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  1. It might not be a smart decision, but to to question his commitment to the game because of it doesn't seem very sound either.
  2. I've read through the thread. Star opted out last year at a time when we knew far less about Covid than we do now. That is a personal health decision and I don't quite understand why people would question his "commitment" because of it. I feel the same about vaccination status. Regardless of what my personal opinion might be on the subject, I don't question a players "commitment" because of it.
  3. What decisions (plural) are you referring to?
  4. My guess is that the obnoxious and unbearable fans for every team are pretty much that way in other areas of their lives. The blame doesn't lie with the sports team...
  5. https://www.cover1.net/buffalo-bills-training-camp-brandon-beane-takeaways-vaccine-cody-ford/ I've heard McDermott echo the same sentiments...
  6. If they release him, it will be because they feel it is in the best interest of the team in that moment. It will say nothing about what he has given the team in his past play.
  7. Link? You don't have any idea what the front office or the coaching staff feels about what he has given them.
  8. If you are going to throw the ball almost 60 times, you really should be at least in the 375-400 yard range...
  9. True. Although, the same could be said for a number of posters here as well. As for blocking people, I could think of a number of legitimate reasons to do so. However, if you are going to put yourself out there publicly as having some level of "expertise" in any field, and block people simply because they disagree with you, then maybe you should consider doing something different. Not a good look.
  10. I think they all get a participation trophy...
  11. Why do they look like high school yearbook photos? Half expected to see some "Most likely to..." saying under each photo.
  12. I tend to fall in the camp that a win is a win and I will take them in whatever form in which they come. However, point differential over the course of a season is still a pretty good metric in regard to which teams make the playoffs. In most seasons, it is rare to find teams with positive point differentials not make the playoffs in the NFL (only 2 teams with +PD did not make the playoffs), NBA (last year every team with +PD made the playoffs), and MLB (only 1 team with +PD did not make the playoffs). Of course, by virtue of winning most of its games, any given team would have a greater likelihood of having a +PD. So, there's that...
  13. I really don't understand why anyone would form any perceptions of what Allen may or may not do based on Carson Wentz or any other QB. There are so many variables that go into the success, or lack of success, any QB may experience. Whatever Allen does, in terms of success, will be according to those variables unique to him.
  14. Conclusion from the article: I read the article. Like I said, I have no idea why this is even a topic.
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