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  1. Why are we so convinced he’s actually returning given the shockingly little information provided on his status (coupled with a lack of interest from the media to find out what’s going on)?
  2. McDermott has been silent with updates on this situation and the media have done a very poor job (as they did with 13 seconds) getting answers. Leaves me to believe there might be more going on with this situation (and a potentially longer timeline) than we’d like to think
  3. The Giants may be trading for our players at the deadline if this keeps up
  4. Perhaps we should give Taiwan Jones a crack at running the ball
  5. Everyone talked crap about Beasley but he caught the ball
  6. Problem is the Buffalo media are soft and don’t probe for answers. They just take any no answer Sean provides and nod their heads. My guess is the Bills knew this was coming much earlier in the week
  7. I agree about Keenum. Everyone looks pedestrian compared to Josh, but if that guy has to play meaningful snaps, there are serious issues
  8. Don’t care what this guy has accomplished in the past. It’s all about what he does for this team starting Thursday
  9. I’m mad at the lack of specificity provided by McDermont afterwards and the fact the media let him get away with it. it’s hypocritical to talk about the fans as part of the “Bills family” yet provide no insight as to what happened.
  10. If only they were this nasty trying to get answers about the 13 second debacle
  11. You all draw these inaccurate conclusions about stuff he writes. There’s nothing about this that implies he doesn’t understand the community. His points praise Allen and are all completely fair. He can be prickly but it seems bias people have about him impact the way they read his stuff. He’s also one of the few from the soft Buffalo media who tries to hold these guys to account
  12. Nothing he said is unfair. Anyone attacking Jerry for this should take a hard look at themselves.
  13. Agree completely. And he was garbage in the Texans playoff game too. These games get conveniently overlooked by fans and the media
  14. The national and local media refuse to press these guys on who’s responsible, what went wrong etc.
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