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  1. That's my thought, too. Very similar to the Cleveland loss in '89 that rallied the team. I hope that they all remember the feeling after the game. I know I did, walking down the ramps at NRG Stadium and listening to all the Texan's fans go crazy knowing that I should have been hearing/singing the "Shout" Song all the way down.
  2. 100% agree. I really am tired of the games over there. We don't need to expand there and they already know the game. NFL gets richer and the fan loses a game.
  3. I'll be at the tailgate for sure. I just bought my Josh Allen road-white jersey for the game! Since I live here, just a short drive from Friendswood!! Is parking going to be an issue there? Anyone have an idea? I'll be in the 2001 Trans Am Ram Air. It's slightly loud.....
  4. I live here and yeah, it's the stupidest damn thing to have a retractable roof that never retracts!! This is my fear that if Buffalo goes ahead with a downtown stadium, they'll never open the thing! Love me some Pappadeaux's! Sausage and Seafood Gumbo! DAMN - NOW I'M REALLY HUNGRY!
  5. Same here!! Since I live here, it was a no-brainer not to go! Section 330, Row B. I also flew to Buffalo for the Miami game. Two games in one year? What the?!?!? I haven't done that since the SB years! GO BILLS!! Thanks for posting this. I might have to attend now!!
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