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  1. Couldn't we just not order the Pumpkin Spice Latte when we get our tickets?
  2. PIZ

    Am I the only one who has confidence in our WR's?

    Wrong. Everyone loves Neil Diamond.
  3. PIZ

    MMQB: The Jets' Long Road To Sam Darnold

    Nice article, but I would rather read "The Bills Long Road to Josh Allen".
  4. PIZ

    Harrison Phillips Senior Stats vs Suh

    I love the pick. He was the guy I wanted the most in the draft.
  5. PIZ

    Harrison Phillips Senior Stats vs Suh

    Found this on NFL.com: Weaknesses Has build of a guard Has higher center of gravity than most nose guards Plays too straight-legged robbing him of base width and balance Finds himself on the ground too often More active than athletic Looks plodding in lateral movement and change of direction Unable to sink and shift with adequate change of direction Quick lineman can cross his face and find positioning to wall him off Lacks a plan as a rusher Can get better with using hands as rush weapons Secondary rush can get bogged down Sources Tell Us "I'm kind of surprised at how high the media scout types are on him. Where do you play him? Loses balance which makes nose tough and he doesnt have athleticism to play with three-technique. But I get that he makes a bunch of plays and he's obviously a strong guy. I just see him as a day three player." -- NFC West Coast scout
  6. I'm kind of shocked how bad his OL was. Hope Buffalo can come up with something better.
  7. PIZ

    Bills fans reaction to Josh Allen pick

    That's where I disagree. No one knows if any of these rookie QBs will be a franchise QB. I think Rosen has the best chance to bust. That's my opinion.
  8. Agreed. Just saying the guy wanted to voice it that he meant no harm.
  9. PIZ

    Bills fans reaction to Josh Allen pick

    This is their best chance at finding a franchise QB since Jim Kelly.
  10. Because the guy screwed up and he feels bad for accidentally disrespecting Jimbo. No Bills fan wants to do that. No Bills fan wants other Bills fans to think he disrespected Jimbo.
  11. ……..... and........ 15 "I love Jim Kellys", 10 "I'm sorry for mistakenly disrespecting Jim Kellys", and 5 "I love all Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills, especially # 12".
  12. Ha. I tried uploading that same pic of Jim Kelly / Josh Allen and yes, the file was too big.
  13. That's probably a good thing. Kid doesn't need anymore pressure than he already has. If he starts, the media will kick into high gear. Is it possible OBD had a discussion with the local media about it? I'm sure OBD could shut their access to the team off pretty quickly if they wanted.