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  1. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    LeSean McCoy hamstring injury

    Thurman had a line that blocked well and a QB that had receivers to throw to. McCoy has neither. This year especially. Losing Wood and Crazy-Incognito made a huge impact to the run lanes. While I haven't been a huge McCoy fan, he has proven to be a good back and has made some great plays in a Bills uniform. His age is now starting to show and it's amplified when there's crap OL ahead of him. Cut him some slack there, slick!
  2. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Bills defense is overrated.

    While I understand were you're coming from, I don't agree. The biggest problem is the defense, by the end of the game, is they are damn tired! The offense has been put SO much pressure on them by not sustaining drives. These guys need time to recover and the offense has been consistently had multiple three-and-outs. That wears down a defense.
  3. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Week 14: Jets Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    OH NO!!! Unanimous!! Kiss of DEATH! Dang it!
  4. Mmmmmmmm...Ted's! I could go for a regular with everything on it and a footlong chilidog! I HATE missing food in Houston!!!! And no, I don't like Tex-Mex!!! Give me Mighty Taco, please!!
  5. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Ex-Bill, CFL stud WR Naaman Roosevelt's just asking...

    Only when it snows....
  6. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Jim Kelly is heading back to the Pro Bowl! named AFC captain

    Congratulations, Jim. I might watch the Pro Bowl now!
  7. That's exactly what I thought when I read it. Having a "well-documented history...". BS!!! That should not have any bearing on the treatment of a player.
  8. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Trade for Sean Lee in the off-season

    I thought he was the QB? I'm so confused. Maybe that's why he looks so big. But, he was also running the ball better than our running backs. Maybe this Josh Allen can play all the positions!
  9. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Trade for Sean Lee in the off-season

    Can we have Vander Esch instead?
  10. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Charles Clay- the most useless player ever

    I totally agree and hated when they cut him. Clay has done absolutely nothing this year.
  11. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Chiefs release Kareem Hunt after video from February incident surfaces

    Watching the Mixon video, I'm appalled that no one said or did anything after that and just let him walk out. Damn kitties!! I'm not the biggest guy in the world, but damn if I see that and don't get up and say something to him. Terrible....
  12. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Caption this (Part II)

  13. He does have a franchise QB, though... That seems to help.
  14. Can I list Belichick as a sure fire? Please.
  15. Houston's #1 Bills Fan

    Week 13: Dolphins Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    Hell yeah!! This was an excellent addition. I love this guy's attitude!!