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  1. This stuff happens to players on every team. Will take it as a blessing that he was caught, didn't hurt himself or others, and will hopefully not make such a mistake again. These mistakes can happen to anyone rich or poor - it's about impaired judgement when drunk, and not being around the correct people to take the keys away.
  2. Thanks for that. I agree also, the result did not live up to #3.
  3. Dareus was a day one starter and incredible talent who played at a high level even as "lazy" as he was. He dealt with a massive train of tragedies in a short period of time and he just couldn't cope with it. Whaley and the Bills staff at the time knew what he was dealing with and they were doing their best to help him and encourage him. It was a solid draft choice that didn't go as planned for anyone. I give my best wishes to Marcel, that he can recover and lead a good life whether he plays football again or not.
  4. thanks for bumping! 👍👍👍
  5. actually would be pretty cool if we drafted the best kicker this year in the later rounds. If there was a FB in the draft with a 2nd round grade, we absolutely MUST draft that guy. If there was a FB THAT good, we need him smashing heads in Buffalo. LOL!!!
  6. I like Knox too, optimistic about his future. And I agree with you that the Bills should and will take the best player available on their board. That said, if there was a top tier TE prospect there when the Bills have their pick....wouldn't it be great that have that big fast reliable guy for Josh Allen to throw to? I think every quarterback wants that. A lot of people around here seem to think Kmet is a serious prospect. If he's that good, I wouldn't doubt if the Bills would consider him if he's there.
  7. I'm with you on that, both show potential to be good players, but an elite talent is something different.
  8. I see. What a pity. I was just thinking TE is often great value in the 1st/2nd round. Gronk was a late first if I recall and Martellus Bennett was a 2nd (also as I recall). Seems usually GMs don't take a TE in the high rounds unless they really have a stable roster already.
  9. I haven't investigated to be honest. I would think there must be a couple of guys out there, but I could be wrong!
  10. I was just thinking, when is the last time we had a stud TE? We know what difference that makes in an offense, yet we've always had too many other pressing needs. After FA, we don't really have "holes." If we can get an awesome TE in the draft, it would be the icing on the cake. ;)
  11. If he came back, maybe he could be a useful backup? Doesn't have to play so many games to risk injury....
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