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  1. billsfan1959

    Jarvis Landry World Record

    His parents must be so proud...
  2. billsfan1959

    Bills have only 5 players left from before McDermott arrived

    I'm pretty sure it was evident from the entire post what I meant by that statement...
  3. billsfan1959

    Bills have only 5 players left from before McDermott arrived

    I believe what many posters have stated is that Beane and McDermott are in the process of building the team with the players they want. The players they let go, traded, or cut were players they felt were not worth the money they were being paid, that they didn't have the money to keep, that didn't fit their culture, etc. Some of the players they brought in are "their guys" such as Allen, Edwards, and others. Many of the players they brought in were nothing more than attempts to fill holes until they got into 2019 where they now have cap space and draft picks to start adding more quality talent - more players that are "their guys." Just because they brought in players, it does not mean all of those players are "their guys." That is a pretty superficial assessment from someone who should know better.
  4. billsfan1959

    Who's more overrated...goff or mcvay

    Don't be too hard on him, he still hasn't emerged from his shock and disbelief that EJ Manuel is still, somehow, not the starting QB for the Bills...
  5. billsfan1959

    Mahomes wins MVP

    Personally, I think the accuracy issue is an overblown narrative. Based on what I saw this year, I think the Bills have found their QB - with or without the "razzle dazzle sh*t." Mahomes had an incredible year. I was one that wanted the Bills to draft him; however, they didn't and I moved on. I'm not one to live in the past. I like what I see in Allen and I am truly looking forward to watching him grow as a QB.
  6. billsfan1959

    Mahomes wins MVP

    I believe you will.
  7. billsfan1959

    Mahomes wins MVP

    Yes, he could
  8. billsfan1959

    New Coaches Hired - QB, WR

    McDermott and Beane didn't hire themselves... Trying to make something out of nothing...
  9. billsfan1959

    Turns out it was Bellichick not Brady!

    If one were to make an argument as to why Tom Brady might be the GOAT, arm strength and throwing “the ball in the air over 20 yards” would never even be in the discussion. I cannot wait until they are both gone; however, the truth is they may be one of the best QB/coaching combinations in the history of the NFL. I do not believe the sustained success of NE would ever have occurred without both.
  10. Not quite the same - nobody was offering us 5 million dollars or more a year to stay... 😉
  11. billsfan1959

    ESPN has Jets taking Josh Allen 3rd in 18' draft redo

    Apparently, Allen's accuracy at throwing a football is greater than your accuracy in analyzing football...
  12. In light of the previous incident, I was particularly troubled by the one in question. Anytime you have to be restrained from being physically aggressive, it means you are no longer fully in control of your own behavior. For the most part (with clear exceptions), I don't believe anyone should be defined by what they do in a moment in time, as it doesn't necessarily represent who they truly are as a person. However, when it happens several times, or more, then I think it warrants cause for concern. I hope he gets another chance and proves these incidents were not truly representative of who he is. I just don't think I want my team to be the one to take that risk.
  13. I do believe BB has outright, knowingly cheated over the years, and the level of my dislike for the Patriots is on par with the level of dislike I had for the Dolphins during the 70's and 80s (even into the 90s). However, I agree with you, a team does not have the sustained level of success that the Patriots have had, particularly in the free agency era, by cheating. They have sustained that level of success because of Brady and Belichick.