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  1. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Cardinals tweet their support of Right Josh

    HAHAHA - That's awesome!
  2. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Hogan will be gone?

    And, somewhere near MIT, a team is perfecting the human cloning process.....
  3. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Greg Schiano appears in line to become Patriots DC (update: Official)

    Fixed it for ya....
  4. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Warren Sharp breaks down why the Rams lost the Super Bowl

    Absolutely correct. However, the problem is executing new game plans in one half and then new ones in the second half are not easy for just one game (two if it's us). Belichick is a master at game planning. I hate that we have had to deal with him since essentially 1991 (SBXXV).
  5. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Early Draft Thoughts

    Have seen Tom Brady's combine video? Combine means nothing!!! Hahahaha....
  6. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Which is a better investment? Offense or Defense?

    Only in Saint's games..... THIS!!
  7. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Jim Kelly is cancer-free

    Should be ready for September!! Bring on opening day!!
  8. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Lorenzo is back

    Hells Yeahs!!
  9. Oh hell yeah!!! And I thought Zay Jones highlight reel was good!
  10. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    I did my part. Hell-no to a retractable roof!! Hell-no to PSL's. Hell-yes to affordable Club seats!
  11. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    2019 HC openings - updates

  12. Better eat a sandwich....or two.
  13. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Kyle Williams going to the pro bowl

    Well deserved. Now let him catch a TD pass there!!
  14. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    For Bills Fans In Other Markets, What is your relationship to your local team?

    I live here, too. I really don't care about the Texans. For me, it's Bills Bills Bills!!! Everyone at work knows this, too! I like the Astros and go to the games. Went to the Aeros games when they were here. But, as for the Texans, only the cheerleaders get my attention. Love them red boots!!
  15. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Jonesing for some SNF

    I was still trying to find the Bills game. Must have been blacked out....