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  1. T.O. waited years to shred McNabb for being hungover and blowing the NE superbowl. WRs can be high maintenance or divas as long as they put in the work and communicate. The passive aggressive tweets were annoying
  2. I wonder if I'll get any clients calling about a loan to pay for PSLs. These are crazy prices TBH.
  3. I have to admit I thought this said Justin Blackmon at first and was like “Beane’s really digging deep for WR help” lol.
  4. This is the only move I don't like so far today. The rest I get.
  5. LOL at the Bills having 5 players on the list. Oh well
  6. They should have won the 2nd Cowboys game too, but didn't make any halftime adjustments to ensure they could hold onto the lead.
  7. I don't think they're that comparable TBH.
  8. I just meant that's why I don't see apurdy as MVP. McCaffrey made a bigger impact.
  9. Zach Wilson could have looked competent with McCaffrey, Kittle, Samuel, Ayiuk, and Juschyk. Look at Jimmy G, etc.
  10. Glad to hear it! My mom had a trigger finger before and same thing. Glad they were able to help you
  11. Are you a Merrill Client too? Happy to try and help if you need anything in the future.
  12. It's wild how long it took them to catch on to the theft.
  13. Didn’t he have a 43-8 TD/Int ratio? That may have helped too
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