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  1. Nah, I’m just going to go ahead and believe as long as Allen is QB, the window is open…
  2. Just from a personal perspective, after watching only one press conference, I can see why Hines was a fan favorite in Indy.
  3. I heard somewhere that Dean Marlowe gave up a Hail Mary that tied a game!!!! Is this true??? I listened to Beane's presser today and I didn't hear anyone ask him about it!!! And I didn't hear Beane mention it as one the factors he evaluated in whether or not to Bring Marlowe back!!! Does this mean Beane wasn't aware of it? He's our GM!!!!!! Or maybe he did know and he and just ignored it - hoping nobody had done their homework and uncovered such an important fact??? How can I trust him to build a team into a SB contender if he didn't even know about a fact this critical, or, worse, did know and is willing to put a DB on this team that has given up a Hail Mary???? Beane needs to understand that facts matter!!!!!! I'm officially concerned....
  4. According to Brandon Beane in in his presser today, they anticipate using Cook more as the season goes on....
  5. And you would be wrong. As you typically are...
  6. You could also make an argument that star athletes often get away with behaviors that the average person wouldn't. But more to your point, I agree we certainly lack a consistency in the standards we hold people to in general.
  7. Fair enough in terms of the Bills relying on more on Allen to get those yards in those critical 3rd or 4th and short situations more than other teams rely on their QBs in similar situations. Although, I think there is a legitimate argument that Hurts and Jackson are also relied upon a great deal by their respective teams in similar situations. And here I was ready to give you the benefit of the doubt in my post above and you write another nonsensical post....
  8. It is, at the very least, a perception thing and invites too many potential problems to allow athletes to bet on a sport they are participating in. We hold people in certain professions to higher standards than the average person all the time. There are also professions where employees understand they can't engage in certain behaviors that average people do and they accept it as a condition of being employed in that profession. They are free to choose a different profession.
  9. So your entire opposition to Dean Marlowe is that he gave up a hail mary pass? It is the only fact you have mentioned. Nothing else. So, by your own criteria, you would have to be opposed to having any DB on this team that ever gave up a hail mary pass. Facts do matter. If you are going to present one superficial stat, then be prepared to be called out on just how idiotic you sound.
  10. This is my point. He didn't say anything close to what you are going on about. He was talking about where Allen stood in terms of rushing yards and rushing attempts, not about what QB was better. So, while you did write a coherent thought, it literally made no sense as a reply to his post. Think of it this way: It would be like somebody writing a post talking about Josh Allen's running stats and I replied to that post by saying my favorite color was green. It is a coherent thought, but a nonsensical reply to the post.
  11. Reading it wasn't the problem, making any sense of the words you wrote was. It literally didn't make any sense as a response to the post you were replying to...
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