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  1. That is true; however, I don't go on the Lion's site to tell their fans that I think their team is average...
  2. This seems like a lot of time and effort spent on another team's fan site, particularly when most of your posts are really about telling us how great Mahommes is and how Josh Allen and the Bills are just average - at best. To each their own; however, I just don't get it. The only thing that makes sense to me is that you must be a former Bills fan who was enamored with Mahomes, got upset when the Bills didn't draft him, became a Chief's fan when they drafted him, and love to come back here to remind us that the Bills could have had him... I could be wrong; but, I doubt you would be here posting if Mahomes was an awful QB...
  3. Such a shame he can't stay healthy.
  4. Isn't it past the point in this thread where we should have had a "slow your roll," "pump the brakes," or some other variation of telling us to temper our enthusiasm post?
  5. Apparently, the nobodies are talking about it. Whoever they are...
  6. No, it's not. For many, it's not even a gradual thing - it's rapid and debilitating. I just don't want to be around if I cannot function at a "normal" level on my own. I wonder how many people, if they knew the moment their health would decline to the point where they could not function on their own (physically or cognitively), would choose to go out on their own terms at that point.
  7. My wife and I were talking about this just the other night, as we are both in our 60s now. We are both in good shape and good health (feeling blessed and grateful) and hope to stay that way for awhile. If we can make until about 80 without any major problems, that would be wonderful. We just don't want to be around when our quality of life starts diminishing.
  8. I think it is probably not the other posters you are responding to that have an issue with being sensitive. It seems, when anyone dares disagree with you in any way, your responses become angry, condescending, insulting, and generally aggressive.
  9. I wouldn't blame him if he walked away now and certainly if he sustained another concussion. Being around and healthy, long term, for your family and those that love you is worth more than your career. I understand that more and more the older I get.
  10. It is interesting. Many of the same people who championed Tyrod and EJ as franchise caliber QBs, seem to feel Allen has little chance of ever becoming even an above average NFL QB. Just hoping their judgement about Allen is as wrong as their judgement about Tyrod and EJ.
  11. He is allowed to voice his opinions and those criticizing him are allowed to voice theirs. And how did you arrive at the conclusion a lot of people criticizing him are lazy?
  12. People on phones in general and texting in particular was a major reason why I stopped riding and sold my motorcycle as well - and I loved riding.
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