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  1. Sure, but at the end of the day, all you have to rely on is the teams' records and their quality of performances. Their record says they are worse, and the quality of their play against the Chargers and Pats dictates that they are not the powerhouses they are propped up to be.
  2. Really? Even after the Chiefs lost to the Raiders, and almost lost to the Pats and Chargers?
  3. Every year is different! Bills have looked dominant; and the Titans are barely puttering along. Plus, no practice, missing guys, turbulence. It all adds up.
  4. I feel like my original comment is getting a bit misconstrued. I dont think the Bills will forfeit. What I am saying is that the suggestion it could happen is not so impossible it deserves a laughing emoji. I guarantee that there are definitely some guys in that locker room that have some reservations about playing the game. It probably doesnt rise to the level of not wanting to play the game, but you never know how far that feeling can spiral. That said, it is of course highly improbable the Bills would forfeit.
  5. Because at the end of the day, Im guessing the Bills’ players care way more about their health than a single W or L. That said, if the world (NFL) were fair, the Titans should be the team forced to forfeit. But, the NFL is greedy.
  6. Cody Ford said it was better to be healthy than rich. Tre almost opted out of the season. Again, I wouldnt bet on it, but its definitely not impossible.
  7. Thats a reason the league would never allow a forfeit, not a reason the players wouldn't vote to refuse to play a game. But, from the league’s perspective, you are absolutely right. Easy to say when you arent the guy lining up across from the Titans. Edit: Im not saying you are wrong. It’s theoretically safe. Its just really unnerving.
  8. A couple people laughed in response to this, but Im with you, I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if that happened. I dont think it will, but I wouldnt be shocked. I would be super uncomfortable being in close proximity to a group of people with a COVID outbreak.
  9. Im pretty sure teams passed on him because they were convinced he had a steroid problem. It wasnt about talent.
  10. This board just isnt the same without you spitting this sort of nonsensical fire. Im glad youre back!
  11. Is it? It looks like they just copy and pasted from the day before, with the exception of the “rest” guys.
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