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  1. Doesn't Drake like the Toronto Raptors? He should like playing for the Bills then. He can just hop across the border and watch his NBA games when he wants. Only a 2 hour drive.
  2. I was referring to the QB issues, but also all the trades they made to accumulate picks. The Bills traded away some good players in order to have extra picks, so they had a chance at getting a top QB. I don't mind if you disagree. I like a good back and forth. I just think Flores is on board with all of the changes and management has told him that his career with the Dolphins doesn't depend on the results of the 2019 season.
  3. I would normally agree that a HC would not tank on purpose, but that call was terrible and seemed to be called intentionally to not work. They had the momentum. Flores knows it takes a top QB to win in the NFL. He saw what having a QB like Brady is like. They are doing everything they can to get a chance to get one. Just like Buffalo and Kelly, Miami hasn't had a top QB since Marino. I would imagine Flores knew what he was getting into when he took the job, just like McDermott did.
  4. It would be EPIC if the Bills dethroned the Patriots in the AFC Championship.
  5. From the Buffalo Bills website: Jordan Veasy Experience: 1 year Height: 6-3 Age: 24 Weight: 221 lbs College: California
  6. Wasn't there someone on here that left TBD because the Bills took Allen over Rosen?
  7. Is the Redskins OL really bad or is the Dolphins DL really good? Lots of pressure coming from the Dolphins so far. Dolphins don't look like they are giving up on the season.
  8. The NFL is setting this up nicely for the Bills to knock off the hated, elite Patriots. It will be the story of the year in sports.
  9. Jon Bon Jovi says he would have kept Bills in Buffalo. Blames the bad info on Trump, who was trying to eliminate competition, and get the Bills at a bargain.
  10. Some guys are TOP coordinators, but that doesn't mean they will be good NFL head coaches. There are some mediocre coordinators that went on to become great NFL coaches. It takes a different kind of person to go from coordinator to head coach.
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