. Exactly, and it also allows them to take the best player for the team, regardless of position. Plus, I don’t care how talented a rookie is, he’s gonna make more mistakes than the vets. That shows up in big games. Exactly, and it also allows them to take the best player for the team, regardless of position. Plus, I don’t care how talented a rookie is, he’s gonna make more mistakes than the vets. That shows up in big games.
  2. What I think is interesting, is that actually I couldn't think of too many players. This team plays so well as a unit, there's not much to mess with really. Also in all those years we never had a dominant TE. We still don't.....
  3. Fred Jackson was more versatile for sure. If i were to go for an all-around back from those years, I would go for Lynch, though.
  4. No doubt. In general during those years we did have some dominant, top level D-Lines
  5. Ok fun game for something different. Think about the roster as it is now, and then think back to the approximately 20 years in a row of missed playoffs. If you took a player in their prime from those years and plugged them into our 2021 roster, who do you think would have a big impact? My choice might seem strange, but I would go with CJ Spiller. He wasn't always healthy or consistent, but if you threw him into our current offense and gave him 10 touches a game, I think he'd be dangerous. Kyle Williams is an obvious choice of course...
  6. Right there with you. When your team sucks, the draft is the only interesting thing to pay attention to. Where this team is now, anyone we draft is likely to sit and learn for a year to two anyhow. Not a bad place to be. This year it's the kind of draft where maybe those players show up on the field two years from now and we're like "who's that guy and where did he come from?" haha
  7. It turned out to be not so negative. After the game, the team really rallied and put the petal to the metal for the rest of the season.
  8. hahahah thank you for reminding me of this.
  9. Ok, just for fun...something different. When you look back in 10, 20, 30 years as a fan - What will your biggest memory of the 2020 season be? I know I'll remember that clip of Stefan Diggs flossing in slow motion on the sideline forever. To me that summarizes the good feelings of this past season.....the players kicking ass, cruising into the playoffs, and having fun while doing it. What about you guys? What specific moments will you remember?
  10. whoa honestly shocked to see those contract numbers thrown out there.....
  11. Same old story...fans are mad at a player that the team overpaid for. In the case of Sammy, the team overpaid with draft capital. Then the player doesn't produce to a level congruent with the assets given up for him, and the fans hate on him for it. Blame Whaley for what he gave up, not Sammy. With the diva rumors...do any of us really know the truth in any of this??? Maybe there's some truth there, but I think it's overblown. With Sammy, he was always awesome when he was on the field, just hurt a lot. My read is that the team didn't want to invest #1 receiver money into a player w
  12. Well if that doesn't prove the value of hitting on a QB in the draft, what does? Thank God the team finally nailed it with Josh on the 7th.
  13. Seems you're right - the plan all along was to get ES and cut Brown. I won't pretend to be a football scouting expert, so I would just say he must do something particularly well (that Brown didn't do) that Daboll wants to integrate into the offense. I was also surprised to see the move considering our cap limitations, so they must really value him.
  14. Last season Singletary was a bright surprise who exceeded expectations as a 3rd round rookie. This year he regressed. Maybe it had something to do with losing Gore as his mentor? Perhaps switching to a pass first offense where he was barely used was also a problem? My thoughts (not that it counts) - they're not gonna hang their hat on Singletary, but he's likely got a spot on the team next season.
  15. I would guess this is probably the truth. He plays very physical and on the boundary of pass interference on every play. If the ball doesn’t get thrown in his direction, he probably doesn’t get called. It’s not a totally bad strategy.
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