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  1. He eats boneless wings with a fork and knife and dips them in ranch
  2. Thank you for finding humor in my post. I hate Nathan Peterman, but I’m sure his family are nice people..
  3. The Bills are the Bills. Don’t act like we’ve been so much better than the Browns.
  4. This guy is a no-talent pigdick. Bench him then cut or trade the guy. Terrible teammate
  5. Same. I was in Boston for about an hour a couple years ago for a layover. I still can’t wash the stink off of me
  6. Yes much needed. I read this thread title and thought it was going to be about the milk I have in the fridge that expires in a week and a half.
  7. Do we really need a complete, full description of the thread topic? Does the title “Moby Dick” tell you the full story by the title of the book?
  8. I get the sentiment but don’t give him up for peanuts. They set their asking price and are sticking with it. I can applaud Beane for that. If McCoy wanted out then he’d demand a trade
  9. I got caught looking ahead after the Minnesota game. That game was so dominant that I had high hopes for the rest of the season. And then came the Green Bay game....
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