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  1. My Dad was at the rockpile in 1960. He's been a fan since the beginning. I got interested / indoctrinated in the early 80s with Ferguson and the back to back 2-14 seasons. No school like the old school.
  2. Now, don't you feel a touch silly!
  3. Daboll play calling is bipolar! He has a good drive going, and then goes for cute! It drives you to drink.
  4. The team is starting to look like they should again
  5. Just block the fg. The Bills are the not ready for prime time players.
  6. No run defense, and our zone seems too porous. Is it the coaching?
  7. No run defense, and our zone seems too porous.
  8. I dont remember who said it but beat the Jets, Phins and Pat's Bills take the division. Then we'll see what happens.
  9. It makes me think Milano is the guy who makes this work.
  10. For me, that would be perfect. I live in Southern CT and get Jests and Patsies. At $10 a game I'd spend 120 which is less expensive than the current Sunday Ticket.
  11. When the DTV deal is done I would like to see the NFL allow single streams at a lower cost. I stream the Sunday ticket and I only watch Buffalo. I think they would make a lot more money doing it this was too.
  12. They have got to answer! Can't be same old Bills.
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