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  1. Long story shot - he took a banned substance and got caught and is now making excuses
  2. It’s an excuse and not entirely valid like much of his criticism of Allen. As much as we hate him, Tom Brady is frequently lauded for his work ethic, among other things. If all QB’s had a strong work ethic, it wouldn’t be a big deal.
  3. It’s not shocking that those rankings come from Football Outsiders Depending on the metric you go by, you’ll find Allen ranked closer to Darnold and higher than Jackson and Rosen. But even going by your logic, a “parody of an NFL QB” probably certainly be ranked lower than 30th. In no way, would a “parody” be ranked higher than Lamar Jackson, who is “not a parody” right? Also go read the article by Ryan Talbot. He explains how you could see progress in Allen after coming back from the elbow injury. Also, a “parody” probably doesn’t lead a team with bad talent around them to a 4-4 record. Again, not saying that Allen is a great QB yet....but yes he has performed better than the bleak outlook from old man Schatz Because a second rate analytics site like Football Outsiders are right 100% of the time... don’t you know? Something tells me @Kemp is a big fan of Mike Schopp
  4. It should be noted that Allen already has outperformed the prognosis that Schatz and others predicted during his rookie year. Football outsiders went on record saying that Allen was a parody of an NFL QB, and backtracking themselves from those comments now would only hurt their credibility even worse. As someone said old Schatzy is trying to hedge his bets.
  5. Your cherry picking stats. In the game against NYJ at home White was burned on several big catches because he couldn’t cover Anderson. When it mattered, he was indeed“toasted” by Anderson. He couldn’t make a play when needed. Not the same for Anderson. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s very good and that he had an excellent rookie year. But I’d like to see him have less moments like he had against Anderson before talking about his being the best CB in the league
  6. I agree mostly what has been said above. You could even hear the cop’s partner in the vehicle tell him not to leave. Watching that footage makes you realize how hard it must be to work a situation like a rowdy tailgate. I’ve never seen a cop fought someone up but I definitely have watched security/bouncers do worse. Not to say it’s right but I think it’s hard to maintain composure in those situations
  7. Wow now THIS thread is really contributing positively to the community. Great job👍🏻
  8. This move could spell the end for Reginald Ragland in KC.
  9. I think a lot of fans will be disappointed but regardless you know Beane and McDermott will get their full 5 years
  10. Its probably more about his family. An NFL job would be super demanding and he’d have to travel every week. His job with NFL probably allows him to work from home for most of the week
  11. Yes this does need its own thread... it’s a separate topic Erik Turner from Cover 1... now working under Doug Whaley in the XFL
  12. It makes sense in theory, as the season for GMs and scouts ends after the draft. I do fee NYJ would have been wise (as would the Bills) to fire him when they moved on from Bowels
  13. I don’t get this move. MM has had 2 pretty good drafts and brought NYJ Jamel Adams.
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