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  1. Didn’t want to start a new thread, but Diggs is training with Antonio Brown.
  2. Hate it. You just know that the Bills would be in one of the games where this would come into play and we’d get screwed.
  3. My wife is begging me to shave mine. I’m about to give Fitzpatrick a run for his money.
  4. Forget Fitzmagic. This is real magic. 😁
  5. .08% is the legal limit in TX, right?
  6. I sure hope I never get pulled over and get asked to do the sobriety test. I would fail that sober.
  7. I perfected that training in my living room with my kids by throwing a Nerf football with them while the Bills were on TV. We always tried to see who would drop it first. Each of us would try to put a different spin on the ball to mess the other one up.
  8. Probably because everyone spells his name wrong as “Zach” when it is “Zack”.
  9. My Dad always had a rule to leave mass right before the priest headed down the aisle. We always beat everyone out of the parking lot.
  10. Nice to see these Bills greats helping to make an 18 year old cancer patient wishes come true. Thurman mentioned in the comments.
  11. Maybe Beane had a leak he was trying to seal or was just using his wizardry on poor old Belechick. “Hey guys we’re trading up for Dugger”. Belechick sees a chance to pay back Beane for stealing Corey Bojorquez and drafts Dugger. Epenesa then falls to the Bills and Beane drafts him. Mission accomplished.
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