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  1. Right, because they are exactly the same player and every variable will be the same....
  2. Mahomes is a great QB, maybe, currently, the best in the NFL. However, If what Allen did against Houston last year was widely considered a "meltdown," then this should be the intro clip for all analyses regarding Mahomes' performance last night...
  3. Based on the above, I'm guessing the end of the connections has something to do with Kevin Bacon?
  4. Of QBs with over 250 pass attempts (34 QBs), Allen had the 9th lowest sack % (4.3), was 5th lowest in averge yards lost per sack (6.1), was 16th in total sacks (26), and was 20th in total yards lost (159). Pretty sure sacks and handoffs were not a real problem for Allen. As far as the fumbles go, it is less about carelessness with the football than it is about style of play. This year, Allen was one of the best at moving within, and stepping up into, the pocket - and you rarely saw him bail when he didn't need to. He kept his composure, rarely panicked, and al
  5. I'm not sure a thread on Josh's package is appropriate...
  6. You must be thinking of the Irish Soccer League Draft: Best player O'vailable
  7. This is exactly where I am at. I don't anticipate any "blockbuster" FA moves. However, I certainly could see a big move of some sort through the use of players and draft capital in the right situation. Whatever he decides to do, it will be in the best interests of the team in the short and long-term. Beane is about building a team that is consistently competetive year in and year out. I don't see him making any moves that sacrifice the future (in regard to the cap or draft picks) in order to win now. IMO, Bean views whatever moves he makes through the lens of the "superbowl window"
  8. Again, I don't disagree. I hold both accountable here. Sad situation.
  9. I get it, believe me. I am well aware that Houston has created most of their own problems. However, Watson isn't completely blameless in this entire fisco. You don't think he was well aware of all of the issues with this franchise before he signed a new contract? And, honestly, his behavior hasn't been much more professional than theirs. I think the value for him is limited because the would reach new levels of ineptness in trading a franchise QB within the division or conference - and that is where the teams are that can offer the most. Nothing could be worse for that team than to
  10. IMO, Houston shouldn't trade him. Tell him to play...or sit out.
  11. I agree with your feeling that TE is higher on Bean's priority list than many may think. The identity of this team now revolves around Allen and the passing game. Giving him a TE that other teams actually have to game plan for would only make the offense better and maybe take it to the next level. The problem is that this is going to be a difficult offseason for Beane to add such a player. The free agent pool is pretty thin outside of Henry Hunter (I would be surprised if the Chargers don't find a way to keep him now that they have Hebert) and the draft pool is even thinner. I like
  12. What a great story! I have done extensive genealogy work with many of my family lines. I love working on my family history and have documented so many interesting things about the lives of many of my ancestors. For years I was at a dead end on the family line of my surname and recently had a breakthrough and made some amazing discoveries through a YDNA project I am involved in. How cool is it that you have a famly history story that involves the Bills? Thanks for sharing
  13. They should lock him up as soon as they get the chance
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