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  1. I would do this trade for a 2021 second round pick. He's our #1 + take another WR in the 2/3 of 2020.
  2. Brian Moorman. Since we don't have a QB, field position is critical.
  3. When it's apparent the QB isn't going to win games for us, we need to establish an elite running game. I'm all for it.
  4. It's like if a girl dumps you. It was her decision based on your actions (or inactions). Then you say that you didn't really like her either and didn't want to be with her.
  5. He should worry more about the egregious officiating issue in the league he oversees as opposed to stadium renovations in a city that has the best fanbase in the NFL.
  6. I'm scared because Zay Jones was supposed to have great hands.
  7. He caught the game winning TD to put us in the playoffs. What a winner
  8. When anyone raises the slightest ounce of skepticism of Josh and our bottom 5 pass offense, they are immediately dismissed on this board. Very odd
  9. After picking Zay Jones (and trading up for him), I have complete confidence in Beane to select the right guy
  10. Pretty cool, but I got lost when he started talking about having babies.
  11. I stopped reading when you put Josh Allen as a “guaranteed re-signing” for close to 200 million. While Josh made progress this year, the fact we’re putting him into that bucket at those dollars right now is reckless. The Bills qb situation is like a woman who has been single for 20 years. No man wants her and every decent man runs away. Finally she finds someone with a bit of promise, but a number of flaws. She’s been longing for a man for so long that she desperately wants it to work out. While he’s improved a bit, she seeks to justify his shortcomings and wants to make a serious commitment too soon. Spoiler: Josh is the man and the fanbase is the woman
  12. Beane’s philosophy is best player available, regardless of position. And one could argue the QB position is not a guaranteed slam dunk with Josh
  13. Just listening to this guy, you can tell he gets it
  14. If arrogant Coach Sal declared this, it must be true. His daily 7 am slots on WGR are unlistenable. His Extra Point show isn't much better.
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