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  1. I get what you are saying, and I agree that there are lines that shouldn't be crossed. I watched the video and I just don't believe this rises to that level.
  2. So, essentially, you are looking for people to support and join you in your hand wringing, and, if they don't, or if they disagree with you in some way, you will dismiss them as fools...
  3. You are arguing with a poster who tried to convince this entire board that Matt Breida was the key to unleashing this offense....
  4. The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to Beane and McDermott suck....
  5. Went to my first game in 1968 and I have been a loyal fan since then. I learned long ago to not hang on to the negative energy of a loss. Love this team and what they are building. Good time to be a fan... Go Bills!
  6. I have seen that; however, McDermott distinctly said in his news conference today that Howard has looked good this spring and looking better every day...
  7. I like your enthusiasm and I hope he does surprise us
  8. This. McDermott is accountable to his players, his coaches, and his organization. He stated it starts with him a number of times. Anyone who has paid any attention to his behavior during the time he has been here knows he doesn't expect anything from anyone in that organization that he doesn't, first, expect from himself. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that what transpired at the end of that game has been discussed in excruciating detail and everyone who had a role in what happened has held himself accountable. That is the type of culture they have built.
  9. We already have systems in place to register and trace serial numbers of firearms. I'm all in favor of providing the resources neccessary to ensure 100% accountability. However, most guns illegally owned are not purchased through straw purchasers. They are stolen or acquired via other criminal means. We need to find ways to deal with actual criminals possessing and using guns. That means targeting the areas with the highest gun violence and the highest possession / use of illegal firearms - which tend to be areas of lower socioeconomic conditions and high minority populations. The majority of residents in these areas are decent people who are literally terrorized and placed at risk of being a victim of violence on a daily basis. Yet, we stand by as a society as they are victimized every single day by gun violence.
  10. Good post. We also need to devise strategies for dealing with the possession and use of illegal firearms. Much like the possession of legal firearms, we are dealing with that gray area of indivdual rights vs public safety.
  11. The overwhelming majority of guns used in gun crimes in the Chicago area aren't purchased or owned legally by the individuals using them. How will restricting the legal sale of guns in the surrounding areas solve that particular problem?
  12. I will say, That was actually a pretty quick response to Josh's question about the film of Clements' hit being black and white and grainy: "Yeah, it's like the Zapruder film."
  13. That's like saying your prom date wasn't the ugliest girl in the class...
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