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  1. A rookie half way through the season by definition cannot be a disappointment.
  2. Is it not code for "don't be so afraid of mistakes. We will not ride you if you throw an interception." What would JA be afraid of? Probably turnovers. If he is told to be fearless, it seems like they are also saying don't be so afraid of turnovers. That is definitely more than coach speak. And even if it is coach speak, who cares? Do you really expect JA to get into the Xs and Os of what he discusses with the coaching staff?
  3. These responses are so stupid. He really is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. He says "play fearless," some idiot says "coach fearless" like he isn't one of the most aggressive coaches on fourth down or this is somehow bad coaching. He says "don't play fearless," and he would get criticized being too conservative.
  4. He reads the field. Sometimes very well, sometimes not. Fact is you just aren't going to hit those intermediate throws if you are not. Besides, there is plenty of Cover 1 stuff out there pointing out how his eyes are manipulating safeties, or he is going through reads, etc. He just doesn't do it consistently well enough.
  5. Aside from Bosa and Murray, the rest have been okay at best. Oliver played pretty will, winning the third most pass rushing snaps in the league. However, he lost his job to a guy that is playing out of his mind. Oliver wasn't being outplayed, for the most part, by anyone else drafted this year. The other tackles are indeed starting, but none of them are playing particularly well. Hell, there have been re-drafts that have Ford being drafted in the top ten. Again, Ford is just being out played by a guy that is doing very well. I think your response is a classic example of not paying attention to the rest of the league. Hence, why your expectations are so off.
  6. I have been listening to Nick and Nolan alot lately. They have a good saying that I think applies to this thread. That is, expectation - reality = disappointment. Based on your expectations for rookies, you were mostly destined to be disappointed. Sure, you sometimes get day 1 starters in the draft, especially in the first round, but they are rarely difference makers. If you expect them to be, the reality will inevitably cause you to be disappointed.
  7. If that happens, this board will be prolific ... (see what I did there?) Really though, I will have to log off this board.
  8. That's fair. I probably wouldn't use a third, but if you don't think Allen is going to pan out, then that is what you have to do.
  9. Analyzing just their rookie year, (I am counting Mahomes' second year as his rookie year just to be fair), 3 of those guys were better their rookie year than what Allen is right now. That is a 15% percent chance of being successful, in the way you describe. Plus, your assumption ignores that the top QB options will not be available to us by the time we pick next year. Seeing as you would have to settle for the third QB off the board (in all likelihood), it is fair to drop that number by half (7.5%). So the question becomes, is there a greater than 7.5% chance Allen improves in year three. It takes a cynical mind to think he cant beat those odds. 2019 Kyler Murray Daniel Jones Dwayne Haskins Drew Lock 2018 Baker Darnold Allen Rosen Jackson 2017 Triubisky Mahomes Watson Kizer 2016 Goff Wentz Lynch Hackenberg
  10. Its an odds game man. What are the odds they find that guy? What are the odds JA takes the step? Seems an easy bet that the odds of the latter are better than the odds of the former.
  11. History also said JA wouldn't be able to complete more than 60% of his passes this year. I genuinely think JA is not subject to the normal progression of things, for better or worse. That said, he has shown the ability to do everything you want a franchise QB to do. Make the tough throws, throw with anticipation, read defenses, move around the pocket. He just does them at different times, is inconsistent, and has yet to put it all together. Most of the guys who never take that leap never demonstrate the ability to do two or three of those things, and just stay static. As far as the coaches go, they live and die by Josh Allen. If they drop him next year and bring in a new guy, this is inevitably going to be a 6 loss team, and they will lose their jobs. Conversely, if they keep him, and JA fails, they still lose their jobs. Their better bet is stick with Josh Allen, just because then they at least have a shot at him putting it all together.
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