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  1. Ralph Wilson Quotes Himself While Firing John Butler

    ...or we could just starting gushing about great Ralph Wilson was an owner...especially from 2000-2014?
  2. See the Premiere of the WNED-TV Documentary RALPH

    Or I could just find a director who wanted to make a balanced film about his life without sugar-coating some of his well-documented mishaps with this franchise
  3. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    You know, I would too. I just don't think it happens - Terry has too much invested downtown to build at a location that far away. But we'll see
  4. The Dunkirk Don Appreciation Thread

    DC Tom = Class Act
  5. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    It's not going to be in Pembroke or Batavia.
  6. The Dunkirk Don Appreciation Thread

    Seems like Don is about as polarizing as Doug Whaley himself
  7. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    Didn't Dunkirk Don say that it was going to be in the Cobblestone district area in the city?
  8. Not sure about you - but I really have enjoyed reading the work of Dunkirk Don. We don't know if he's legit and time will tell whether his news come to fruition but it's been fun reading and speculating on possible rumors. I give DD credit - he did call that Tyrod would start. Also props to the responses from some of you to Don's posts. Fredonia Fred had me laughing. All good stuff
  9. Ralph Wilson Quotes Himself While Firing John Butler

    That wasn't the point of my post - I never said it was the wrong to fire Butler. But the way that Ralph publicly handled the press conference was a joke. In the history of the NFL how many other NFL owners quoted themselves? "That's me. I said that." LOL
  10. Ralph Wilson Quotes Himself While Firing John Butler

    Lighten up dude. No one is being disparaged. That's like saying anytime you are critical of a US President's tenure, it's posthumously disparaging him. Give me a break. Just laughing a very funny and odd moment which makes you reflect on the many suspect decisions over the past 20 years or so
  11. Ralph Wilson Quotes Himself While Firing John Butler

    What's the point - because it was a funny moment that I wanted to share. Maybe you aren't aware but this is a Bills message board. People share information about the team - past and present
  12. I'm found an old video of Ralph WIlson announcing the firing of John Butler back in 2000. Wow talk about bizarre. Rather than just announcing the firing like most owners would do, he instead reads the press release out loud to a group of reporters word-for-word. But what is hilarious is that the press release actually contains a direct quote from Wilson himself. So as he read, he actually quotes himself. And when he reads the quote he says "That was me. I said that." LOL. I think toward the end here, Ralph was kind of losing it by giving these kind of press conferences. If you watch some of Ralph's other press conferences in later years, they aren't much better. Granted he was an 80 year old man, but these type of appearances don't really portray the Bulls in a good light. I also think, this is where the Bills started to get a negative reputation around the league. See for yourself.
  13. Colts vs. Bills All-22 Film Review

    Why? Because I dare criticize the great Eric Turner? Get real
  14. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    This was a solid parody
  15. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    Whether he's legit or not, Dunkirk Don is my favorite member of Two Bills Drive. Always a good read. Keep up the great work Don - gotta get you on Twitter