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  1. Obviously, nobody told this guy that bringing up black on black crime is racist and simply a way to divert attention away from police brutality...
  2. Happy 4th Everybody! Here's hoping to an even better future for all!!!
  3. I'm not upset. I am merely pointing out how absolutey flawed your logic is. You like things to be simple. You like for one word labels to describe the complexities of a human being. It makes things easier for you. It doesn't change the fact that "slave" and "enslaved" are different without a distinction. They both, inevitably, refer to someone being held against their will. Neither term sheds any light on WHO a person is. From your previous post: "If a person is considered a “slave” and that’s just who they are in their nature." That just might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen you post. That is saying something as you are the one who once posted that "guns make suicides more lethal."
  4. You and your kind in a nutshell. Labels, labels, labels.... The term "slave" describes who someone is in their nature? There is nothing about that term that describes the "nature" of anyone. There is nothing about that word that describes "WHO" a person is. When someone is a slave or enslaved, they are someone being held against their will, as you say, "forcefully and brutally." Both words describe their condition. And of course, you finish your post with the obligatory liberal labeling: "People not not wanting to see the difference just don’t care." For people like you, labels do matter, but only for the purposes of making yourself feel better, smarter, and more enlighted, or for shaming and bullying others tha do not agree with you.
  5. No it isn't. It is semantics. Both describe a condition the person is in. "Who" a person is can never be described by a label. That is the problem with people like you - constantly defining who people are by labels and superficial qualities. Just as long as they are the labels and qualities that suit you for the moment. Find me one person who has been, or is a slave that supports this and I will be more than happy to listen to him or her. If somebody works as an engineer, do we refer to that person as "employed as an an engineer," rather than just "an engineer," in order to distinguish what that person does as opposed to who that person is? No, we don't. You know why? Because there are no self-congratulatory feelings of moral and intellectual superiority that go along with that particular distinction.
  6. To be enslaved is to be a slave. And I doubt anyone who ever experienced it, or is currently experiencing it, felt or feels the least bit more dignified calling him/her enslaved or a slave. The condition is the condition despite academics engaging in linguistic gymnastics to make themselves feel more enlightened.
  7. Yeah, it feels as if the NFL is taking a situation that was already badly handled and making it worse. I support the right of players to do what they want to do. Like I said, I just don't feel like this country is moving closer to some sense of unity - or even honest dialogue. However, I will bow out of this thread, as it will just end up turning into a referendum on who is or isn't racist - rather than a discussion.
  8. I like the song; however, is this where we want to go? Separate, but equal anthems? I thought we wanted to distance ourselves from that sort of thing, conceptually speaking. It just seems to me that each day we are moving further and further from the "unifying" message everyone is looking for.
  9. Nope, we fell for it because it could reasonably be true - and I still feel the sentiment is there for AOC. However, it has been flushed out and most here have no problem admitting if we were wrong about something.
  10. Yeah, I just edited my post. Snopes and other sites say it is false.
  11. I hope it is fake; however, I think the sentiment is real. Edit: According to Snopes and other sites, it looks like it is not a real tweet
  12. Yep, no politics at all in what is happening right now....
  13. I won't even ask you to step up your game. I know this is the best you can do...
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