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  1. It is certainly interesting that Mayock and Jeremiah are getting these looks, while McShay and Kiper haven't gotten a sniff in decades.
  2. A wide receiver....any wide receiver.
  3. We have 4 legitimate RBs and real needs at WR/TE/elsewhere. I think the issues is the position and not the player.
  4. WR/TEs are a train wreck on this team. Looks like we'll be keeping 6 backs..lol.
  5. This guy is going to be great in Daboll's scheme. Watch the Alabama game (#74)
  6. ^Never watched an Oklahoma game. Check the thread on the college board and educate yourself, friend.
  7. He's having a really, really bad month....
  8. I'm curious as to what your expectations are for the acquiring OL in the next two days, against the backdrop of who we signed in the offseason and our other needs (WR, TE, etc.). What is your take?
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