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  1. A few months ago, this board was talking about how badly we needed Cole for the playoffs. He toughed it out and proved who he is. Now people are saying to just cut him. Fascinating
  2. Coming from someone who ran all over the field against us without any semblance of resistance, I doubt he'd be saying flattering things about the Bills.
  3. This is basically 100 ways of saying "Milano wanted to stay in Buffalo." Article tells me nothing other than what we already knew. Bills liked the player. Milano liked the Bills. There had to be give and take. A deal got done. Typical ground breaking information from Sal
  4. Once this guy gets on the field and builds momentum, we're going to quickly see how much better he is than Knox.
  5. Everyone claimed Josh had no talent around him at Wyoming to justify his meh college stats, so nobody should be happy to bring in anyone he played with.
  6. I really wish we'd stop wasting picks on RBs unless we get one who's a game changer.
  7. I am so sick of JJ Watt. Living in Texas, I've seen a few Bills games in Houston (including the playoff game). The stadium is the JJ Watt show with everything revolving around him - jerseys, hype music, videos on the jumbotron, etc. And if you watch the games, while he makes the occasional big play, he's not on the field a good chunk of the time and gets pushed off the ball a good chunk as well. Just the fact he's taking some dude's retired number says all you need to know. He's grossly overpaid and am glad he's not coming here.
  8. Not only is he a strong keep, they need to continue finding more ways to use his speed.
  9. This is nothing. Look at what Tyreek Hill did and nobody in KC seems to care
  10. I'd rather not deal with a QB who while under contract, is demanding a trade. Sorry, but no thanks. I don't care what the organization has said / done. He signed a contract and he doesn't want to honor his contract. I'd stay away from someone like that. Period.
  11. All GMs kind of use the same lingo, but I do appreciate the candor Beane projects when he speaks.
  12. I'd like them to find ways to get McKenzie more involved.
  13. Josh's dad has been battling COVID. As a human being, I am sure this impacts him quite a bit. When a family member is hospitalized, it puts other things into perspective (even something like an AFC Championship game). I know he had an amazing game after his grandma passed away and will never utter an excuse, but it's possible this could have had something to do with it.
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