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  1. I only cancelled the Sunday ticket. Still have my DirecTV package.
  2. The last time this happened to me, it went like this............ "Hey, I want the new DirecTv customer package because I only have NFL Sunday Ticket and nothing else....so I never had a DirecTv package". No PIZ (in a foreign accent) you cannot get any special offers because you are considered a DirecTv customer, even though you never had a DirecTv package. "I guess DirecTv doesn't care about adding another customer to their packages, then?". Sir Mr. PIZ, would you like to cancel? "Yes, cancel my subscription". Done. ............................ 1 month later........... in the mail....... A letter from DirecTv saying "We want you back. Here is this amazing deal. Free HBO / Showtime / Cinemax for 1 year. Free NFL Sunday Ticket". Hoping that happens again.
  3. I called to cancel and they cancelled my subscription in 2 minutes. I was cancelling anyway, but I guess it depends on who you get when you call.
  4. I thought this had something to do with a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
  5. I like it. I would much rather have everyone think the Bills suck and have them prove everyone wrong. They will be the talk of the NFL when they start bashing "playoff contenders". "Josh Allen, QB of the Buffalo Bills" will start getting Chunky Soup commercials. We fans know what a crappy team looks like, so I think our enthusiasm about THIS team should mean something. I'm optimistic that this Bills team could be a playoff contender, and after 1 more solid off-season, they will be annual playoff participants. It's fun to be the underdog.
  6. http://wvmetronews.com/2019/06/20/former-wvu-receiver-marcus-simms-nfl-supplemental-draft/
  7. I found this interesting considering that some (me included) thought he was the Bills target before drafting Devin Singletary: Chicago Bears: David Montgomery is Leading Rusher Among Rookies
  8. Have never seen Sopranos but may watch that at some point. Watched 1 episode of Chernobyl so I will be finishing that this week. Have NOS4A2 recorded, but never watched it yet. Getting ready to watch Handmade's Tale. Have DVDs of Sons of Anarchy, but waiting until I have nothing else to watch.......not anytime soon.
  9. Just finished watching 2 seasons of "Anne with an E" with my younger kids. It was surprisingly good.
  10. Anyone heard how LB/S Maurice Alexander is doing? Haven't heard anything about him at all. https://www.buffalobills.com/team/players-roster/maurice-alexander/
  11. Probably not. He never seems to be right with his Bills "insider" info.
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