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  1. The clear point of my post is that we can't keep losing starters every week. Micro vs Macro.
  2. Can't keep losing starters every week.
  3. My main concern is Dorsey. Not impressing me so far. Second to that is injuries. If we keep having major injuries to starters (and backups) it will be hard to beat KC in the playoffs. Crowder gets hammered here, but he is solid, veteran depth. We can't keep losing starters every game. These last 2 games were not optimal for a lot of deeper routes because of the weather. (Excessive heat, rain/wind).
  4. I may be naive, but I wholeheartedly believe if Sean had seen Josh get up and stumble like that, HE would have made the decision not to let Josh return.
  5. Didn't realize it was this bad!!! They're in emotional agony!!!
  6. Bates reportedly "doing football related activities" which is step 4 of the 5 step concussion protocol.
  7. Those cursing Dawkins show limited intellect. "Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt"
  8. Yeah. I don't mean he didn't care. Just that these guys have to let it go and move on. Meanwhile we seethe in pain all week.
  9. One thing I learned from the video is that it's a job for them. Most of the people here are far more upset about the loss than he is.
  10. Cowherd is only slightly less unwatchable than Stephen A.
  11. Since we're only giving up 12.7 pts/game, nothing. Teams are hardly ever getting to the red zone.
  12. You don't stop Lamont. You can only hope to contain him.
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