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  1. Wait. So JA literally didn't play football until College? I mean, I know he wasn't groomed like most QBs, but that is insane.
  2. I meant that Jets/Bronco's game listed above (I was being a smart-a**)
  3. I'd by lying if I said I wasn't happy we are now getting the Titans on a short week, assuming they play on Tuesday on not Monday. COVID. Its a risk for everyone.
  4. Sure. But the ventilation and minimal exposure time reduce whatever risk is posed by the increase in respiratory droplets. Hence why the CDC and every other medical professional that has looked at the protocols agree they suit the risk posed.
  5. Outdoors or even in open-air settings, no, for brief exposure periods, you cannot get it in that manner.
  6. For what its worth, I still think he is top 10. I just don't think he is a winner. That sounds so cliche, but it seems that when a play needs to be made in the big moment, he can't make it.
  7. Dak has alot of Matt Ryan or, to a lesser extent, Kirk Cousins to his game. Will put up numbers, but he'll never win anything. He will always shrivel in the big moment.
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