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  1. OJ Simpson Talks Bills

    I believe him here. I have mixed feelings about Ralph as an owner...most Bills fans should
  2. Wait a second...What About Shaq Lawson????

    Don’t worry folks. I am preparing a Hits and Misses on Doug Whaley. He didn’t have a lot of “highly productive players.” In fact, he had mostly misses with a few surprises. His strength was not the draft.
  3. I think it’s pretty clear Darnold is #1
  4. Remember the team doesn’t have a MLB. I think that will be the first pick in the draft after QB. I think you’ll see WR in the 3rd or 4th rounds
  5. Bills GM: Not certain we move up to take QB

    Did Beane also indicate that he was comfortable with paying the $6M bonus to Tyrod?
  6. Worst local media commentator on the Bills?

    Yeah that’s exactly why. It’s not just the act of cutting them short but it’s talking about them like they are morons. You are right about callers being bad and not thinking before calling. But there is a major difference between how Schoop handled the calls and how a Sal Capaccio or Howard Simon does. Bulldog is simply a laptop who won’t dare stand up to Schoop. Brutal to listen to those chumps. I would rather hear “State Radio” with John Murphy and Donald Jones
  7. Beane did the same thing with Tyrod Taylor at the Senior Bowl. He made it sound like there was a chance they could keep him on the team and then what happened? same thing here - he made it sounds like he might be taking a non-QB at #12. But we all know what will happen
  8. First Pick @ 12 - Not a QB? How 'bout Vita?

    It makes perfect sense if you want the team to go 8-8 every season
  9. This is Beane’s attempt to try to make it seem like he’s not All-In on a QB. He did a decent job IMO. I don’t believe for a second that he’ll sit at #12
  10. Will he say the brand has been “tarnished” and announce a new “robust analytics department?”
  11. Who else really wants a first round MLB?

    You must really like going 8-8 every season
  12. Where Will EJ Manuel End Up?

    Theres a lot of truth to this. Most teams had a 3rd round grade on EJ. Because Buddy Nix (and maybe Doug Whaley) was such a lousy GM that mishandled the QB position, he backed himself into a wall of finding a QB in a bad draft class. I still have no idea why they felt so compelled to draft EJ in round 1, when he might be available in round 4. You can’t blame fans. When a 1st round pick (especially a QB) doesn’t pan out, it’s disappointing.
  13. Bad news for the rookies!
  14. Other Bills Cap Casualty/Trade/ Restructure/Waiver Cadidates

    100% guarantee that McCoy is going nowhere this season! Almost certain that Hughes or Clay won't get cut. I was approve of them getting rid of DiMarco but I think he stays. Now Johnny Miller and Shaquille Lawson are very good candidate to get traded. They are young, cheap, and have shown some potential. As a result, they do have some value and I wouldn't be surprised to see these two moved for anywhere from a 4th to a 6th round pick
  15. You do realize these guys are just speculating like all of us. It's just a guess. He has no inside info