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  1. Everybody knows it's Dave & Busters that equals Super Bowls. Just ask Rex!
  2. Worked for me and I'm in Houston. I kept it past the trail, so the damn thing better work tonight!!
  3. BTW - Peterman went 8 for 8 last night. (only 41 yards, QB rating of 88).
  4. You do realize that half this team is new and it takes time to build chemistry, right? Plus, there are new plays that need to be gone over until it's second nature. Of course we're not curing cancer or building rockets; we're going to the Super Bowl and just like those two things you mentioned, you need to put the time in to be good at it. Injuries can happen anywhere, anytime. It happens. You can't avoid playing to avoid injuries; otherwise, don't play the game.
  5. Agreed. I think the major consensus was that it was a good throw, between the defender and he put the ball right on Clifford Franklin's Zay's hands. He just dropped it, while looking for the safety.
  6. Thank you for posting this!!! Damn, that really shows just how bad his truly is. Pathetic that it's taken this long to release him. Maybe things are turning around finally....
  7. That was my read as well. The clip showing him with the ball in his hands, he's immediately turning his head towards the Safety. He was afraid he was going to get nailed. Not a good quality in an NFL Wide Receiver. Kind of like when a little league baseball player is afraid of the ball and cant catch or hit. I recognize that it's natural to want to see who is coming at you, but as an NFL WR, you first have to secure the ball. Priority #1. As much as I thought Zay was a good pick based on his college performance, I think the time has come; there are others with better hands. Move Cam up the chart. Target Duke more next game. I also really like the Sills pick-up and I'd like to see if there's anything there.
  8. I really think that the times he was targeted, the balls thrown were behind him. The PI did not look like much, but sure, they called it. I was really hoping to see more out of the kid. Hopefully more next game, but there's a lot of competition right now.
  9. No kidding!!! GOD, he truly IS a turnstile!!
  10. Yeah, the DirectTV/AT&T monster is driving me crazy. My son and I really enjoy programs on the Smithsonian channel. But, now that's blocked on a dispute with CBS. I really wish there was a better option for watching the NFL games other than DirectTV. I live in Houston and I need it; they rarely show the Bills here, unless it's national (which is more rare!)
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