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  1. Yeah, not a good look. Besides, from a mocking perspective, Jones is a target rich environment without having to go there...
  2. I think, if the Bengals' Oline holds up, they win. Although, Miami is riding a bit of a lucky streak at the moment. It took a complete meltown by the Balt defense and a miraculous 4th quarter by Tua (almost 30% of his total yards and 50% of his total TDs for the season in one quarter) to beat Baltimore by 3 pts; and missing players (injury and weather related) and miscue after miscue by the Buff offense to beat the Bills by 2 pts. I don't believe it is a sustainable way to beat good teams, but they are having a bit of good fortune right now.
  3. If they want to put Miami at #1 because they are 3-0 and beat the former #1 team (Buffalo) and the current #6 team (Baltimore), fine. It's a power ranking and doesn't mean anything at all. I think Miami is a good team and a playoff caliber team; however, I personally would have them somewhere around ten.
  4. NFL Week 4 Power Rankings https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34670270/nfl-week-4-power-rankings-2022-1-32-poll-plus-rating-qbs Top 6: 1. Miami 2.Buffalo 3. Philadelphia 4. Kansas City 5. Los Angeles Rams 6. Baltimore
  5. Because the teams who were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd had more YAC?
  6. Factoring in the 13 seconds in the KC game and the 3rd and 22 in The Mia game, I would have to say they are still much better at calling defensive game plans than you are at evaluating them.
  7. The Fins couldn’t gain more than 20 yards on 4 of their 7 drives and were gifted a TD on another drive. Most of their yards came on 2 plays - both against players that probably wouldn’t be on the field in any other circumstances. If you take away those 2 plays they averaged 2.1 YPP for the game. Take away Buffalo’s 2 biggest plays and they still averaged 5 YPP. As I have said before, Miami is a good team and they made every big play they had the opportunity to make yesterday. But they needed (1) to make every one of those plays, (2) the Bills to be short handed 7-10 starters at any given moment of the game, (3) Buffalo’s offense to make all the mistakes they made, and (4) Buffalo’s offense to be absolutely gassed in the 4th qtr because of the weather and being on the field so long - just to win by 2 points.
  8. Sorry, but I’m just going to agree to disagree here. Frazier and McDermott know what they are doing and their track record in how their defenses have played in Buffalo are proof of that. Big plays are going to happen and they happen to every team. Sometimes they happen in big moments. That is football.
  9. Since Beane and Frazier have been together, that is the very first time a team has gotten a 1st down on a 1st and 20+ It happens. The fact that the secondary they patched together only gave up one big play is remarkable
  10. I love TBD after a loss. It's like a preschool in the afternoon when children don't have their naps...
  11. I hate the loss for what it was: a loss to a division opponent. Miami is a good team, but it literally took all of the injuries, the weather, the mistakes by the offense, and Miami making almost every critical play they had the opportunity to make - just to win by two points. They need to get people healthy over next few weeks. It is still early in a long season. At full strength, the Bills are the best team in the NFL. Of that I have no doubt. They will be fine.
  12. His inexperience really showed on the Waddle reception and the TD. However, he wasn't ready to see the field and would never have come close to playing had it not been for extraordinary circumstances. I am certainly not going to judge him too harshly after one game and under those circumstances.
  13. Agree. About as classless as it gets. I hope he hasn't suffered a serious injury and that he is back on the field soon.
  14. I wasn't arguing for or against a challenge or implying whether it would or would not have been overturned if it was challenged. I also am not one that has a big problem with McDermott's challenges. I was originally replying to a poster who claimed it was contested at the point of the catch. It wasn't. It was, as they say, a "bang-bang" play and I have no idea what Davis, or any other player, felt about it at that moment. I only know that the replay shows me that Davis did, in fact, catch the ball, tuck it away and control it, and get both feet on the turf before he lost control. I have no idea if it would have been overturned. I do know I have seen plenty of receptions in the endzone be ruled catches that didn't show any more convincing evidence than the replays on this reception. As I said, I have no problem agreeing to disagree.
  15. Well you are certainly welcome to your opinion. To me, he clearly had control of the ball and got both feet down before the defender knocked it loose. I have no problem agreeing to disagree.
  16. I have watched the replay over and over myself. Here it is. The first replay after the play clearly shows Davis controlled the ball and it was not dislodged until after his second foot had already touched.
  17. No, it is just an observation. you should probably have some general idea of what distinguishes a good thread from a bad thread if you want to continually start threads....
  18. He did catch it and had control when his left foot touched and when his right foot touched
  19. If we have to tell you, then maybe you should stop creating threads...
  20. The Chargers suffered the worst loss. They were at home and the area of their team that they spent an enormous amount of resources to improve during the offseason got abused on the field and the scoreboard - and the offense performed in very Chargeresque fashion...
  21. Josh Allen, Bills 'take it on the chin' after dominating box score in loss to Dolphins https://www.nfl.com/news/josh-allen-bills-take-it-on-the-chin-after-dominating-box-score-in-loss-to-dolph
  22. Josh Allen, Bills 'take it on the chin' after dominating box score in loss to Dolphins https://www.nfl.com/news/josh-allen-bills-take-it-on-the-chin-after-dominating-box-score-in-loss-to-dolph
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