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  1. BuffaloRush

    Confession time at TBD

    I was pumped when we signed Rex Ryan and thought he was going to turn the franchise around in 2015....Little did I know.
  2. BuffaloRush

    Will Shaq Lawson Make the Roster?

    The problem is, if they are thinking about trading Shaq, he probably will have higher value this off-season that he would after another subpar year. So I think you might be able to trade him for a 4th round pick this year, next year it would be hard to get more than a 6th rounder for a 4th string DE. I think the preseason is really going to dictate Shaq’s future. With a good showing he can start to climb the depth chart and get more reps or potentially finding a new opportunity on another team.
  3. BuffaloRush

    Darby trade

    I don’t think so. I do remember when the oldd admininstraion picked Darby, Vic Carucci and Jay Skurski did mention a potential character issue but I don’t think it had much effect on his draft stock. It seems he fell to the 2nd round because of size and the fact that there were questions about his ball skills. At the time of the trade last summer Winston was starting to rebuild his image. The controversy that surrounded him around the time of the draft had pretty much died down, to where he was being regarded as a good leader (especially his positive portrayal in Hard Knocks). It is somewhat odd that he’s with Winston again when something is alleged to down.
  4. BuffaloRush

    pancho needs our help- we are the best fans on the planet

    Bills fans are awesome! I was surprised that there weren’t any Bills players (past or present) that contributed to the site. I did see Irv Weinstein though!
  5. BuffaloRush

    Will Shaq Lawson Make the Roster?

    If you look at the depth chart at OTA’s Shaq is probably the 4th DE on the roster behind Hughes, Murphy and Yarborough. He’s really going to have to work his way on the field. I can see a Reggie Ragland type trade unless Shaq has a big preseason.
  6. BuffaloRush

    NFL planning to suspend Jameis Winston for 3 games

    Lets lighten the mood here. I can’t help of thinking about John Murphy’s great joke about Fitz at the Fred Jackson Roast. This quote is not exact this was the gist: “Fred Jackson punished defenders with his rough style of running, while Fitz paid them back with gift wrapped interceptions.”
  7. BuffaloRush

    NFL planning to suspend Jameis Winston for 3 games

    If this happened in March 2016, why did it take 2+ years to finally hand him the suspension?
  8. BuffaloRush

    Doug Whaley Has Landed a New Job

    Agree to an extent. There certainly were barriers in Buffalo which made his job difficult. But you can also argue that Whaley didn’t really do enough to earn a “fair shot” at being GM. I would argue his drafting has been slightly “below average,” as Whaley had never drafted a Pro Bowl player in the 3 drafts that he was responsible for. I would say he excelled at FA acquisitions. There’s several situations where he overspent for players in FA that really never panned out like Charles Clay or Percy Harvin. He was good at finding Under the radar type FA’s. According to Tim Graham, the Pegulas wanted to clean house after the 2014 season. It seemed like despite giving him an extension, The Pegulas never had 100% confidence in Whaley, and like I said, it’s hard to fault them as his performance as GM was suspect. Unfortunately, Terry made the same mistake with the Bills as he had with the Sabres. He empowered the wrong people for way longer than he should have.
  9. BuffaloRush

    Doug Whaley Has Landed a New Job

    Well said! Though many in here will disagree. They feel Whaley drafted well! LOL
  10. Never said a bad word about him publicly
  11. Not a fan of Sammy but I don’t think he said anything out of line.
  12. Interesting... I can see where Tim’s responses on Twitter could make him and the BN look bad. I remember when he was “feuding” with poor Matthew Collier who was at WGR at the time. Collier tweeted something about playing college baseball. Tim said he played a charity softball event with Collier, and doubted him. Collier was adimate that he did play. Rather than laughing it off or making a wise ass comment, Tim actually spent the time checking the baseball rosters of his college and even called the Sports Information Director to ask if he played. It just seemed like he went out far out of his way to call out a meaningless exaggeration that a lowly producer made on Twitter. On the other hand everyone who knows Tim in the media, seems to love him. At least, the ones who publicly speak about him. Haven’t heard much negative on him.
  13. What topic were you talking about?
  14. No he will not. He was dead wrong about Peterman being a better option than Tyrod. After the 5 INTs and he pretended like he never said anything