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  1. Some really cool names in the thread. Thanks to everyone (or nearly everyone) that contributed.
  2. Looking back at your years of fandome, are there any obscure or little-known Bills players or coaches that you’ve met. For me, there’s a handful of players and coaches: Mark Maddox - Met this dude over at the old Rainbow Mall in Niagara Falls. It must have been 1991 or 1992 because I remember there were actually stores open! Including a Trench outlet store! He was injured and on crutches but very nice and friendly. It was an autograph signing and there must have been about 10 people in line but it didn’t seem to get him down. Very cool guy Keon Carpenter - I had to interview Keon for a local newspaper about the Bills season. Very nice and professional. Gabe Northern - A monster at LB for the Bills during the 90’s. Always thought he was due for a breakout season. Never happened but he was a solid player in the Bills 3-4
  3. Yeah but it was actually comedic and not so lame, more people would talk about it.
  4. Better than IPA. The “p” in IPA must stand for PP because it tastes gross
  5. The bigger question is, do they remain in Orchard Park or move the team downtown where a number of Pegula owned properties and investments stand to benefit. I will bet anything that if all things were equal, it would be the latter
  6. It makes perfect sense to me. What has old Rob ever done as a DC? You have to go back to his work in NE as the last time he was part of a successful defense. The defense is NO was among one of the worst defenses all time. Rex made the Bills into a bad defense, Rob joined the staff and made it worse!
  7. Viewership is in the toilet and I’d bet that live attendance is down too. What saves WWE from a business standpoint is the TV right deal which continue to increase. But if numbers continue to fall, it makes you wonder if that will continue. I’m not certain that AEW will be a competitor but if they can deliver ratings on TNT, I think WWE is in trouble. I was a big fan back in the day but my viewing has decreased over the slowly past decade. I haven’t watched the product in over a year and don’t really miss it. 3 hours of Raw is unwatchable You don’t follow the industry close enough. There are huge egos in the industry. Vince does a tremendous leading and managing the talent - many times getting them to perform the crappy ideas him and his creative team write
  8. I am seriously thinking of doing this....it’s just for fun right - You don’t really get married right?
  9. It’s been sinking for years! I think that Thad helped patch up the holes in the ship
  10. Thats so not true. He makes ridiculous predictions all the time that never happen - same with John Murphy . I’ve known this for a while. I believe it was right be for Chan was fired he alluded to the fact that Chan would be returning. Fortunately no one took his word as gospe just because he works for the team.
  11. I put very little stock in what Chris Brown says - and you should as well. With that being said, I think he’s probably right here though.
  12. I think including Joseph in the mix is a bit presumptuous considering that the kid is a 5th round draft pick that has yet to take a preseason or regular season snap. I like what I’ve read about him though and it seems like he has the physical attributes to be a good fit in the defense
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