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  1. Richard Sherman and Dee Ford both stated they weren’t offended and that he had a valid point; however, he could have phrased it better. Honest question: What other way could he have phrased the point that Jackson has dark skin? Sherman phrased it, “ he has a brown arm.” Is that really any different?
  2. Condolences to you and your family
  3. One of the best things about right now is sharing it with my son, who was too young to enjoy the success of the early nineties. Loving it - and I think there are some good years on the horizon.
  4. Another WNY transplant to the Carolinas. Not quite as old as you, but not far behind either!
  5. He may not fit the perception people have of what a franchise QB should be; however, I don't believe any of the talk of him switching to WR, being a product of a gimmick system, or any of the "chipping away at Lamar," as you put it, has anything to do with race. There were some that had question marks about Jackson's ability to translate his ability as a passer to the NFL level. Regardless of how much success he had in college, it is still ok for someone to question his abilities without it being tied to race, just as it is to question whether his style of QB play is sustainable at the NFL level. I didn't / don't hear anyone asking those types of questions about Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, Kyler Murray, Jacoby Brissett, Cam Newton, Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston, and Dwayne Haskins. As I said in a previous post, because something CAN be interpreted to be insensitive or even racist, that doesn't necessarily mean it is the only, or most important, factor to consider in the evaluation of someone's actions or words. There are plenty of examples every day of overt racism in this country. I believe in picking and choosing your battles. When we make everything a crisis, then everything becomes a crisis. When we are quick to indict people on words or behaviors that are nothing more than mistakes with no intent to be insensitive, derogatory, demeaning, or racist, even when they can be interpreted as such, then we begin to diminish the legitimacy of real racist behaviors.
  6. Not a good trajectory to be on. Winston has somehow managed to eclipse his turnover prone performances of the past 4 seasons and is having a truly Petermanesque kind of year...
  7. I think we have to be careful at times in our indictments of people without a fair evaluation. In this particular instance, I don't believe he had any intention of being insensitive, uncaring, demeaning, or generally racist in any way. That it might be taken offensively by some is a legitimate point; however, it is not the only point and shouldn't necessarily override every other consideration. I don't specifically remember Polian's stance; however, there were those that questioned his passing skills and suggested he move to TE
  8. I'm still waiting for someone to explain the Aaron Maybin pick to me....
  9. Agree. People should be able to consider how their words and actions affect others. On the other hand, people should also not go out of their way to find something offensive in other people's words and actions.
  10. Yeah, he could slide like he did in Dallas and still get hit by two defenders... Just kidding Actually, I agree. I want him to use his legs when he needs to; however, I don't want him taking on defenders like a running back. I think he has done a much better job, since that hit in the NE game, of sliding, getting out of bounds, and, generally, not putting himself in a position to take a big hit. Also, I'm not sure about the stat itself. Couldn't find it anywhere other than in that article
  11. You and I have had our disagreements; however, you have supported Allen and your arguments have always been about the style of offense you would like to see with him. I agree with you that they are closer than people want to admit. I posted the stats of Allen and Jackson over the last 8 games in several other threads. I chose that span because Allen has been playing differently since the NE game, and Jackson has been on an 8 game winning streak. From a pure player production standpoint, they have been pretty close: Jackson has only 174 more total yards, less passing yards, more rushing yards 3 more total TDS, 1 more turnover, 2 more wins, and a 109 passer rating to Allen's 99 rating. While Jackson has considerably more rushing yards, he also has almost twice as many attempts in an offense designed specifically to maximize his running skills. Where they differ is overall team scoring - and that is a product of what they do on the opponents side of the field. Excluding kneel downs at the end of the game, Jackson and the Ravens have had only 4 drives inside the opponents 40 yard line where they did not score points. By contrast, the Bills have had 30 drives inside the opponents 40 where they did not score points. Just kicking field goals on 20 of those 30 drives would move the Bills from 19th to 7th in scoring. The Bills are great in the red zone. They have had their troubles between the 20-40 yard lines. Jackson has excelled in that area against some pretty good teams. That is the primary difference in production between the two. If Allen and the Bills had found ways to score TDs and FGs on half of those drives I described above - there may be a completely different national discussion going on right now. I do agree with you that Jackson is evaluated differently than Allen. I think a lot of that has to do with the level of polarization surrounding Allen, and the hard lines drawn by people in their evaluations of him going into the draft. It is starting to change, not coincidentally, with better offensive play over the last three weeks. Here's hoping that change in the national conversation of Allen continues after this game. In the end, I don't care what other people say about Allen, how they think he measures up to other QBs, or which other QBs are better. I think he is the right QB for this team and this city. He is talented, tough, competitive, and smart. Over his last 16 games (a full season), he is 11-5. Over his last 8 games he has 18 TDs and 3 turnovers. Over his last 3 games, we have started to see that talent on display even more - with so much more room to grow. Go Bills!
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