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  1. You bringing this up made me think: If the Bills are the "Panthers North", maybe the Raiders are the "Bills West"!!!
  2. I'm partial to Mike's in Kenmore or John and Marys. Really sucks because I live in Houston and they can't make a proper sub to save their life!! Although, I did order Anderson's through Goldbelly! Some Beef on Weck, some chocolate/vanilla Twist and Lemon Ice! That was great for the game on Sunday!!!
  3. While I would love to have seen more any TD's, sometimes you get into a dogfight with a division rival (on the road , too!) and they are just tough, drag-out games. The fact that we we're in scoring position 8 times says a lot! Also, if Kroft stays on his feet, that's a TD. Also, Gabriel Davis should have had a TD if not for a ridiculous penalty. But, it's a win and I'll take 'em anyway I can get 'em!!!
  4. If they just play solid football and not get caught-up in the BB worship, then we'll be fine. We are the better team. But, play the full 60 minutes and keep the foot on their neck!!
  5. Totally!!! I hated the call. I really think he hit him hard, but clean.
  6. Seriously! I mean, why not try him out. I know, you have to keep on the active roster then, but I think he's probably better than Moss at this point.
  7. Bills to Gooden: Don't forget to bring your Jets playbook. On second thought, it's all good. Just show-up on time.
  8. I went Allen/Allen! HAHA But, seriously, I love what Allen can do and I see similar attributes with Justin Herbert. That would be my two. Burrow a VERY close 2/3. He's looking good.
  9. Yep! I live in Houston and I still get a "GO BILLS" from remand people. Of course, I get more, "You're pretty brave wearing that shirt 'round here!" HAHAHA But, if I'm on vacation, like Florida or Colorado or Cali, I always get a "GO BILLS" shout out! Which is cool! I think of it as the true silent majority!!
  10. Yep, 3d chess. (note: little d, not big D because only Belichick can effectively play 3D chess in these matters!) Oh well, welcome to the team big guy! Go get some Flacco this week!! GO BILLS!!
  11. A win-is-a-win-is-a-win...... Short of big blow outs, most games are decided by a few key plays and good teams capitalize. We have been fortunate over the years with some of our wins and lost games on dumb mistakes, too. I don't care how we win, as long as we win.
  12. I agree with all of your points. After a night to think it over, I am actually OK with the defensive game plan. We did limit Mahomes to the ground. We *should* have been tied at halftime, but I'm going to give a break to "Bass-O-Matic". He's still a rookie and it was pretty crappy game conditions. The issues are essentially on the defense. The lack of a true runner stuffer, solid linebackers and cornerbacks are very concerning. Tre got paid and hasn't been the same. Edwards isn't getting better and probably needs to move to the SAM LB position. Oliver has been a disappointed for sure. Josh Norman has made some "special" plays (forced fumble, fumble recoveries) but is not an asset on coverage. Last night, I was watching as he was giving 10-12 yard cushions and then doesn't even make the tackle. Why are you there? What's concerning is that it may not get fixed until after the season is over. That's sad with such promise in the off-season and first 4 games. Oh well, kick the S*** out of the Jets and Pats and all will be good again!! 🤣 GO BILLS!!!
  13. We couldn't make a damn stop to save our life! Allen did enough to be in a position to win the game. But, the defense was TERRIBLE!! Can't stop any run! Terrible coverage on Kelce! No pass rush!
  14. My thoughts in regards to this game is to just score 1 point more than the Chiefs. I think that guarantees a win, but it's 2020 so I don't know anymore.
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