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  1. 1. Son has baseball practice and pitching lessons. 2. Work on my old Trans Am. Put the MSD box on, install the Holley Sniper fuel injection and wiring. If it runs, install the Dual Sync distributor. Go for a nice Sunday drive in cool, Houston weather (finally!!). 3. Watch NFL football and root for the teams helping the Bills. examples: Saints beat Jags; Bengals beat Ravens; Seahags beat the Browns; Cowboys beat the Jets (ok, so, that one doesn't really matter!) 4. Wash cars.
  2. Exactly. I really was surprised about the challenge on the pass interference. The defensive back had his arms around the receiver's arms! Not sure why that wasn't called. Other than "it's the Patriot's."
  3. This team is not going "sneak into the playoffs" or get lucky due to their schedule. I agree: THIS IS OUR YEAR! 13-14 wins!! We are going to TAKE the AFC Division by grabbing it by the throat. The Cheats are not going to be looking forward to our rematch and they have some loses by the time we get there.
  4. Dang it! You took mine!!! I got all the way to page 4 and hadn't seen it! OK, I'll go with "On any given Sunday"
  5. Well, we traded away Zay, so we don't have anything left the Panthers would want!!
  6. Yep, I discovered that last night. I ended-up buying 2 tickets, section 241, row 1!!
  7. Thanks, Nick. I'm checking them all! Rat bastages!
  8. So, I was looking at coming up for a game - specifically the Dolphins game on October 20th. I was looking at tickets online and found some great tickets - Section 213, Row 1!! I've never sat in the Club level and I was going to take my mom, since she never gets to go to a game. I was on VividSeats.com and ready to make my purchase, but the additional "service fee" was $65/ticket!! On general principle only, I just couldn't do it! The price of the ticket was already higher than I wanted to spend ($273/ticket), but to add another $130 is just BS. That said, is there any online vendor that doesn't charge such outrageous services fees? Looking for some good advice. Thanks!!
  9. No, I'd like to actually win the game.
  10. If he held on to the ball on the pass from Barkley with 10:47 remaining, we win the game. If he breaks up the two interceptions, we win the game. And, wasn't there a halfback pass from John Brown to Zay that he dropped? I used to really want to see him succeed, but it's time to move on. Throw more to Knox, bring up the Duke and trade/sign a sure-handed receiver.
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