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  1. I'm sorry, but I believe that there are rules for using fancy words like that. People won't get the true meaning of your thread and that just leads to chaos!! And we can't have that here!!!
  2. Cool. Knew his NFL and mathematics accomplishments, but never knew he was from Buffalo!!
  3. Awesome! Thanks, I just started laughing at my desk like a moron!!
  4. In other news, a local massage therapist has apparently won the state lottery....
  5. No kidding. I wonder if there are fines/penalties for posting that type of information on social media. Meaning, $100,000 fine for publishing plays, roster info, medical info, etc. Total idiot.
  6. Give me T.O. - He still has a key to the city!!
  7. The more competition at Tight End the better!!! Guy has the size, let's see what he can do.
  8. I'm excited to see what he can do. When's that first preseason game? August can't get here soon enough!!
  9. I just hate these guys. I truly hope this is the year we turn the tide and we are on top of the East for a long time and the biggest competition is the Jets. Let the evil empire die.....
  10. As mentioned in an earlier thread, FORT KNOX!
  11. Living in Houston, lot of Texan's fans not happy they didn't draft Cody. Their loss, our win!!!
  12. I've always heard it said, that a good Tight End is a QB's best friend. What I see out of this guy is a big, tall target that doesn't drop the ball (hello Clay) and moves the sticks. Yes, we need blazers and slippery RB's. But, I'll take reliable, sure hands all day long. I like the pick!
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