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  1. I liked Duke's story and wanted him to succeed. Hopefully he makes PS, otherwise I wish him the best!
  2. Team did better than anyone thought. This reminds me of 1988, a young Bill's team went to Cincinnati for the AFC championship and lost. Of course we and skip 1989 and avoid the bickering Bills, and to 1990 and a super bowl appearance.
  3. He has a sore neck and a bad ankle/knee. Mahomes is a gamer and a top level QB. I am sure he will have a light week of practice, get shots up the wazoo and be the starter on Sunday. Based on the pressure the Defense can provide might determine how long he can stay in the game.
  4. Win one and it has all been worth it. My father can die happy (eventually) and we will no longer be known as the team that lost 4 super bowls.
  5. Defense came to play!!! Baltimore offense is looking like they can be broken.
  6. Allen played his college ball in Wyoming, he is used to it, plus he had had 3 years to learn the wind at Bills Stadium. Maybe he will imitate Kelly Vs the Eagles in 1990 where he had better accuracy throwing against the wind.
  7. Marv used to rest starters last game of year for 3 of the 4 runs. I do think if you have a veteran team it can help, but if the team is young it can get them out of rhythm.
  8. At this point I will not be happy unless the Bills reach the AFCC. Assuming that will be KC, its house money. I will not be surprised if they win or lose. Anything short, makes this a good season, but not a great one.
  9. They seem reasonable, they have their realist and their homers. If the situation was reversed I think we'd have the same reaction here.
  10. I thought I read Christian Wade is available for the Miami game. Is it crazy to give him a few chances to run in the 2nd half assuming the game is in hand. Personally, I would like to see what he has learned in the past 2 seasons. He is no longer protected after this season I believe.
  11. For all the 80s kids like me, I am wondering which historic Bills team they remind me of 1988 or 1990? I am thinking 1988 and they will fall to KC in KC for the AFC championship (anything is possible, includinga Bills win). If so, then we can skip 1989 as these Bills do not bicker. And go straight to 1990 and the first SB run!
  12. My Dad was at the rockpile in 1960. He's been a fan since the beginning. I got interested / indoctrinated in the early 80s with Ferguson and the back to back 2-14 seasons. No school like the old school.
  13. Daboll play calling is bipolar! He has a good drive going, and then goes for cute! It drives you to drink.
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