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  1. BuffaloRush

    Baker Mayfield better than Tyrod already?

    Yes Baker is better than Tyrod. You play the best QB on your roster and Hugh is making a big mistake giving the job to tuhrod without competition
  2. BuffaloRush

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    I disagree....the line didn’t really give him mich help but AJ was not very effective. Couldn’t muster a first down in his work tonight, which isn’t good. Also he held onto the ball too long tonight. I though that his poor performance tonight hurt his chances to start
  3. It’s too bad but I think his performance tonight pretty much took him out of the running anyway
  4. BuffaloRush

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    It’s going to be tough to not consider starting Allen. Two very poor performances by McCarron and Peterman
  5. BuffaloRush

    Tremaine Edmunds

    Far less annoying than expecting anyone to read 50+ game day threads.... enough whinging about threads. It makes people look bad Truth be told he was horrible on the 1st Cleveland drive. But he picked it up after
  6. BuffaloRush

    Trent Murphy - Should we be worried?

    Yes I think so. It doesn’t seem like such a good move now
  7. BuffaloRush

    If Gillislee is cut by the pats?

    It’s interesting - a few months ago I would hve said it would be a no-brainer. Now? I’m not so sure. I might consider it but I think that Marcus Murphy is going to do a lot of good things and it seems like the team wants Ivory to be a solid #2. I guess you could consider the spot that Taiwan Jones or Tavares Cadet, but will he get enough carries to justify the signing?
  8. BuffaloRush

    Looks like the radio.com site is at it again...

    It seems to me that WGR was far less meticulous about archiving segments from shows, once Radio.com took over. Sal’s segments are always up but that’s not always the case for other shows. It usually just says “Howard and Jeremy Hour 1” or “One Bills Live Hour 2” even when they have been guests on the shows. If I’m not listening live, it’s rare that I’ll go back and listen to the entire show in its entirety
  9. BuffaloRush

    Andy Dalton’s Charitable Plans for BUF

    I only make a comment like that when other people do
  10. BuffaloRush

    Andy Dalton’s Charitable Plans for BUF

    Didnt ruin anything....I’ll stop making comments like that, when others stop whinging about threads
  11. BuffaloRush

    Andy Dalton’s Charitable Plans for BUF

    LOL you must be so proud. do you want me to give you a prize!?!?!? Just pointing out some of the ridiculous things members of this forum say about threads
  12. BuffaloRush

    Preseason TNF: Jets/skins, Pitt/GB, Eagles/Pats

    Since people here care so much about thread counts, this should be 3 separate threads IMO.
  13. Saying that Rex is “better than just about anyone the Bills had since 2000” is pathetic criteria. The Bills coaches have been a sorry being since then. It’s like saying “that’s the nicest car in the junkyard.” Who cares? They are all junkers
  14. BuffaloRush

    Preseason TNF: Jets/skins, Pitt/GB, Eagles/Pats

    Really hard to follow a thread with 3 different games going on. This is going to be a huge mess