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  1. We are in good shape with what we need to do in the coming years. To an earlier point, next year will be the year of the roster bonus in advance of Josh's LT deal. Unless you are the Cowboys or Rams and don't understand the cap, continuity has never been easier in the NFL.
  2. 716, Who is the best attainable fit in the class for the Bills?
  3. This sets up perfectly for long term deals for our core players using roster bonuses that become guaranteed nearly immediately.
  4. I miss Dean around here and dislike that he left. That being said, this is list is irrelevant. Does anyone really believe we aren’t scouting Clemson for receivers or any other players?
  5. This is insane and makes us look like psychopaths. Embarrassing
  6. I tried to ask him about it once and his answer wasn’t satisfactory
  7. His standards for grading are an absolute joke and lack context. His other stuff is decent
  8. You have made such a difference in our community. What a story you wrote! You are part of our fabric forever!!
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