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  1. He did say he was ready to praise Allen for his first half in the Houston game. I guess he just couldn't bring himself to quite say it....
  2. I'm not deflecting. Jackson had a great year.I detailed it in my post. He didn't play well in the playoff game. Period. Yet, you refust to admit it and throw stats around like 508 yards of offense and 9 trips into Tenn territory. Totally misrepresents his play. You can make the exact same argument for Allen in his playoff game and you don't. They had nearly identical yards per play and Allen had 356 yards of offense with 24 less touches and still managed to get into Houston territory 8 times. So, using your same logic, he should be considered to have had a decent game. Allen did not have a great second half. Jackson wasn't particularly good in any of his game.
  3. Oh please. You have been critical of Allen since before he ever set foot on an NFL field. The truth about Jackson is this: He is an incredible athlete. He played well mostly with a lead and on the back of an incredible run game (not just his running). Where he excelled this year is in TD production. Last year he had a TD% of 3.4 and this year he had a passing TD% of 9, putting him in rare company. I have no problem with him receiving the MVP. Personally, I would have gone with Wilson. However, that TD production masked some real issues with his passing game, which were exposed in the playoff game. We will see what he does next year. My guess is that his TD% drops back down to somewhere between 4 and 5. Given that he is on a Greg Roman offense, he will continue to throw the ball less than any other team. Roman's schemes are based on the run game. I have a hard time believing the team with the fewest pass attempts in the league will lead or be up at the top in passing TDs again. He could replicate it, but I doubt it as nobody ever has. You can delude yourself all you want about the yards he put up in the playoff game with 79 touches. The truth is, he didn't play well, particularly when he had to carry the team on his throwing.
  4. Yep he had 508 yards of offense on almost 80 touches. He averaged less yards per play than Allen did in his playoff game (and Allen was in Houston territory 8 times on 55 total touches. You are correct, some people want to be so right about him....
  5. Gotcha. Well, I am 100% in agreement they need to drastically upgrade the talent around him and they better get some major pieces this off-season. I think with continued improvement of Allen’s play and some real talent added at receiver, the offense will continue to evolve.
  6. I didn’t call all of the analyses of Allen during the draft process lazy and superficial. I said much of the national narrative coming out of the draft was lazy and superficial - and has continued to be perpetuated. That is my view. Feel free to differ. I agree 100% with the need to upgrade around him and if they want Allen to take that next step they better do it this off-season. My response was to your reference to Allen as “Wonder boy.“ It sounded a bit condescending. If that wasn’t your intent my apologies. I agree with the rest of what you say
  7. I have been here for all of them. Of course they are all scrutinized. However, I stand by my assessment.
  8. Just can’t help yourself, can you?
  9. I am not in the “everybody hates Buffalo“ camp. I think that much of the negative perspective from the national sports media revolves around the fact that, generally speaking, Buffalo sports teams haven’t been very good for a long time. It is a result of losing. Winning has a way of changing perspectives. I was specifically referring to the prevailing thoughts on Josh Allen. For whatever reason, he evoked strong feelings in people during the draft process. I believe a national narrative developed around the issue of his “accuracy” and people took hardline stances on whether or not he would ever be able to develop into a decent starting NFL quarterback, much less a franchise QB. I feel that narrative was based on superficial analyses and has been perpetuated by people too lazy to actually break down his play and by people who just don’t want to be wrong. Heaven knows he has his flaws and has much to improve on; however, I have been following this team and the NFL for over 50 years and I don’t ever recall a QB whose every single play is so scrutinized - and usually through a lens of negativity. Bad plays are used as support for the view he will never be a franchise QB, while good plays are presented as nothing more than “tantalizing glimpses“ of the potential that he will never be able to reach.
  10. I think, when all is said and done, Jackson's season will be seen as an anomaly. When was the last time that a QB on a team with the fewest pass attempts in the NFL finished 1st in passing TDs? I haven't done the research yet; however, my guess: rarely, if ever.
  11. After one season we're screaming to recreate the Chiefs and the Rams. After the next, we're screaming to recreate the Titans...
  12. I see Beane trading for a WR and selecting a WR in the 1st or 2nd.
  13. That's not really all there is to it. You can talk about the Titans being run centric; however, there isn't a more run centric team in the NFL than the Ravens. There are very legitimate questions regarding Jackson if that team has to rely on his arm to win games.
  14. It is a lazy comparison. Doesn't surprise me at all. If there is a chance to compare Allen's play to any QB or situation with a positive outlook versus a negative outlook, you can count on the negative comparison about 90 percent of the time.
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