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  1. N.Y. Orangeman

    First half: Wk 14 Jets at Bills, 1 pm on CBS

    Slide tackle? So weak. Cut him
  2. He's not going anywhere. Blake Bortles at QB, the loss of 3 LTs and their best receiver should buy him another year, though I'd be very worried if I was Jim Caldwell and Tom Coughlin.
  3. N.Y. Orangeman

    Anthony Johnson

    I am going to get killed here, but I don't like him as a fit. I see him as Zay Jones without the separation right now. Hope I am wrong.
  4. N.Y. Orangeman

    Taron Johnson in hospital?

    So tough. What a great player and a great find by the FO.
  5. N.Y. Orangeman

    OLine - offseason

    Love this and agree with the Cann analysis (though I hate the injuries this year).
  6. N.Y. Orangeman

    Noah Fant - TE Iowa - Should Bills pick at 8

    Albert O out of Mizzou is better.
  7. N.Y. Orangeman

    In the pantheon of insufferable douches, Mike Schopp is Zeus.

    More Sal, please.
  8. Good list. I'd put Mitch Morse right up there as well.
  9. N.Y. Orangeman

    Rate the rookie QB after week 13

    I wouldn't trade Josh for any of them.
  10. N.Y. Orangeman

    Is Vander Eshe to Edmunds the same as Juju to Zay

    Amazing how an offense that doesn’t go three and out can help a defense...
  11. N.Y. Orangeman

    WR Prospect talk

    I love Metcalf, even if it is at 9. He is going to be special. That being said, the depth in this class is incredible.
  12. N.Y. Orangeman

    Jags Fire Hackett and Have Benched Bortles for Kessler

    The poor guy has had the worst lot of QBs in the NFL ever. Too bad Coughlin is infallible and did nothing to improve the position in the offseason.
  13. N.Y. Orangeman

    Has anyone here ever met Doug Marrone?

    If you take a look at those around him who likely planted that story, none of them are currently working for NFL teams or in pro sports (sorry, Doug Whaley, WWEFL or whatever it is doesn't count).
  14. N.Y. Orangeman

    Has anyone here ever met Doug Marrone?

    Doug is shy and standoffish, but a good guy with a great family. I'm sure he was an intense bastard to work with, but he was very loyal. Very few have an actual clue on what went down here in Buffalo. I'll leave you to your ignorant rants.