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  1. You had a birthday in the last 15 minutes? Hmm?
  2. Getting close. Draft is April 26. Right around the corner.
  3. OK. I see. Yes, I agree. As much as I like Barkley, we need a young top QB. I agree with you.
  4. Not even close to the same player. Barkley is a rare talent with speed, size, shiftiness, and great hands.
  5. We need a QB, but Barkley is amazing.
  6. I saw it, but not from the 49ers perspective. That's interesting. I'd love to get a QB at 9 and still have our 2nd and 3rd round picks. Would 21 and 22 be enough to get pick 9?
  7. I'm just happy that it appears there is at least one QB that they like. My guess is that there are multiple QBs they like, and they want to get a shot at least 1 of them. Pretty exciting to think we are going to have a new QB this year....... Won't be long until we hear we are trading up for Mayfield.
  8. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2760136-2018-nfl-draft-trade-rumors-bills-targeting-top-10-pick-they-like-josh-allen
  9. Rumor: Shady on the Trade Block

    If that is a real possibility, sign me up. I like Shady, but this is about finally getting a QB.
  10. Rumor: Shady on the Trade Block

    Exactly. That's why people like me don't understand if it means something else. I also still don't understand why people don't tweet a little more clearly. I guess I should study up on tweeting.
  11. Rumor: Shady on the Trade Block

    Only reason to trade him is to get picks for a move up to get a QB. Would rather trade Lawson to get some picks.
  12. Rumor: Shady on the Trade Block

    What does this even mean? Lesean McCoy's Twitter: "@buffalobills making and leaving a legacy ... my son will b proud when his last name is brought… https://t.co/O9ZsfyBMQf"
  13. It's news and this kind of OP is the purpose of this message board. Everytime we see a new post from someone "in the know" makes it more credible. This kind of stuff builds my excitement as a fan. Questions. Are they looking to get into the top 10 only on draft day, only if their guy is there? Do they want to get into the top 10 ahead of the draft? If they get the pick before the draft, would they try to go higher? If they get a top 10 pick before the draft, and by their pick, Darnold, Rosen, and Mayfield are gone...would they settle for Allen, Rudolph, or Jackson, take a different player, or trade back down?
  14. Nice article on available free agents. https://www.si.com/nfl-free-agents-rankings-by-position-2018
  15. Lots can change on all of these guys between now and then. This (below) is depressing (so far away): The 2018 NFL Draft will begin on Thursday, April 26......and ends on Saturday, April 28.