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  1. I'm afraid he won't last until 9. Time for someone to find an offensive Oliver tweet.
  2. OK. Pin this thread. I'm buying tickets for the very first time. Always had someone else get them or went with a group. Any seats I should avoid? Where would be the best seats? Planning on going to one of the first 2 home games.....how quickly do they normally sell out?
  3. It definitely seemed that way in 2018, BUT it also appeared that they realized their mistake half way through the year, and then they were scrambling the rest of the year to find WRs with speed that could play. Also, signing 2 free agent WRs showed that they realized they under-emphasized the WR position. Who knows?
  4. I didn't want the Bills to draft Josh Allen and I was so wrong about not wanting him. I don't want them to draft DK Metcalf, so they'll probably pick him too. I am trusting Beane on whomever he picks.
  5. Yes, I agree. Maybe this is how he did it?
  6. https://expo.newyorkupstate.com/sports/g66l-2019/04/37464dd6cb774/8-things-bills-gm-brandon-beane-said-about-nfl-draft-10-days-out.html
  7. Thanks. I did not know that. I would imagine all teams do it, especially QBs. Just watched it. Yep, you definitely caught something there.
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