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  1. Feel free to go back and look at my posts, and those of a number of other posters on this board, from the past two years. The success he is experiencing on the field this year didn't emerge out of a vacuum and shouldn't be a shock or something completely unexpected to anyone who evaluated him objectively, and within context, over the last two years. I argued over and over that he was absolutely capable of putting up the kind of statistics he has over the last four weeks. So, I am not going to say I am surprised to see him actually do it.
  2. Actually, I think there are quite a few Bills fans, and posters on this board, who believed Allen was capable of reaching this level of play this year. I think it is more shocking to those who, to one degree or another, bought into the ridiculous narratives that were pushed about him from the moment he was drafted.
  3. On one hand, I think people should be able to express their opinions and engage in open debate about all things Bills. On the other hand, if one is going to start a thread basically saying Hyde sucks, he or she should bring more than two stats (passes defensed and interceptions) offered in a vacuum. Offer something with a little more depth and thought to it...
  4. It is a by product of the instinctive way he moves in the pocket and in traffic, which is one of his greatest strengths. Honestly, I don't believe it can be eliminated from his game without affecting the far more positive things he is able to accomplish with that intuitive style of play.
  5. Yep. Some in the national sports media will never be able to fully admit to themselves they were wrong about him. For them, a typical review of Allen's play would be: "He threw for over 300 yards, accounted for 5 touchdowns, and led his team to the game winning touchdown, at the end of the game, to beat a very good Rams team, BUT... (insert choice of negative play here)"
  6. I believed in Allen from the beginning and defended him in debates, over and over again. With that said, I absolutely understand why reasonable posters on this board had doubts or expressed skepticism about the level of play he could reach. Even now, Allen plays a certain style of football that will lead to negative plays (such as some of his fumbles and the phantom interception yesterday) that cause some people to still question him in regard to " ball security and high risk plays he shouldn't attempt." I understand that as well. Personally, I don't have a problem with it. Josh Allen has to pay his style of football. That is who he is and that is what is going to make him successful in this league. As far as apologies go, I don't think people need to apologize for legitimate questions they had (and may still have) about Allen, or aspects of his game. I would guess that almost every Bills fan is completely behind Allen at this point, whether they still have questions or not. There were a handful of posters that hated the pick from the beginning and were never interested in giving him a chance or being honest in their evaluations - only in justifying their dislike of him. I don't particularly care if they apologize or not. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.
  7. Yep. If I was a Minnesota fan, I would be far more upset with the lack of return on their ridiculous investment in Cousins...
  8. A++++ Love that kid. Just the kind of QB I have been hoping for since Kelly...
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