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  1. PIZ

    The True reason to fire McDermott

    Don't mind me. I'm trying to turn a leaf and not be so pessimistic about my Bills.
  2. They are signing Mark Sanchez?
  3. PIZ

    The True reason to fire McDermott

    Big time offenses will get you to the playoffs, but defense DOES win championships. That is the reason why these high powered offenses don't make it to the Super Bowl. You need a strong (elite) defense and an effective offense.
  4. You forgot to mention that he is really fast and can hurdle guys, while running like a toddler.
  5. PIZ

    I was very wrong about Tyrod & have to own it.

    That makes me think they want young guys and vets OR this rebuild is still a few years away, like 2020.
  6. If there is still an unknown (which is likely) with Josh after this season, they better get a vet backup that can win games. If they get FA OL and WRs and draft some blue chippers on Offense, they better have a better plan B and C at QB than they did this year.
  7. PIZ

    What is your final straw?

    I have come back to reality mid game this week. I should have never expected playoffs again this year. It's always been about 2019. FA pickups and draft picks will turn this team around.
  8. Agreed. Terrible OL. The worst WR Corp I have EVER seen. OC, playcalling, etc. It all makes it difficult to know if he'll succeed. I suppose the OC could succeed if they had better personnel too. We can't fast forward to 2019 fast enough.
  9. That's what's important to remember. I think the Pegulas, Beane, and McDermott all knew what was coming this year and they all agreed that it was a 3 - 4 year process. They knew it was about 2019. A lot of their success though depends on the QB position, so I hope Allen turns out to be a franchise QB.
  10. His windup looks weird, but it would be exciting to have a Bull on this team. He's considered a high 1st round pick though right?
  11. I like both too, but is Jackson a better prospect than Josh Allen?
  12. PIZ

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    Simple logic that Josh Allen is better than Josh Rosen and that Rosen sucks. Ask any Cardinal's fan who they would rather have. Ask their coaches or front office.
  13. PIZ

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    So are we all good knowing that we got the better Josh (Allen), and that Josh (Rosen) is going to be the worst of all the 1st round QBs taken in the 2018 draft?
  14. PIZ

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    I think last night's game shows why Arizona tried so hard to trade up for Josh Allen, but we're disappointed when Beane outbid them. Then they had to settle for Rosen. Settling never works out.
  15. PIZ

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    Must be because Rosen has slow eyes and can't make the proper read in time. He's also not athletic enough to take off if the line breaks down.