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  1. PIZ

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    I'm not sure if it's McDermott or something else. Doesn't he let his coordinators make most of the decisions, except for time outs? My bigger question is, is there a possibility of Beane, without McDermott, or McDermott, without Beane? I expect them both to stay, and I actually think both are doing a good job. Get some more O talent, and then make a decision. But, would Beane stay on if McDermott was fired, or are they always going to be a combo?
  2. PIZ

    win the next 3 games ?

    May beat the Lions, then last 2 games are against teams fighting for the playoffs. I'm guessing 1 - 2 the last 3 games.
  3. Would love to see Daboll stay + a new OL coach + a new QB coach.
  4. PIZ

    Noah Fant in round 1

    If you're looking for a Gronk, I think it would be Albert Okwuegbunam - TE - Missouri.
  5. I knew there was something. He must have deleted it.
  6. I thought I remember reading about it here at TBD. Perhaps he was just upset about being cut. I couldn't find anything to back up my memory, so maybe I was totally wrong. Reilly's Twitter account is full of positive Bills Mafia references and positive Josh Allen and Bills tweets, so it looks like he is pro Buffalo. I did see a few "Benjamin sucks" and "Benjamin must go" and some tweets about Peterman and not having NFL quality receivers. It was early in the season. Turns out Reilly was 100% correct. After researching Reilly today, it is obvious he LOVES Buffalo and this Bills team. He should be on this team.
  7. I thought I remember seeing a tweet a while back. Maybe trashing Peterman or Benjamin or the WRs. Just searched for it but couldn't find anything. What I did see is that he still obviously still follows the Bills and appears to be a big Allen and Bills supporter. I may be back on the "sign Reilly" team.
  8. Didn't he burn his bridges by trashing the Bills?
  9. If Caldwell would ever get fired, he'd be the kind of guy Beane would bring in for his staff. I hope Daboll stays. His teaching is finally starting to show with Allen.
  10. Watching it at home on a crappy channel on TV. Everyone in the house shut it off at halftime. I had to pick up my future wife at work in the 4th quarter and listened to the final moments on the radio. Luckily for me, I recorded the game on my VCR and rewatched it when I got home. I will never forget that game / day.
  11. PIZ

    Mock draft & FA (edited)

    Love.....Love! DeBeer!
  12. PIZ

    Mock draft & FA (edited)

    Oh, definitely OL. I want big nasty SOBs on the line, blocking for Allen. It would be tempting to take Love though, but I have no idea where he's projected. Perhaps they go OL first, and then trade up again to get a skill player. Anyway, I don't think it's too early to talk the draft. I don't even know half of the top guys this year yet.
  13. PIZ

    Mock draft & FA (edited)

    Damn he is fast. If they can get OL and WR in free agency, I wouldn't mind Love. I think Allen needs a RB stud. This guy appears to have great potential. Seems like this offense is evolving to SPEED, and this guy is FAST.
  14. PIZ

    Jonathan Taylor a Capable replacement?

    Would love to see a stud RB next year. Once a strength on this team, but no longer. A stud RB behind a stud OL, would take a lot of heat off Allen. Next year with a OL additions, competent WRs, and a stud RB, plus Allen, is going to be fun next year. Who could be a stud RB in round 3 - 5?