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  1. Maybe you are just angry with yourself and projecting it onto other people. It is clear you are having some sort of identity crisis. I can get you the good name of a therapist. It might help you be happier with who you really are.
  2. Are you saying he doesn't have the cajones to post under his real username?
  3. It's a lot of fun being over here on the objective, rational, and optimistic side of things. You should try it. Maybe you won't have to keep coming back under different user names.
  4. I was responding to another poster in saying I hope in the next ten years he leads the team to some SB victories. Since I would hope the same thing for any QB leading the Bills, I'm not sure what your issue is. It certainly isn't homerism. It is merely optimism - oh, the insanity!
  5. I'm pretty sure you equated him to "JP/Trent/Fitz/EJ/Thad/Tyrod" in the post I responded to. So, maybe in that post?
  6. Another long time lurker, first time poster, who chose this moment -after a game in which Allen made no boneheaded mistakes, after a game in which he came through in the clutch when his team needed him, after a win, in a season where he is 5-1 as a starter - to join the forum and let us all know how bad Allen is...??? Or maybe you are just another previously banned or ignored poster...
  7. Ah, and who were you in a previous life? Must be the day for reincarnations....
  8. Let's hope, in ten years, those same folks are saying, "Yeah, he won 3 Super Bowls, but he should have won all four..."
  9. Your son stated that he has been following this site for the last 15-20 years before joining today. Shouldn't that make him old enough to fight his own battles and to move out of the house?
  10. I think so too - and, we can't expect them to be lights out every game. When they aren't, the offense has to come through.
  11. Never is such a definitive adjective...so authoritative and unconditionally conclusive. You seem quite omniscient... Can you tell us what is going to happen in the stock market over the next few years?
  12. Haahaa! Yeah, there are times I really wonder what is going on Daboll's head - there are moments I feel like he is demonstrating upper echelon OC abilities and moments wher I just go, WTF? Like you say, at least Allen can fall back on his youth and inexperience to explain those moments of not recognizing something or just making bone-headed mistakes
  13. I am absolutely with you on this. I was beyond scratching my head as the NE game unfolded. It was as if he chose to try to exploit NE's primary strengths rather than weaknesses. The gameplan he had in Tenn is exactly what he should have doen with NE. Early in yesterday's game, it was as if he wanted to be overly creative against a bad defensive team...
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